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I have some guns you guys might want, more Spartans, and limited edition no-lock S&W 642s.

I’ve got 2 S&W no-lock 642s in today.  These are the limited edition ones from RSR.  They don’t have the internal key locking mechanism, like the old S&Ws.  $425. 

I’ve just found out that I’ve got 3 Spartans coming in from STI next week.  These are scare right now since STI’s selling them about as fast as they can bring in the slides & frames.  $575. 

If you want one of these, call me at 801-571-1160.

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Dave Sohm

i would like to run out and just buy a 642, and a spartan, but alas, responsibility and smart money management skills tell me, “Save up for it”
I have a plan, though. When i get down to my target weight then i will put the wheels in motion. If i saved 30 to 50 bucks for every 10 pounds lost then it won’t be much of a leap for the remaining cost.

Dave Sohm

Hooray Responsibility!