Cleared 300,000 hits.

I’ve had this blog for just over a year now, and we’ve cleared 300,000 hits.  That seems pretty good as far as I know.  Approximately half of those hits are from people who dislike me because I’m a gun guy, or because I dislike HK.  The other half came because I’m the #1 Google search for the misspelling of Swedish.

To celebrate, go order more books!

2 Responses

  1. I’ve already preordered the paperback, since I do want to see a sequel, but I’d also like to be able to get an ebook of it as well.

    Any idea when the webscriptions version is going to be available? I recall you mentioning that it was going to get bumped up, but not much after that..

  2. Yeah, it took me about 3 years to get to a million. Now I get about 1500 a day, and it’s pretty stable. I’ll hit four years in two months.

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