Why is it, at any given scifi gathering… there will be some retard dressed as a Borg?

Good interview, Larry. Kudos!


Nasal, very nasal.


Larry’s not nasal! He’s a very good public speaker.

(I got your back, bro! LOL)

Chris Byrne
Larry, I say this in all seriousness, you need to develop a higher opinion of yourself. That doesn’t mean get pompous, it just means get used to the fact that yes, in fact, you are an honest to god SFF/Horror writer, that people are willing to pay to read. Never forget how lucky you are to be that; but appreciate it for the achievement that it is. Also, get used to being interviewed, and grilled, by both fans, and by people who have no clue as to what you write. From there, the next bit will be a bit easier…… Read more »

I enjoyed it, Larry.

If you want people to take Monster Hunter International seriously, then you should probably try to be more serious in your interviews. If you want people to think that your book is going to be a lot of fun, then go ahead and show them that you are a funny and fun loving guy with a lot of energy. Good job!


Larry, that interview WAS a fair representation of who you are- if anything you were MORE subdued than usual! Nicely done..

Jeff Norris

Larry you Rock! I hope the segment sounded ok, there was a glicth during our talk when someone opened the door with another guest in-two so I edited that out.

I hope to hear more from Larry, and perhaps I can bring my camera to the gun store 🙂

Jeff aka mr hnack of iscifi.tv


This reminds me, I’m taking a fantasy illustration class, taught by one Ron Lizorty, who has done quite a bit of work on a variety of monster movies, though lacking a good filmography(google wasn’t working for me) the only title I can remember is “Galaxy of Terror”. I’ll have to take your book in to show him.