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FBMG's machine gun shoot tentatively scheduled for – Edit – whoops

Looks like our next machine gun fun shoot is going to be on – at Global One (the FARM) out in Fairfield, Utah. 

We’re planning a bunch of fun activities, and this will be open to the public.  I’m going to contact all of the local shooting clubs to see if any of them are interested in taking a bay and letting people try ou their particular game.

Here is last years.  We plan on making this one a lot bigger.

EDITED to say that I screwed up the date.  new date coming shortly.

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6 Comments on "FBMG's machine gun shoot tentatively scheduled for – Edit – whoops"

7 years 26 days ago

I gotta ask, can I shot an HK?!?

7 years 26 days ago

Can I shoot an HK, then tell you that it’s the best gun ever made, totally worth its price, basically guarantees that you’ll headshot any terrorist within 800 meters just by virtue of you pressing the trigger, and cite stats from Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six as evidence, then call you an idiot when you disagree ?

7 years 24 days ago

how much do these things cost anyway? the shoot, not an MP5

7 years 23 days ago


Sure, you are on the other side of the country from me, but the flight may be worth the cost of admission to this particular funfest.

How much are the 40 mm granades, and are they cheaper by the dozen?