STI stuff – putting another order in – Group Buy Prices – + have a discontinued Duty One in stock

I’m putting in another large order into STI around the end of the month.  If anybody wants anything, e-mail me at for a quote.  I do group buy pricing like this all the time.  Basically you help me bulk up my order so I get fatter discounts, and I pass the savings on to you.  Pick whichever model you want from and I’ll let you know the cost.  When I do the GB, my prices are hard to beat.

Also, one of my locals just won an STI Duty One in .40 at the American Handgunner shoot.  He’s consigned it here.  It is new.  I’ve got it in stock, $1200.  The Duty One is discontinued, so if you want one, this is it.

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Does that Duty One have the extended dust cover w/rail?


I highly recommend looking into this the prices are killer. You can’t beat them. I bought a Spartan on the last buy, & love it.