Teaching a Pistol class August 8th-9th, Tactical Carbine the weekend after that

If anybody is in the Utah area, I’m teaching a pistol class on August 8th-9th at the FARM.  Cost is $135.  If you’re interested, let me know.  I still have space.

Also, we’ve got a Tactical Carbine class the weekend after that.  This one is going to be a pretty dang cool class. The instructor is an SF vet who’s been to every war we’ve had since Vietnam.  He’s spent over 25 years teaching, including at Ft. Bragg, and the Army Sniper School.  He’s an excellent instructor.  If you have a carbine, and you want to learn to use it for serious business, I really recommend this class.

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What time Friday and Saturday? Where is the FARM? Also, is this a beginner, advanced class?


What are the details for the carbine class?