FBMG Machine gun shoot date, OCTOBER 4th

Got the date, got it set up with Global One.  Mark your calenders if you’re local, because you do not want to miss this.  October 4th, we’re going to have us some very loud fun.

I’m not feeling warm fuzzies about this election…

Hell, I’m not feeling upbeat about the mental state of my fellow Americans.  This election brings us what is probably one of the worst match-ups in presidential history.  We’re running a conservative democrat against a Marxist, and for some reason I can’t seem to get real excited about our options here.


That said, McCain is still 1000 times better than Obama.  Yes, McCain sucks by most conservative standards.  But still pick any single issue and McCain is better than Obama.  And I don’t know if that says just how stupid we Republicans were this time around, or just how extremely far left Obama is. 


Obama supporters confuse me.  One of the employees of our subletter (so they’re in our shop and use our parking lot) has a Latinos For Obama bumper-sticker on her car.  I remarked that if Obama wins, I’ll probably be out of business within in a year.  She was like “Huh?”  I pointed out that Barack was no fan of guns, and with a Democrat majority in both the house and senate, I would be shocked if we didn’t get another ban rammed down our throat.  She didn’t know that Obama didn’t like guns.  In fact, as we talked, I discovered that she didn’t know much of anything about what he stands for.


So why did she support him?  Health care.  Whooeee… I’m a self-employed small businessman.  I pay for my own healthcare out of my own pocket, and I’m not exactly rolling in extra dough if you know what I mean.  Paying for my family’s healthcare is expensive.  But guess what?  Since I realize how much the government is going to butcher health-care, I’m glad to keep paying my own way.


You know what would make our health care more affordable?  Stop forcing hospitals to pay BILLIONS of dollars a year for medical care for illegal aliens.  But there’s an issue where both of the candidates suck.  Because apparently it is our duty as American’s to subsidize the healthcare of the failed state just to the south of us. 


So beyond jacking the crap out of my taxes so that you can get free (but shitty) government supplied healthcare, what exactly do Obama fans like about the man?


Hope?  Change?  Horseshit. 


They can’t like the man because of his experience.  He’s not got any.  He’s been a senator for 2 years.  John McCain has been a senator for like 200.  Personally since the senate is about as useless as ball sweat, I think that should disqualify both of them right there, but I digress.  Before he was a senator, he was a state legislator (in the most corrupt state legislature in the country, and even then he didn’t manage to accomplish anything), and before that he was a “community activist”.  Well, whoop-de-freakin’ do.  And I ran a conveyor-belt and a cheese cutting machine for a summer.  Hell, I’m presidential material too! 


This is a man who can read a good speech from a teleprompter (written by somebody else), but as soon as he gets put on the spot, he chokes, stutters, and sounds like an imbecile.  Then he says “well, I hadn’t got much sleep when I said that.” Well, cowboy the hell up.  You want to be president, which means you’ll probably miss a few nights, chump. 


When George Bush says stupid crap, it is on every news station, comedians mock it ad nauseum, and even Iranian sock-puppets laugh at him.  Barack says that he’s visited all 57 states where typical white people can abort their mistake children, sweetie, and that’s totally cool.  And if you point that out, then obviously you’re a racist.


John McCain doesn’t misspeak.  He actually is a democrat on 70% of the issues.  The stuff he says that pisses me off is actually on purpose.  He’s talking about how Lieberman and Bloomberg are still possible running-mates, and all I want to do is vomit.  I’m really wanting to support you here John, because you’re running against a spoiled child that will destroy my country, so stop making it so DAMN HARD to support you! 


Yes, a spoiled child.  Barack is your typical clichéd liberal, whining about how the government needs to take care of us, and stroke our soft little heads, and tell us that everything is going to be okay.  At least John McCain is an adult (on 30% of the issues, which is still more than I can say for Obama). 


Today I heard a soundbyte where Obama was touring a hospital, and talked about how seeing blood made his queasy. Yes, because that’s the kind of testicular fortitude we need in a leader!  McCain got TORTURED for five straight years by the Vietcong.  I’m willing to bet that he doesn’t get “queasy” at the sight of blood, especially when he’s sticking his own arm bones back into his flesh, making bamboo splints, and tying them up with filthy rags. 


So, McCain sucks on politics, but even at 70+ years old, he would beat Obama to death with his walker.  That’s at least one quality I can respect in a leader. 


Obama will clumsily yank us out of Iraq.  Thereby assuring that everything we’ve worked and sacrificed for will be for nothing.  And of course, this is when we’re actually doing well and winning.  Tell me that that is the kind of strong leadership you want to square off against another rogue state with nuclear weapons.  People keep comparing Obama to Kennedy, and all that tells me is that they need to shut their stupid TVs off and pick up a stinking history book.  You honestly expect me to believe that little Barry the community activist of hope and change wouldn’t have wimped out during the Cuban Missile Crisis?  (not that he would have minded the communists having nukes conversational distance from Florida, because Obama would have just said “go for it Comrade Fidel”, birds of a feather and all that, but you get the idea).


All of the Obama followers I talk to look at him like he’s Jesus.  You’ve got women swooning (“can I get a bottle of water over here”) like he’s John Lennon.  I’m waiting for the Secret Service to shoot somebody who is just trying to touch the hem of his robe to cure their leprosy. 


Yet none of these Obama supporters can tell me what he actually believes in.  He believes in whatever they think he believes in.  He’s for the working man!  I’m a working man, so I’m trying to figure out how losing another 8-15% of my income to the government is going to benefit me.  (Let me break that down for you mouth-breathing non-accountants out there.  Congratulations, you now get to work another 1 or 2 months a year, FOR FREE!)


Somebody told me that Obama will lower gas prices!  How?  By not tapping into our own resources?  We’ve got oil off both coasts, in Alaska, and under Utah and Colorado, that we’re not allowed to touch.  The democrats kiss the asses of various faceless environmentalists to the point that we’re stupid enough to put our entire nation at a disadvantage to theoretically protect manatees and polar bears, while the same exact parts of the globe are getting tapped by Indian and Chinese interests.  Do you really think the Indians drilling in the Caribbean right now give a crap about the manatee?  Though Curried Manatee does sound pretty good. 


I actually heard some congressional turd the other day say how drilling in those places won’t help gas prices for 10 years… How’s that for foresight?  I don’t know about you, but I figure I’ll probably still be driving a car in 10 years, so how about you get off your stupid asses and give us an energy policy better that “rape the oil companies because they made an 8% profit!” 


If it would lower my gas prices ten cents a gallon, I’d club a baby seal with a manatee!  Screw the environmentalists.    


Once again, not making John McCain a whole lot better, considering that he worships at the altar of the Prophet Al Gore.  We’ve got both sides tripping over themselves to destroy our nation over science that is basically a load of crap.  And for any of you that are reading this blog that believe in man-made global warming, if you can’t answer this question, shut the hell up:  If global warming is happening, and it is man’s fault, explain how the Vikings farmed Greenland in recent history.  Oh, can’t answer, then see above.  Shut the Hell Up.


Five years ago, when I told people that my eventual goal was to build a house out in the middle of nowhere that was totally off the grid, powered by solar panels, a wind turbine, with my own well and gravity fed water tower, I was a psycho right-wing militia type.  Now, apparently I’m “environmentally aware” and “Green.”  Oh, barf.  Anybody who tells me that, I then point out that my off-the-grid house is also going to have a giant fence around it, topped in razor-wire, with solar-powered spotlights for my .50 BMG sniper rifle.  Stuff it, hippie.  Us government-hating survivalists were into that stuff way before you showed up to the party in your Prius. 


I’ve been listening to Obama supporters talk up their boy, (oops, said boy, I must be RACIST), and he’s got nothing.  If my side had the balls or the sense to run an actual Republican, then this election would have been a mudstomping like unto Michael Dukakis.  Hell, if my party hadn’t sucked wind and kowtowed to a bunch of RINOs in the senate then we probably wouldn’t be in the straights that we’re in now.  The Republican party had its chance, and we couldn’t show jack squat. 


We had the majority for a brief time, and we blew it.  We squandered it.  My party is pathetic and can’t demonstrate a lick of leadership.  Why didn’t we come up with a coherent energy policy?  Why won’t we secure our borders?  Why can’t we just man up and smack Nancy Pelosi upside her head?  The people speak, and we’re slapped down and told we’re stupid.  No wonder we’re in the state that we’re in now.  Our party is a joke.


And even then we’re still better than the douche bags on Obama’s side.


May God have mercy on our souls.    


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