HOLY FREAKING CRAP! MHI German copy for $842.99!


Just… Wow.


I’m betting that this one is a trap. It’s in Germany, so I’m guessing that it is being held hostage by H und K marketing staffers. They’re just waiting for me to show up so they can sacrifce me to their ineffectual Teutonic Gods.

Man, I can’t wrap my brain around that price.

9 Responses

  1. Mein Herr, you do not understand. Zat is ze special edition, bound in genuine Monster-skin, peeled from ze bodies of der living Munsters in der Monsterkonzentrationlager by our specially-trained Monsterjagers!

  2. Oh goodie, they have 2! I’m buying both… lol.

  3. Much as I like mine, I’d sell it for only $840.

  4. Ebbeh…

    Damn. Do let us know if they actually manage to sell one, please. Because if they do, I just might have figured out how I am going to finance a nice set of tires for my Jeep… :D

  5. This one is up to $861.07. Crazy. I’ll just wait for the new one to come out.

  6. So … you don’t have a box stashed under the bed you could sell us at the listed price?

    My dog ate my old copy.

  7. I will (grudgingly) let my copy go for the bargain price of $600.

  8. Ask Baen if any of their other first time authors have their self published books going for such prices!

    Seriously, Larry – You rock, Bro. You Rock Hard.

    Too bad you don’t get a cut of that books sale price.

  9. Amazon is selling theirs for 799 cents.

    But two sellers have it for $200 and $240. Such a steal!

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