Well, this sucks…

Barack Obama, historic win, blah blah blah.

It was a historic win all right. Over half of America decided to elect a Marxist to be the leader of our country. We picked a dude who probably couldn’t pass a background check for a secret security clearance because of his friends, associates, and dealings.  Our new president has squat experience and the only legislative thing he’s ever taken a stand on was infanticide.  He’s unqualified, unprincipled, morally bankrupt, and now he’s in charge.

I’m mad.

I’m mad at the American people. How stupid are we? Just how badly do you want to rob your neighbors? If the economy is in the crapper, why in the hell would you pick more democrats to run stuff?

I’m mad at the media. We had a full on Soviet style propaganda machine for the last year pushing Obama. People are stupid, and ate it up.  Most of the Obama supporters I talked to had zero idea what he actually said he was in favor of.  People were uneducated and stupid.  Obama was treated like a rockstar, and over half of America fell for the BS.  Don’t worry, once the democrat super majority pushes through a new Fairness Doctrine, they’ll crush talk radio and the internet, then they can have an information stranglehold that Stalin would have been proud of.

I’m mad at George Bush. How bad do you have to suck to get this kind of payback?  I’m mad at the republicans. This is what you get for abandoning your roots. Screw you. Idiots. When we had the bailout you should have listened to Newt Gingrich instead of trying to out-socialist the other side.

I’m really mad at John McCain. That’s what we get for picking a moderate democrat to be our nominee. I said it at the time, and I was right then. McCain ran as a wishy-washy middle of the road democrat, until the last month when he decided to try and be an actual conservative republican, but by then it was too late.  Why vote for Democrat Lite when you can vote for the Socialist Buffet?

I keep hearing idiots talk about how it is the economy. If McCain had gone against the Bailout then things could have been different, but he was just the same, (i.e. crappy) as all the other parasites up there.

Nancy Pelosi is now going to set the agenda. Yes, that lunatic gets to steer the country, and she’s got a president who’ll sign her crazy laws. You haven’t seen anything yet.

I predict the first order of business will be socialized medicine. We will see the wholesale destruction of the greatest medical care in the world.  You think the economy is bad now? Wait until the government takes over another giant chunk of it.  Medical care will degrade, that’s an absolute promise.

We will have more gun control. Yes, it is electoral suicide in a few years, but Nancy and Harry were already talking about how they’ve got a clear mandate for CHANGE so they can do all sorts of nifty stuff.  Nancy’s a true believer, she’s got the votes, so there will be more gun control. Period.

Yes, we got the Heller Decision. But that doesn’t mean they won’t pass something and then worry about the legislative challenges until after the entire US gun industry has been destroyed. 

Taxes will go up. Because democrats are too stupid to pay attention to basic economics. When taxes go up, it hurts EVERYTHING.  Oh well, ya’ll asked for it. Punish those darn rich people who actually employ people and run companies. Because guess what suckers?  They’re going to pass the cost onto somebody.

Joe Biden told us that Barack will be face a major test right off the bat. No duh. He’s weak. Predators know he’s weak.  Expect people like Putin and Chavez to use this opportunity to smack America in the face and grow their influence. Iran is having a friggin’ party right now.

On that note, how in the hell can the Jewish vote have gone to Barack? This man is supported by Hezbolla and Hamas for a reason.  But while I’m on hypocrits, how can Teddy Kennedy support the man who’s political mentor dedicated his book to Sirhan Sirhan?  I guess it is all about expediency.

Expect more energy problems. We’ve learned in the last week just how they feel about coal. Until they invent a turbine you can run with good feelings or positive karma, the democrat’s energy policy will be shit.  We’ll gut our economy to sacrifce at the altar of the Prophet Al Gore.

All of the ageing liberal supreme court justices will retire now, so that Barack can replace them with 3 twenty-year old Ruth Bader Ginsbergs.  Regardless of his crappy presidency, we’ll be dealing with that legacy FOREVER.

The only good thing that may come from this is that the republcans might be forced to grow a pair. They abandoned their morals in order to be just like the democrats, and they paid for it.  We need leaders. We need people with actual morals and a concrete philosophy.  We need our party to step up and quit being more of the same.


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