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Curse you Order Of The Stick

I was recently introduced to another webcomic, Order Of The Stick.

I read some, laughed my butt off, so went back and started at the beginning.  I wasted my entire weekend catching up. 

If you are, or ever have been a role playing gamer, you will get a lot of the jokes.  If you haven’t played RPGs, then a lot of it will just not make any sense at all. 

On that note, I was just invited to be a guest at my very first Con.  That’s actually really cool.

Taught a pistol class on Saturday
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8 Comments on "Curse you Order Of The Stick"

Tim Covington
8 years 6 days ago

Which con?

8 years 5 days ago

And you definitely don’t want to waste time over at when you could be working on MHI-2. 🙂

Tim Covington
8 years 4 days ago

Dang it. I can’t make that one. If you are invited, do you think you could make a con in the Dallas area?

Tim Covington
8 years 2 days ago

Larry, I’ll make the suggestion to the con committees for a couple of local cons.

8 years 1 day ago

Thanks for the link. Have you ever read Knights Of The Dinner Table? Haven’t read it in some time, but it’s pretty good.

8 years 7 hours ago

Larry, if you like the webcomic, you simply MUST purchase the printed books. There’s two that are strictly in book form, and the ones that are printed versions of the online stuff have extra scenes! It’s soooo great! I think there is a total of four (at least) books out right now. I’ve been reading it since it started.

“Hi, my name’s Ryan, and I play roleplaying games.”