If the last Obama post ticked you off, check out HR1302

Just google it.  It is the Global Poverty Reduction bill.  Basically it takes .7% of our GDP and donates it to the UN to help make Africa a better place.  Guess who’s behind it?   Yep, our buddy, Barack Brownshirt Obama. 

Don’t take my word for it.  Go check out the bill.  It will be coming up for debate here shortly.  Because once again, Democrats know that you’re too stupid and greedy with your own money to do the right thing with it.  You’re not nearly as smart as the brilliant minds at the UN, the same people that brought you Oil for Food for Bribe Money. 

Think about this, we’re talking about giving something like 84 BILLION dollars a year to the UN, so that they can then funnel it to ruthless warlords.  Read some of the commentary by people that think this is a splendid idea.  It will make your head burst.


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