I haven’t posted much here lately.  Most of my time sitting in front of my computer has been devoted to working on MHI:2.  It is coming along nicely.

Now all I need is for you guys to buy tons of copies when the Baen version of #1 comes out so that they demand an immediate sequeal!

Movie Review: Diary Of The Dead



George Romero, being the High Grand Pooba of zombie movies, is held to a pretty high standard.  I heard a bunch of people bash on this one before I saw it because of that.  I don’t think that’s fair. I thought this one was pretty similar to his other stuff, and if they’re saying that it was inferior to his earlier work, then that was because they’re being nostalgic, and haven’t watched the early stuff on DVD lately.


I’d say that overall, Diary of the Dead is an above average zombie flick that was a little heavy on social commentary and was a bit preachy.  But keeping in mind that this is Romero, of course it was going to be preachy.  Expecting Romero not to be preachy would be like going to a Guilermo Del Toro movie and being shocked that there were Spaniards in it.


Diary is about a bunch of college filmmakers who’s mummy movie is interrupted by the end of the world.  So they decide to take their camera out and film it.  The movie is shot in a first person POV, as if the entire thing was spliced together and dumped onto the internet.  Worthy goal, and it works pretty good for most of it. 


It does get a bit obnoxious though, when somebody has a zombie attacking them, and the other characters are too stupid to drop their cameras and do anything to help.  I know it was supposed to be commentary on the state of man, or something, but give me a break.    


And of course, the movie ends on a typical Romero high note, with footage of rednecks tormenting the poor zombies.  Because you know, us hill-billy gun nuts won’t have anything better to do at the end of the world then hang up zombies and use them for target practice.  (well, duh… why would I go through the work to hang them up, when the friggin’ things are shambling around my neighborhood?)


It does have some good lines and some good scenes. My personal favorite is when the hapless filmmakers tell this one survival minded guy that surely the National Guard will restore order, and the dude says “I am in the National Guard.”  Him and his group were the only people in the movie with a clue.  After the zombies got dusted, I’m sure somebody tried to recruit him to work for MHI. 


The only collegian with half a brain ditches the other losers in disgust towards the end.  I hope that she went back down and hooked up with the survivors and lived happily ever after. But since this was a Romero movie, I’m sure she was captured and tortured by rednecks or something. 


Overall, it was worth watching, but nothing that I’ll probably watch again for awhile.


The bonus features had the winners of a short zombie movie contest from MySpace.  Some of those were actually really good.  And if you’ve ever wanted to watch Teller from Penn & Teller shoot a zombie in the head with a Winchester, the bonus features are a must have. 

FBMG’s machine gun shoot is OCTOBER 4th

So the new date for the shoot is Saturday, October 4th, at Global One in Fairfield Utah.

Details to follow. 

Basically, it is an open to the public, fun range day.  We’ll be there selling ammo and renting machine guns and grenade launchers and that kind of good stuff.  You’re welcome to bring your own stuff also.  We’ll have food, and activites.

I’m going to approach all of the local competition clubs to see if they want to have a bay to show off their games and to let the general public try them out.

We’ll blow up a couple hundred pounds of Tannerite.  Last year we blew up 2 cars. 

There will be a small entry fee to pay for the range.  Last year I think we charged like $5. 

And our next group buy – BATES BOOTS – running for the month of June

We will be doing a group buy on Bates boots during the month of June.   FBMG is getting set up as a Bates dealer, and will be turning our opening order in at the end of the month.  This helps us get our numbers for the opening.  So to kick this off, we’re doing a group buy with killer prices. 

Go to http://www.batesfootwear.com/ pick any boot that you want.  Take the retail price and subtract 40%.  Add $8 per pair if we need to ship them.

(take retail price and multiply it by .60, that is our group buy price).

To place your order with a credit card, call 801-571-1160.  To pay with a check or money order, send it to:

48 E. 13200 S.
Draper, UT 84020

Please include a good description of EXACTLY (size, options) what you are ordering.  Do not forget to include the shipping.

We will turn the order in at the end of the month.  Delivery times are dependant on Bates.  Most models and regular sizes are in stock.  Some items will take longer based on availability.

If you have any questions, post them on our discussion board at http://www.fbmg.yuku.com/topic/724/master/1/, or e-mail me at larry@fbmginc.com

FBMG webpage should be up soon

The actual page is done, and we’re just loading product to it this week.  It should be up again soon. 

About friggin’ time. 

FBMG’s machine gun shoot tentatively scheduled for – Edit – whoops

Looks like our next machine gun fun shoot is going to be on – at Global One (the FARM) out in Fairfield, Utah. 

We’re planning a bunch of fun activities, and this will be open to the public.  I’m going to contact all of the local shooting clubs to see if any of them are interested in taking a bay and letting people try ou their particular game.

Here is last years.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVAXKPw8GbU  We plan on making this one a lot bigger.

EDITED to say that I screwed up the date.  new date coming shortly.

The most awesome product ever! THE BELT SWORD!


This product is made of awesome. 

Note, I probably wouldn’t watch the demo videos at work if they have unreasonable hangups about topless women pulling swords out of their belts.  No, I didn’t just make that up. 


CZ Group buy II is done

I wrapped it up today.  I’ve got a handful of people that I’ve quoted who will be placing their orders next week, and the ones that were ordered in the last few days go into CZ on Monday.  Thanks to everybody.  I haven’t added it up yet, but the total number was pretty close to the last one. 

The most popular item this time was actually the Kadet kit.


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