Writing projects update

Somebody asked me on WTA what I was working on now. I’m not the kind of guy that works on just one thing. I kind of jump around, fueled by 64 oz Vanilla Cokes from 7-11 (and I don’t use the sissy vanilla, I go over to the coffee bar and squirt in 10 squirts of the French vanilla syrup, because that’s how I roll) Here is what I’m currently working on. With luck, most of these will see the light of day.

Right now I’ve got plans for the following MHI projects:

MHI:2 (from O.Z.P.) Rough Draft Done
MHI:3 (from O.Z.P.) storyline is done, not written
MHI:Alpha (from Earl) storyline is done, not written
MHI:Nemesis (from Franks) only exists as loose notes
An anthology of short stories from various other authors, and two from me, the origin stories for Holly and Trip
The MHI Employee Handbook (a collection of helpful essays for new Hunters)

In addition, I just wrapped up a screenplay called Void which I’m pitching to a local production company. They’re right down the road and have sold a few movies.  If they don’t pick it up, I’m going to show it around. It isn’t in the MHI universe, but it should be. It is a tale of mad science, alternative realities, and shape shifting monsters. I wrote the effects scenes to go along specifically with the kind of effects this local company is capable of doing. I’m digging it, and hope I can get it made into an actual movie.

There is a basic plot outline for a screenplay set in the MHI universe. I’m saving that one. It is the story of the TV news show Primeline, and their special episode where they investigate a day in the life of a professional monster hunter, then of course, it all goes horribly wrong.

Right now I am working on the revised actual book version of the Mr. Nightcrawler trilogy, the first of which appeared in rough draft form on THR.  It is an epic thriller written by me and NC. It is the only story that I’ve ever seen with two seperate writers, both writing their own protagonist in the first person, and these guys do not get along, up to and including a knife fight.  We’ve created an epic story of espionage, thievery, betrayal, destruction, war, revolution, murder, love, and redemption.  I’m as proud of it as anything I’ve ever written. 

We’re revamping Book I now. My part is probably 80% done.  My part of Book II is probably 70% done. The story for Book III is done, but no writing yet. Once we get I polished up, we’ll be farming it around looking for a publisher. I should be able to find someone now that I’ve actually got a resume as a professional type author person.

Once the Nightcrawler trilogy is wrapped up, I’m either writing MHI:3, or working on another project that’s been killing me to write for a year now. It is part sci-fi, part thriller, part action-adventure, part social-commentary. I can’t go into too many details on this one yet, but I’m as excited about this idea as I’ve been for anything I’ve ever thought of. It is the story of a reality TV show where the contestants compete to overthrow a country in a violent military coup.  Live.


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