Broke my damn toe

A week ago, today, I broke my toe.  And it wasn’t by doing anything cool, like kicking a ninja in the face.  Oh, no, not me.  I was making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for my kids and knocked the glass bottle of grape jelly off the counter.  It landed just right on my 2nd toe on my left foot.  Of course, I was barefoot.

I’m feeling better now, but breaking toes sucks.  There’s not really anything you can do about it, except tie it to the other toes and call it good.  That’s the same thing the hospital would do, only it saved me like $200 to have my wife do it.

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Justin Buist

You could strap it to a couple of popsicle sticks.

jon spencer

More like $500 saved.


Just go to your regular Doc and get some pain pills. That’s what I did.


You could go ahead & tell people you kicked a ninja in the face though.


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Beats the hell out of having somebody back a tractor up to get hitched and have the wagon tongue snap downward on your foot…


I did the same thing Friday night. Sand volleyball, pouring rain, greedy-arsed league not canceling.

The center toe on the left foot is a pretty, pretty purple.

Pop an ibuprofen and carry on.