Bringing dinosaurs back to life, always a good idea 

So they’ve found a new way to bring back dinosaurs. 

And the best line from the article:  “‘And so, a normal chicken can actually grow teeth.'” which opens up all sorts of interesting possibilities. 

I’m actually all in favor of bringing back velociraptors.  Ethics be damned. In fact, I’m in favor of letting them run free in their natural habits.  Like New York, or Berkley. 

I'm not feeling warm fuzzies about this election...

I’m in favor too… as long as you can buy Velociraptor tags over the counter and not have to worry about the draw system. I want to hunt them. One hell of a trophy there.


Awesome. It’ll finally give us the chance to use the .577 Tyrannosaurus on its name sake.


‘Whether it is a good idea or not is another question…’

Haven’t any of you people ever read “A Gun For Dinosaur”??

Good grief… you’re going see a run on S&W .500 Magnums in the 4″ barrel version if those things ever get released into the wild.

Randy in Arizona

Think we could train the Velociraptors to patrol the US / Mexican border?


Hmm… this could be an end to fossil fuel shortage!

I’d ride a velociraptor to work! Far cooler than my old CB350.

Steve F.

You know, there was a script for a Jurassic Park sequel that had velociraptors running free, and essentially turning cities into their happy hunting grounds.

Along with the occasional airborne raptor snatching up the occasional child on a soccer field in front of their horrified parents.

Perhaps that script will get made at some point.

Ride Fast

I’m pretty sure a hippie would make a velocirapter sick, probably pissed, too.


I’d also thought the Madison, WI area would be good for them.

.500 seems a bit much, raptors aren’ t that big. .41 Magnum and hollowpoints seems just the thing.

Jerry in Detroit

Kinda like hunting wild pigs down South where you get to encounter your prospective smoked ham up close and personal in the brush. Just remember. The winner eats the loser.

Robert in Colorado

I think that it would be an amazing idea becuase then we would know how they lived and we could have “One hell of a trophy”