New blog about why Obama sucks  Dave Markowitz created this place to be a compendium of reasons why Obama is one of the worst candidates ever. 

I can only imagine what would be the media’s reaction if they were to find out that John McCain’s self-proclaimed mentor was a racist, his good friends were convicted terrorists, that he wanted to create a Civillian National Security Force the size of the US military, or any of a hundred other things the Obamamessiah has gotten away with. 

Go Dave.

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The FBMG webpage is finally UP!

at last the truth is out there./////

Tim Covington

“at last the truth is out there./////”

And, we know the URL.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the old geek joke.


Hey guys,
I just purchased this new book on Obama, its great!
Check it out, its called “The Accomplishments of Barack Obama”, it has a table of contents and a foreward, and the rest of the book is blank. I baught three of them for my friends in the office. Check out the website, I put the book on my coffee table and had a party this past weekend, everyone thought it was hilarious:

i find it amusing that the best you guys can do is “obamanazi” and “obamamessiah”. anyone with a bit of brains understands that the u.s. president has a limited amount of influence on what happens with the u.s. economy. regardless of who won the last election was going to be crucified because the president cannot control the economy. the banks shut down and stopped lending when the housing bubble burst in mid 2008. we were fucked for many years coming regardless of the president’s fiscal policies. obama screwed up when he said,” x amount of jobs were going to be… Read more »
Gabriel Givens

If you put the Republicans back in power they will
cut all government checks plus the brand new health care
just so that rich people won’t pay taxes.