Jason Chaffetz punches Chris Cannon in the throat CRITICAL HIT! FINISH HIM! splorch FATALITY!

Yay!  My incumbent congressman got whooped in the Republican primary. 

Cannon is trying to say that it was becasue of low voter turn-out.  Personally I think it is because of Cannon’s comments about how Utah loves its immigrants, and we don’t care if they’re illegal or not.  No offense Chris, but that’s pretty darn out of touch with reality. 

I think Chaffetz summed it up well.  It is morally wrong to create an illegal underclass of people that we can use as virtual slave labor, and justify because it is good for business. 

Cannon was okay on guns, I’ll give him that.  Otherwise he was a pretty standard go along Republican showing the same lack of leadership that has gotten us into this current mess.  The more like that who get cleaned out, the better.

Personally I think we need to kick out 90% of our legislators and start from scratch, then fire most of the bureacrats and hire half that number of fresh people to replace them.

Our government can’t build a border fence in 5 years.  We can’t get oil for at least 10.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but we’re the same damn country that tooled up and defeated the Nazis in the greatest war of all time in 5 years, and went from Sputnik to Neil Armstrong in about a decade.  If the inertia is that bad, it is time to get some fresh blood.

So long Cannon.  I’ve met you in person, and you’re a nice guy.  Have a happy retirement. 

Educational moment, the FLDS are not Mormon

Just to clarify, because it is driving me absolutely NUTS.  The FLDS people that have been on the news with the polygamy and child brides are not Mormons.  People keep mixing these up, but they’re not the same. 

There’s The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, called LDS, or Mormons, that’s the church that’s got like 14 million people in it.  Then there’s a group that broke off a long time ago called the FLDS, they’re the ones with the multiple wives and all the controversy in Texas.  Mormons don’t practice polygamy, and haven’t practiced polygamy for about a hundred years. 

Just to clarify, because I talk to a lot of people around the country, and around the world, and when they find out I’m Mormon, they always want to know how many wives I’ve got.  One.  Just one.  Pretty normal stuff there.  And we were both in our early twenties when we hooked up, not 12.  And no, she doesn’t wear a Victorian prarie dress while she manually churns butter, either. 

To break this down, if you’re a normal Christian, you don’t claim the people that broke off from your organization a hundred years ago and set up that weird compound up in the hills, where they handle poison snakes, kidnap “sinners” who get lost on the backroads, and occasionally sacrifice a virgin.  (Deliverence music plays).  And I’ve lived in MIssissippi and Alabama, so don’t tell me you don’t know about that one.  Same difference.

So Mormon is not equal to FLDS.  Thank you.

NYT on the Heller decision

So how good was the Heller decision?  Well, let’s take a look at what that bastion of journalistic integrity, the New York Times, is saying about the decision.  Because, you know the NY Times will never lead you astray.  This article was forwarded to me by Bob Westover for your reading enjoyment. As we go through, I will poke them.  With a stick.  NYT will be in italics, which is how they actually talk anyway.


Lock and Load

CLEVER TITLE!  Already I’m impressed.  I’m willing to bet that the manicured fingers of this great journalist has never actually touched a gun, and doesn’t really know what the phrase even means, but man, it sounds ominous. 

Published: June 27, 2008
Thirty-thousand Americans are killed by guns every year — on the job, walking to school, at the shopping mall.


Or in suicides, or in criminal on criminal violence, which isn’t the fault of regular folks.  Or even better, many of those shootings are bad guys getting shot by the good guys, which I actually see as a net benefit for society, but hey, the article barely started.  I’m sure it gets better.


The Supreme Court on Thursday all but ensured that even more Americans will die senselessly with its wrongheaded and dangerous ruling striking down key parts of the District of Columbia’s gun-control law.

I love how we will die “senselessly” as opposed to “sensefully”.  Already this author has demonstrated that he does, in fact, own a thesaurus.  “BEHOLD MY GRAMMAR!”  Wrongheaded and dangerous?  Even better.  Why oh why are more of us going to die senselessly oh mighty journalist?  Please educate us!  Holy crap, we’re only in the header and I’m already terrified.

Landmark Ruling Enshrines Right to Own Guns (June 27, 2008)


(Unlike that whole Constitution thingy, and several hundred years of common law, but whatever)

In a radical break from 70 years of Supreme Court precedent,


Got to jump in on this one.  Most people have never read the Miller decision, and don’t know anything about it.  Don’t take my word for it, and God help you if you take the NYT’s word for it, but go look it up.  70 years ago the SCOTUS heard Miller, which didn’t even have a defense attorney, or a defendant, and they basically said that if a gun had a use in the militia, then it was okay.  And that was about it.  Liberals love to cite Miller, and they often cite it as having the exact opposite ruling of what it really had. 


Justice Antonin Scalia

, writing for the majority, declared that the Second Amendment guarantees individuals the right to bear arms for nonmilitary uses, even though the amendment clearly links the right to service in a “militia.” The ruling will give gun-rights advocates a powerful new legal tool to try to strike down gun-control laws across the nation.


Clearly?  It is for militia use?  No kidding.  Guess what doofi (plural of doofus, because I’m addressing all of the NYT), we are the militia.  From that pesky Bill of Rights that you guys only know the first 10% of:

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

As for giving us a powerful legal tool, thank goodness!  It is about friggin’ time!

This is a decision that will cost innocent lives, cause immeasurable pain and suffering and turn America into a more dangerous country. It will also diminish our standing in the world, sending yet another message that the United States values gun rights over human life.

What a crock of crap.  Let’s take Washington DC, where guns are banned, and Utah, where I can’t go anywhere without tripping over AK47s, and compare the two.  Which one has more “immeasurable pain and suffering” (attack of the Thesaurus Part II).

You want pain and suffering, talk to the family of the children who were massacred in Merced, California by a naked psychopath with a friggin’ pitchfork, because their father had his guns locked up in accordance with California law.  (there’s a law that is going to go swirling down the toilet after this ruling)    

As for our standing in the world, who gives a flying bag of monkey poo? Oh noes!  France doesn’t respect us as much!  NOOOOO!!!!!!

Hey, wait a second… Didn’t France, Italy, Germany, and a bunch of other Euro nations just elect more conservative leadership that doesn’t hate America?  Hmmm…

So we’re sending a message that the US values gun rights over human life?  Yep, I value my gun rights SIGNIFICANTLY more than I value your life.  Deal with it. 

There already is a national glut of firearms: estimates run between 193 million and 250 million guns. The harm they do is constantly on heartbreaking display. Thirty-three dead last year in the shootings at Virginia Tech. Six killed this year at Northern Illinois University.

Both were massacres in places where people were not allowed to have guns.  Thanks for proving my point, you assmuppet. 

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again.  We’ve tried your method.  We’ve tried it for most of this century.  Your way sucks.  It fails over and over and over again.  Time to try my way for a change, allow concealed carry of firearms in schools for responsible parties, and they are no longer just hunting preserves for whackadoos.

On Wednesday, as the court was getting ready to release its decision, a worker in a Kentucky plastics plant shot his supervisor, four co-workers and himself to death.

Bummer that none of those co-workers were armed.  I wonder if that plant had a no guns at work policy? 

Here’s my plan for dealing with workplace violence.  If you come into my workplace to massacre innocent people, I will end you.  But then again, I work at a place where if one of my employees shows up unarmed, we’ll make fun of them and take their lunch money.  See, because we are legally armed, we’ve got options other than hiding under our desks praying to God not to be the next one to die.

Cities and states have tried to stanch the killing with gun-control laws.

And it hasn’t worked.  It has never worked.  It never will work.  Bad guys don’t give a shit about your laws.  Bad guys spit on your laws.  They openly mock your laws. 

But like all liberals, if a bad idea doesn’t work, let’s make it more bad and then try again!  Yay!

The District of Columbia, which has one of the nation’s highest crime rates, banned the possession of nearly all handguns and required that other firearms be stored unloaded and disassembled, or bound with a trigger lock.

And they still have the nation’s highest crime rate, even after decades of their same idiotic policy.  Only they like to blame it on other places that don’t suck.  “Our crime is high!  It’s West Virginia’s fault!  WAAAHH!” 

Like bad guys give a damn about how guns have to be stored by the law abiding.  The only thing this does is ensure that the bad guys know that when they kick your door in to rape your family to death and take all your stuff, you won’t be able to defend yourself with anything other than harsh language.

Overturning that law, the court’s 5-to-4 decision says that individuals have a constitutional right to keep guns in their homes for self-defense. But that’s a sharp reversal for the court: as early as 1939, it made clear that the Second Amendment only protects the right of people to carry guns for military use in a militia.

See above, this jackass hasn’t read Miller, and wouldn’t know what a militia firearm was if it bit him in the face.  Sharp reversal?  Only if you live in liberal la-la land where the Constitution is a living document, that evolves to say whatever you feel like it says.

In his dissent, Justice John Paul Stevens was right when he said that the court has now established “a new constitutional right” that creates a “dramatic upheaval in the law.”

Do me a favor.  Go read the dissent.  Seriously.  Don’t take my word for it.  Don’t take anybody else’s word for it.  Read it, ponder it.  Use your own brain.  You’ll find that it is filled with mental gymnastics that will literally make your head hurt.  See, because just like you have the Individual Right to Assemble, you can’t do it by yourself, so that’s how the 2nd is a Collective Right, because you can’t be a militia by yourself. 

Even if there were a constitutional right to possess guns for nonmilitary uses, constitutional rights are not absolute.

Scalia never said it was.  There’s one that we happen to disagree on.  In fact, he mentions what good would mere guns do against a modern army with tanks and bombers.  I don’t know, let’s ask Al Queda and see what those nutjobs have been doing for the last few years.  You think Iraq’s tough, invade Texas.

 The First Amendment guarantees free speech, but that does not mean that laws cannot prohibit some spoken words, like threats to commit imminent violent acts. In his dissent, Justice Stephen Breyer argued soundly that whatever right gun owners have to unimpeded gun use is outweighed by the District of Columbia’s “compelling” public-safety interests.

He “soundly” argued.  Snort.  Go read it.  Seriously. 

Basically the idea here is that “Yeah, you got rights, until the government has a compelling interest in taking them away, then they can do whatever the hell they feel like.” 

So tell me, if you have a right, that you are not allowed to exercise at all (like DC) do you really have a right at all? 

Well, duh.

In this month’s case recognizing the habeas corpus rights of the detainees at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, Justice Scalia wrote in dissent that the decision “will almost certainly cause more Americans to be killed.” Those words apply with far more force to his opinion in this District of Columbia case.

Yes, because springing known terrorists from prison, and giving them flights back to a war zone where they can get back to business is EXACTLY the same as letting regular people have guns in their homes to defend themselves from criminals.  The main thing to realize as you read this is that the NYT considers the lives of American soldiers serving in a war zone worth exactly the same as the crack-head climbing in your back window to stab your wife in the throat to steal her wedding ring.

The gun lobby will now trumpet this ruling as an end to virtually all gun restrictions, anywhere, at all times. That must not happen.

Bring it…

And today’s decision still provides strong basis for saying it should not.

If the ruling is held to apply to the states, and not just to the District of Columbia — which is not certain — there will still be considerable dispute about what it means for other less-sweeping gun laws. Judges may end up deciding these on a law-by-law basis.

Yep.  I’m really looking forward for many localities to be forced to do away with their bans.  I’m waiting for lawsuits about bans on certain types of guns.  I’m awaiting lawsuits against stupid rules about how guns have to be stored, or what kind of features they can have, or what kind of parts you can use, or that your ammo has to be stamped, or that you can only have so many parts, or your gun is too big, or too small, or too powerful, or too concealable, or too short, or shoots too fast, or has too many bullets.

Like I said, bring it.  The skies over America’s blue states are about to turn legal pad yellow.  Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of WAR!

Supporters of gun control must fight in court to ensure that registration requirements and background-check rules, and laws against bulk sales of handguns — a major source of guns used in crimes — are all upheld.

I had a gentleman come in here the other day, and buy 5 matching pistols, one for each of his adult children.  It was a thoughtful gift.  I had to fill out extra paperwork and fax it to the ATF, because this guy might be taking them from Utah to DC.  Yep, I just rolled my eyes so hard that I hurt myself. 

The court left room for gun-control advocates to fight back. It made clear that there were gun restrictions that it was not calling into question, including bans on gun possession by felons and the mentally ill, or in “sensitive places” like schools and government buildings.

Oh don’t worry.  We’ll get to those eventually.  My philosophy on felon’s with guns is that if you think they’re so damn dangerous to society, why the hell did you let them loose?  If they’re safe enough to let free, let them have their rights back.  I know people who got busted with drugs, and have had a clean record for over THIRTY YEARS who aren’t allowed to have a gun to defend themselves. 

But the stuff that the NYT won’t tell you, did you know that a misdemeanor domestic violence charge can make it so that you can’t have a gun?  Yep.  You don’t even have to actually have laid a hand on anyone.  In fact, if you’ve got a restraining order, and there’s never been a trial, only that somebody somewhere said you threatened them, you can’t get a gun. 

The only evidence of mental illness I’ve seen recently has been in arguing with Obama supporters.

As for “sensitive” places, Utah allows guns in schools, because apparently we’re better behaved than the rest of you, and we love our kids more.  Sensitive my ass.  Sensitive is a code word for target rich environment.  As for banning guns in government buildings, they’ve got their own guns, now let us have ours. 

That last part is the final indignity of the decision: when the justices go to work at the Supreme Court, guns will still be banned. When most Americans show up at their own jobs, they will not have that protection.

Boo friggin’ hoo.  Because I don’t know about you guys, if I’m planning on going on a killing spree rampage, and committing 60+ capital crimes, and then shooting myself in the brain when the cops show up, I’m not going to do it, because it is ILLEGAL to carry a gun to work.

And most companies don’t allow carry at work, which is absolute moral cowardice that disgusts me to the core of my being.  But then again, before I went into work for myself, I violated the hell out of company policy for most of my adult life.  Then again, I wasn’t supposed to surf the internet at work either. 

This audaciously harmful decision, which hands the far right a victory it has sought for decades, is a powerful reminder of why voters need to have the Supreme Court firmly in mind when they vote for the president this fall.

Audaciously.  Man, he is working that thesaurus now!  Yeah, you show those adjectives and adverbs who’s the boss!  Either that, or he gets paid by the word.

Senator John McCain has said he would appoint justices like Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito — both of whom supported this decision. If the court is allowed to tip even further to the far right, there will be even more damage done to the rights and the safety of Americans.

How much you want to bet that earlier this week when the SCOTUS said that it wasn’t okay to execute child rapists, the NYT thought that that was just peachy? 

I take the opposite view. This gives me one more reason why I’ll hold my nose and vote for McCain. I don’t want anymore Ginsbergs.  I love how the author talks about tipping to the FAR RIGHT. 

Sorry dude, you don’t know what Far Right is.  If I had written the majority decision, I would be picking up a new belt-fed Mk19 40mm grenade launcher from Sam’s Club at lunch.  Far Right in New York means that you voted for Michael Bloomberg.  New Yorkers consider Barack Obama, Jesus and Che Guevara a moderate Democrat.

Why would any sane American even bother to care what New York, Chicago, DC, LA, and other big city cesspools have to say about what is morally right and wrong?  Personally I found myself rooting for the monster in Cloverfield.

WE WIN. Heller decision announced

We’re still trying to figure out just how much we won, but in a 5-4 decision, SCOTUS has said that the 2nd is an Individual right.

MHI: 2 update

Number 2 is rolling along pretty good now.  I’m about 3/4 of the way through the actual writing, and should have that wrapped up in the next month or so.  Then it is onto editing, tweaking, and proofing.  I’m the kind of guy that cranks stuff out quick, but that requires a mighty lot of clean-up to make it pretty. 

But just because 2 is done doesn’t mean you get to read it yet.  The Baen version of #1 will be available again in 2009.  If it does well, then I get to sell part 2.  If #1 doesn’t do well…  So in 2009, for all of you fans of MHI, force your friends to buy copies.  Yes, I’m holding #2 hostage until you give into my nefarious demands.  BWA HA HA HA!

In the meantime once 2 is done, I’ll be working on another project in conjunction with a really good author.  Some of you are familiar with the Mr. Nightcrawler experiment that took place on THR.  Two of the finest online fiction stories ever written (in my not so humble opinion), and a 3rd one that was going to be posted online, but then we decided that since I’m an actual published type author person now, we’re going to go whole-hog, clean up the entire Mr. Nightcrawler saga and try to get it published. 

No, there are no monsters in this.  Rather it is what I think would get lumped in with the “thrillers”.  It is a story told from two perspectives.  One narrator is a good young man who has led a really tough life, and ended up working as a mercenary in a very shady organization.    The 2nd narrator (written by me) is a professional thief who specializes in robbing drug-lords, arms dealers, and various other seedy types in the 3rd world.   The two characters end up on opposite sides of a middle-eastern coup, and it is a knock-down, drag out, fight to the finish, and that’s before the real bad guys even show. 

At one point somebody refers to my character as a “Amoral godless Narcissist”.  I’d say that’s pretty close, but that also makes it damn fun to write. 


About the upcoming FBMG machine gun shoot, October 4th

Let me tell you guys about what we’re doing.  Some of you may have been to our past machine gun shoots, but you haven’t seen anything like this before. 

We’ve rented the entire FARM.  FBMG will be there renting out machine guns, and letting people try out all sorts of different guns, grenade launchers, suppresors, that kind of thing.  Our local explosive target manufacturer will be there selling “reactive targets”.  We blew up 2 cars last year, and I think we can do better than that this year.

We’re also inviting all of the different local shooting clubs.  The FARM is a big place, and we’re letting each club take up a bay for the day.  They will be showing off their game, and it everyone is welcome to try their hand at it.  If you’ve ever thought that it would be fun to try shooting Cowboy action, IPSC, IDPA, or 3gun, now is your chance.   

It looks like we will be having some recruiters from the Armed Forces out to show off their toys and let people try them out.  Right now I’m working on getting different factory reps to come out and bring their guns for people to try.  (and maybe we can twist their arms into giving out some door prizes) There are some really cool guns out there that I’m trying to get ahold of, but some of these new guns are rarer than bigfoot. 

This event is totally open to the public.  We will be charging a small fee to pay for the range, but we’re going to keep it as low as possible.  FBMG will be selling consumables like food, drinks, and ammo… lots of ammo.  

We’re doing a gun raffle for charity also.  The winner will be announced at the shoot. Details to follow. 

We’ll be bringing an army of Minions serving as safety officers.  The primary goal is for people to have a good time, experience different kinds of shooting, in a real safe environment.  Start spreading the word.  My goal is to make this the Utah shooting event of the year.   

Ordering a bunch of STIs on Monday, any of you guys want one?

I’m putting in a bulk order for STIs on Monday morning.  I figure since I’m doing a group buy sized order, if any of you guys want me to throw one on for you, let me know.  I’ll do my regular group buy prices (which if you’ve got a quote from me before, you know about how good those are).  Let me know ASAP.  larry@fbmginc.com

Also, I’ve still got the Bates buy going on.  I’m turning that one in at the end of the month.

FBMG Machine gun shoot date, OCTOBER 4th

Got the date, got it set up with Global One.  Mark your calenders if you’re local, because you do not want to miss this.  October 4th, we’re going to have us some very loud fun.

I’m not feeling warm fuzzies about this election…

Hell, I’m not feeling upbeat about the mental state of my fellow Americans.  This election brings us what is probably one of the worst match-ups in presidential history.  We’re running a conservative democrat against a Marxist, and for some reason I can’t seem to get real excited about our options here.


That said, McCain is still 1000 times better than Obama.  Yes, McCain sucks by most conservative standards.  But still pick any single issue and McCain is better than Obama.  And I don’t know if that says just how stupid we Republicans were this time around, or just how extremely far left Obama is. 


Obama supporters confuse me.  One of the employees of our subletter (so they’re in our shop and use our parking lot) has a Latinos For Obama bumper-sticker on her car.  I remarked that if Obama wins, I’ll probably be out of business within in a year.  She was like “Huh?”  I pointed out that Barack was no fan of guns, and with a Democrat majority in both the house and senate, I would be shocked if we didn’t get another ban rammed down our throat.  She didn’t know that Obama didn’t like guns.  In fact, as we talked, I discovered that she didn’t know much of anything about what he stands for.


So why did she support him?  Health care.  Whooeee… I’m a self-employed small businessman.  I pay for my own healthcare out of my own pocket, and I’m not exactly rolling in extra dough if you know what I mean.  Paying for my family’s healthcare is expensive.  But guess what?  Since I realize how much the government is going to butcher health-care, I’m glad to keep paying my own way.


You know what would make our health care more affordable?  Stop forcing hospitals to pay BILLIONS of dollars a year for medical care for illegal aliens.  But there’s an issue where both of the candidates suck.  Because apparently it is our duty as American’s to subsidize the healthcare of the failed state just to the south of us. 


So beyond jacking the crap out of my taxes so that you can get free (but shitty) government supplied healthcare, what exactly do Obama fans like about the man?


Hope?  Change?  Horseshit. 


They can’t like the man because of his experience.  He’s not got any.  He’s been a senator for 2 years.  John McCain has been a senator for like 200.  Personally since the senate is about as useless as ball sweat, I think that should disqualify both of them right there, but I digress.  Before he was a senator, he was a state legislator (in the most corrupt state legislature in the country, and even then he didn’t manage to accomplish anything), and before that he was a “community activist”.  Well, whoop-de-freakin’ do.  And I ran a conveyor-belt and a cheese cutting machine for a summer.  Hell, I’m presidential material too! 


This is a man who can read a good speech from a teleprompter (written by somebody else), but as soon as he gets put on the spot, he chokes, stutters, and sounds like an imbecile.  Then he says “well, I hadn’t got much sleep when I said that.” Well, cowboy the hell up.  You want to be president, which means you’ll probably miss a few nights, chump. 


When George Bush says stupid crap, it is on every news station, comedians mock it ad nauseum, and even Iranian sock-puppets laugh at him.  Barack says that he’s visited all 57 states where typical white people can abort their mistake children, sweetie, and that’s totally cool.  And if you point that out, then obviously you’re a racist.


John McCain doesn’t misspeak.  He actually is a democrat on 70% of the issues.  The stuff he says that pisses me off is actually on purpose.  He’s talking about how Lieberman and Bloomberg are still possible running-mates, and all I want to do is vomit.  I’m really wanting to support you here John, because you’re running against a spoiled child that will destroy my country, so stop making it so DAMN HARD to support you! 


Yes, a spoiled child.  Barack is your typical clichéd liberal, whining about how the government needs to take care of us, and stroke our soft little heads, and tell us that everything is going to be okay.  At least John McCain is an adult (on 30% of the issues, which is still more than I can say for Obama). 


Today I heard a soundbyte where Obama was touring a hospital, and talked about how seeing blood made his queasy. Yes, because that’s the kind of testicular fortitude we need in a leader!  McCain got TORTURED for five straight years by the Vietcong.  I’m willing to bet that he doesn’t get “queasy” at the sight of blood, especially when he’s sticking his own arm bones back into his flesh, making bamboo splints, and tying them up with filthy rags. 


So, McCain sucks on politics, but even at 70+ years old, he would beat Obama to death with his walker.  That’s at least one quality I can respect in a leader. 


Obama will clumsily yank us out of Iraq.  Thereby assuring that everything we’ve worked and sacrificed for will be for nothing.  And of course, this is when we’re actually doing well and winning.  Tell me that that is the kind of strong leadership you want to square off against another rogue state with nuclear weapons.  People keep comparing Obama to Kennedy, and all that tells me is that they need to shut their stupid TVs off and pick up a stinking history book.  You honestly expect me to believe that little Barry the community activist of hope and change wouldn’t have wimped out during the Cuban Missile Crisis?  (not that he would have minded the communists having nukes conversational distance from Florida, because Obama would have just said “go for it Comrade Fidel”, birds of a feather and all that, but you get the idea).


All of the Obama followers I talk to look at him like he’s Jesus.  You’ve got women swooning (“can I get a bottle of water over here”) like he’s John Lennon.  I’m waiting for the Secret Service to shoot somebody who is just trying to touch the hem of his robe to cure their leprosy. 


Yet none of these Obama supporters can tell me what he actually believes in.  He believes in whatever they think he believes in.  He’s for the working man!  I’m a working man, so I’m trying to figure out how losing another 8-15% of my income to the government is going to benefit me.  (Let me break that down for you mouth-breathing non-accountants out there.  Congratulations, you now get to work another 1 or 2 months a year, FOR FREE!)


Somebody told me that Obama will lower gas prices!  How?  By not tapping into our own resources?  We’ve got oil off both coasts, in Alaska, and under Utah and Colorado, that we’re not allowed to touch.  The democrats kiss the asses of various faceless environmentalists to the point that we’re stupid enough to put our entire nation at a disadvantage to theoretically protect manatees and polar bears, while the same exact parts of the globe are getting tapped by Indian and Chinese interests.  Do you really think the Indians drilling in the Caribbean right now give a crap about the manatee?  Though Curried Manatee does sound pretty good. 


I actually heard some congressional turd the other day say how drilling in those places won’t help gas prices for 10 years… How’s that for foresight?  I don’t know about you, but I figure I’ll probably still be driving a car in 10 years, so how about you get off your stupid asses and give us an energy policy better that “rape the oil companies because they made an 8% profit!” 


If it would lower my gas prices ten cents a gallon, I’d club a baby seal with a manatee!  Screw the environmentalists.    


Once again, not making John McCain a whole lot better, considering that he worships at the altar of the Prophet Al Gore.  We’ve got both sides tripping over themselves to destroy our nation over science that is basically a load of crap.  And for any of you that are reading this blog that believe in man-made global warming, if you can’t answer this question, shut the hell up:  If global warming is happening, and it is man’s fault, explain how the Vikings farmed Greenland in recent history.  Oh, can’t answer, then see above.  Shut the Hell Up.


Five years ago, when I told people that my eventual goal was to build a house out in the middle of nowhere that was totally off the grid, powered by solar panels, a wind turbine, with my own well and gravity fed water tower, I was a psycho right-wing militia type.  Now, apparently I’m “environmentally aware” and “Green.”  Oh, barf.  Anybody who tells me that, I then point out that my off-the-grid house is also going to have a giant fence around it, topped in razor-wire, with solar-powered spotlights for my .50 BMG sniper rifle.  Stuff it, hippie.  Us government-hating survivalists were into that stuff way before you showed up to the party in your Prius. 


I’ve been listening to Obama supporters talk up their boy, (oops, said boy, I must be RACIST), and he’s got nothing.  If my side had the balls or the sense to run an actual Republican, then this election would have been a mudstomping like unto Michael Dukakis.  Hell, if my party hadn’t sucked wind and kowtowed to a bunch of RINOs in the senate then we probably wouldn’t be in the straights that we’re in now.  The Republican party had its chance, and we couldn’t show jack squat. 


We had the majority for a brief time, and we blew it.  We squandered it.  My party is pathetic and can’t demonstrate a lick of leadership.  Why didn’t we come up with a coherent energy policy?  Why won’t we secure our borders?  Why can’t we just man up and smack Nancy Pelosi upside her head?  The people speak, and we’re slapped down and told we’re stupid.  No wonder we’re in the state that we’re in now.  Our party is a joke.


And even then we’re still better than the douche bags on Obama’s side.


May God have mercy on our souls.    

Bringing dinosaurs back to life, always a good idea


So they’ve found a new way to bring back dinosaurs. 

And the best line from the article:  “‘And so, a normal chicken can actually grow teeth.'” which opens up all sorts of interesting possibilities. 

I’m actually all in favor of bringing back velociraptors.  Ethics be damned. In fact, I’m in favor of letting them run free in their natural habits.  Like New York, or Berkley. 


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