Monster Hunter International 2: Opening Quote Contest


“You know what the difference between me and you really is?  You look out there and see a horde of evil, brain eating zombies.  I look out there and see a target rich environment.”

            -Dillis D. Freeman Jr. 11/2/2001

That was the quote that kicked off MHI. It actually has nothing at all to do with the story, but it was that quote that gave me the general vibe I needed to put together several ideas that I had into one coherant plotline, that I eventually turned into Monster Hunter International.

That quote was pretty much perfect to kick the book off. I had read that quote off of and I contacted the poster that wrote it, and asked their permission. He had no problem with me using it, as long as I attributed it him. I’m still thankful for Dillis giving me permission to use it.

As you all know, MHI has gone on to do pretty good. Having a good opening quote helps!

I just wrapped up the rough draft of MHI:2. Looking good so far. One problem. No opening quote.  I’ve got tons of good quotes from my own characters, but I kind of want something written by somebody else.

So I would like to kick off the Offical MHI:2 Opening Quote Contest. I need a quote. You guys are smart. Many of you have read my book, and even if you haven’t, as long as it is monster related, and works with the overall MHI theme, (evil looms, cowboy up, kill it, get paid), we’re good to go.

There really aren’t any rules. You got a cool quote you think I can use. Post it. If it wins, I’ll use it. The prize?  Uh… you get attribution under whatever name you feel like me using, and so you get your name on the front page of a future best selling novel. (well, we’ll just assume best selling, you know, power of positive thinking and all that jazz).

If you think your quote is so massively awesome that you can build a whole book off it, and you don’t want me to take it, then don’t post it here!  If you post it, I’m assuimg you want me to steal it.

So bring them on. Post your original monster related quotes here.  I can’t promise that any of these will win, but even if I end up using one of your quotes and tweaking it, you still get the attribution. (assuming you want it).


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