New blog about why Obama sucks  Dave Markowitz created this place to be a compendium of reasons why Obama is one of the worst candidates ever. 

I can only imagine what would be the media’s reaction if they were to find out that John McCain’s self-proclaimed mentor was a racist, his good friends were convicted terrorists, that he wanted to create a Civillian National Security Force the size of the US military, or any of a hundred other things the Obamamessiah has gotten away with. 

Go Dave.

The FBMG webpage is finally UP!

It is up and running.  We’re still posting products and tweaking.  We still have like 8,000 pictures to post.  But the page is good to go. 

Fellow bloggers, do me a favor and spread the word, if you don’t mind.  My company webpage has been down for so long that people were starting to think that we’d gone out of business.  It was getting a little exasperating to complete a move into a building that was literally ten times bigger than our old store, only to have the word on the interwebs being that we were obviously defunct because our webpage was toast.  That’s the problem when you’ve got a company full of gun fanatics who’s idea of how to fix computers usually involves Tannerite charges. 

If you’ve got any comments or feedback, let me know and I’ll pass it along to the guy that’s spearheading this beast.

Our new page is crosslinked directly to our largest suppliers, so we can access thousands of products.  This is going to be sweet.


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