Happy 4th of July

Today I’ve been sitting on the couch, watching the History Channel with my kids.  Every year I like to reflect on the greatness of our founders.  They did something that was unthinkable, and virtually impossible, and somehow pulled it off.   They laid the foundation for the greatest nation in the history of Earth. 

I just wish more people today would study history and the fundamentals of what this nation is supposed to be about. It sure would simplify politics in our time.  I do honestly believe that George Washington would scissor kick Barack Obama in the throat, but I digress. 

God bless America.  Happy 4th of July.

Summer Class Schedule

Here are the upcoming classes and events:

Pistol: August 9th at Global One
Tactical Carbine: August 15th (FBMG classroom) August 16th at Global One
Precision Rifle: September 12th (FBMG classroom) September 13th at Global One
AR15 Armorer’s:  July 31 at FBMG
CCW:  July 7-8 (Cabelas), July 19 (Cabelas), July 26 (FBMG), July 28-29 (Cabelas), Aug 11-12 (Cabelas), Aug 25-26 (Cabelas), Sept 6 (Cabelas), Sept 8-9 (Cabelas), Sept 22-23 (Cabelas). 
Machine Gun Mega Shoot ’08:  October 4th (Global One)

I’ve got an article in the latest issue of SWAT

If you pick up the August SWAT, (Kriss .45 on the cover) there is an article in there by me about the Ironman.  There’s a picture of me dangling from a zipline, and that’s Atomic Ferret breaching a door with a battering ram, and Intern Nick rocking with a subgun.


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