My XBox 360 offends Green Peace… Friggin’ sweet!

Apparently my XBox is filled with Beryllium (mined in Utah, as seen on the Space Shuttle!), Bromine (may cause sterility in Sea Monkeys), Polyvinyl Chloride (responsible for shooting John Lennon), and my personal favorite Phthalates (go ahead and try to pronounce that one, science boy).

What this all means is that if you break open your Xbox, and eat the contents, it may be bad for you.  And somehow, whenever I play Halo, an endangered caribou dies.  The carbon footprint for Gears Of War is larger than Bolivia (chainsaw bayonets use up precious petrochemicals, and at $4 a gallon, chainsawing all those mutants gets expensive!) 

Well, confronted with this astounding information, I’m now forced to think about how I’m going to proceed, so as to not offend Gaia the mother earth spirit…


Okay, I got it.


I’m going to go play Grand Theft Auto 4 some more now.  Because not only can I shoot police officers, steal cars, punch hookers in the face, and contribute to the further decay of society, I can also cause those damn polar bears to go extinct once and for all.   


About those STIs…

They’re shipping them to me tomorrow.  However apparently there are going to be some huge lead times in the future for Spartans.  Like HUGE lead times.  Apparently this is a super popular gun and the factory in the PI is swamped.

So in addition to me having them for a super good price is one more reason to get one.  :)  I responded to a mess of e-mails today, so now, first come, first serve.

I’ve got some extra STI Spartans if anybody wants one for cheap

I placed an order for a bunch of STI pistols a little while back.  That order is now ready to ship to me.  I ordered a bunch of extra Spartans as part of that order. 

These are excellent 1911s, especially for for the price.  Regular retail is $660, and they absolutely smoke anything else in that price range.  I have a mess of these, and need to move them quickly.  If you’re interested, please e-mail me at and I’ll send you a quote.  These will be going for a really smoking deal.

Mandatory Training for CCW

There was recently a discussion on THR about a newspaper article that talked about how shocking it was that CCW training in Florida was too easy.  Of course, this kicked off into the inevitable argument amongst gun folks about how we have to have mandatory training vs. people who don’t believe in mandatory training. 


I know a little bit about this subject, and I’m against any MANDATORY training for a permit.  I’m a huge fan of training, but only if you want to do it.  I’m in favor of Alaska style CCW, where you don’t even need a permit, you feel like carrying a gun, carry a gun.


A little background.  I am a CCW instructor.  In fact, as far as I’m aware, I’m the busiest instructor in Utah.  I average 100-150 students per month.  I certified just over 1,000 people last year, and that was with taking a couple of months off.  Basically, I think that about 2% of the people carrying guns in this state were signed off on by me.  So I’ve got a teensy bit of experience on this subject.


Utah doesn’t require a shooting portion.  I think that’s a good thing, and here’s why.


When I first started out, I did a full on basic handgun class in addition to the lecture portion that was required by the state.  What I quickly discovered was the people who were going to be smart, were smart.  People that were going to be stupid, were on their best behavior while I watched them, then immediately went back to being stupid when they were on their own.


Shooting is a skill that can be taught.  People that want to learn, are going to learn.  People with giant egos assume that what they know is good enough, and you can’t teach them anything anyway. 


But more distressing was the fact that shooting accurately means very little in the grand scheme of things.  Don’t get me wrong, being able to hit your target is important, but it pales in comparison to the importance of making good decisions.   I can teach a monkey to shoot a piece of paper. Teaching you to react intelligently under stress is a whole lot harder.


The big problem?  What I saw was serious lack of knowledge on the law or how violence worked.  I saw this over and over again amongst people that already had their permits too, because they had gone through some cheesy instructor’s wimpy course. The minimum Utah course requires a bunch of extraneous stuff that is best learned on your own, or from your owner’s manual, but there is almost nothing in there about use of force, when you can shoot, why you should shoot, and absolutely nothing at all about tactics.  There’s no info about what to do after the shooting, nada. 


I also discovered that a bunch of so called experts knew how to punch paper on the range, but knew jack squat about how violent encounters actually unfolded.   Instructors like that love big qualifiers, because they can check off of a list, and feel like they’re accomplishing something.  Two shots, five yards.  Check.

Plus, if anything, a basic qualifier gives you a false sense of security.  I get this all the time when working with law enforcement.  “I passed my shooting qual in POST!  I already know how to shoot good!”  Snort.  They don’t realize that the qualifier they shot was an easy test, usually designed for the lowest common denominator to pass.  


So I changed my class.  If a student wants to learn to shoot better, they can come with me another time and learn to shoot.  But I now spend the majority of my class time going over use of force, decision making, and the stuff that keeps you A. alive and B. out of jail. 


As far as I know, I’m the only Utah instructor that uses a role playing session.   I do it to challenge the student’s preconceived notions of how “their gunfight” is going to unfold.  (usually it is some variant of them being John McClane).  I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve had somebody who’s already been through CCW classes come up to me afterward and comment about how eye opening that was.


Super in-depth qualifiers assuage the conscience of bureaucrats, and that’s about it.  The article in question points out that police have lousy hit ratios.  Well, that’s because gunfights are HARD, and also, most of the cops with the lousy hit rate’s training is basically the same type of BS qualifiers that the bureaucrats want to force on CCW holders. 


The vast majority of the time, just producing the gun solves the problem for the permit holder, or the violent encounter is so close that you can just jam the muzzle into the bad guy’s chest.  So why exactly should we put some extra hoops for the permit holder to jump through, that don’t really matter, don’t really help, and just cause one more expense to getting the permit to begin with?


And if you’ve already got the law written so that it requires a shooting portion, what is to keep some future anti-gun bureaucrat from tweaking it so that the test is so difficult that nobody can pass it?  And even if it is only as difficult as the qual for say, the Air Marshals, and you personally are a bad-ass gunslinger killer of cardboard, do you want to force that requirement on your mom or your grandma?   Sorry, Mom, you don’t get to carry a gun to use at conversational distance against a rapist, because I don’t FEEL safe knowing you can’t shoot the Seal Team Six pistol qual. 


That’s basically what this fixation on mandatory training comes down to.  Feelings.  We’ve got some people on our side that are no different that the anti-gunners who want to ban everything because it makes the FEEL unsafe.  Well, they only want to bar admittance to their secret-club to anybody who isn’t quite as good as they are, because they FEEL that’s unsafe. 


Okay, regardless of your feelings, show me the numbers.  If mandatory training makes a huge difference in safety, how come Alaska and Vermont, with no training, are about the same as Utah with 4 hours, or states like Arizona with a mandatory (If I recall correctly) 16+ hours of training?


Also note, that the people who are in favor of more training and tougher tests, don’t want to set the bar so high that they can’t personally reach it.  They would much rather set the bar just below what they can do, because obviously, that’s how proficient you should be.  Anybody who can’t shoot as good as they can is obviously a menace to society. 


The next time somebody tells me some nonsense like that, I’ll tell them sure, only I think you should shoot at least as good as me, and odds are that since I’m a fanatic, and I can easily outshoot you, no permit for you.  On the new mandatory Correia Test, the permit holder has to be able to shoot at least Expert on an IDPA classifier, while wearing a backpack loaded with eighty pounds of cinderblocks, while teenagers pelt you with rotting fruit, and listening to Barry Manilow records… BACKWARDS!   I figure that will take it down from 115,000 CCWs to where there are only about fifty or so people carrying guns in Utah.  That should keep the riff-raff out.   Because you know, then I would feel safe.


Nope, no mandatory training at all.  Zip, nada.  In fact, I’ve already volunteered to testify before the state legislature as a subject matter expert should the issue of Alaska/Vermont style carry make it out of committee again.   I’ll take the pay cut in exchange for freedom. 


Taught a pistol class on Saturday

FBMG held a basic defensive pistol class out at Global One last Saturday.  The main instructor was a 20+ year SF vet, who’d been through a lot of really high-level firearms training.  I was the assistant instructor.  For me personally, it was a good opportunity to see what kind of methods somebody with a lot of experience used. 


We started out working on the fundamentals during the morning.  Grip, stance, sight alignment, trigger-pull, etc.  Then we moved into lots and lots of presentations from the holster.  Then we went into a presentation with single shots. 


At one point, we were a couple of hours in, and somebody asked if we were going to use all of the 300 rounds that they had been asked to bring.  Oh yeah, but fundamentals come first.  Advanced stuff is just doing the fundamentals faster and at weird angles. 


We worked on magazine changes, both with retention, and speed reloads. 


We did dummy drills, where a partner loads your magazines with a few random dummy rounds, that way he could then watch to see if you were flinching or had other bad habits hidden by recoil.


Next was flash sight pictures, then we moved into controlled pairs.  There was some discussion about “double taps” vs. controlled pairs.  Double tap equals one sight picture, bang, bang, and on anything past conversational distance, I’m not laying any bets on where the 2nd bang landed.  A controlled pair is flash sight picture, bang, flash sight picture, bang.  Almost as fast, a whole lot more accurate.


Once everybody had the hang of that, we went into engaging multiple targets.  Then shooting on the move, both forward, back, laterally, and diagonal, all while using the same basic fundamental presentation.  By this point, the round count was really going up quick. 


Finally we shot from various positions of cover, standing lean, kneeling, squatting, etc.


We closed the day by going back to fundamental dummy drills. 


Overall, everyone in the class did a great job.  They were great students.  Some struggled, but they were real troopers, hung in there, and by the end of the class I could see serious improvement in every single shooter.  I was impressed with the students we had, and would look forward to having any of them in a class again. 


The only downside of class was when Uncle Barbie took my truck down to the Maverick to pick up lunch and then crashed into a police car on the way back.    Nobody was hurt though, and it wasn’t Uncle Barbie’s fault, which made my insurance company really happy. 

Curse you Order Of The Stick

I was recently introduced to another webcomic, Order Of The Stick.

I read some, laughed my butt off, so went back and started at the beginning.  I wasted my entire weekend catching up. 

If you are, or ever have been a role playing gamer, you will get a lot of the jokes.  If you haven’t played RPGs, then a lot of it will just not make any sense at all. 

On that note, I was just invited to be a guest at my very first Con.  That’s actually really cool.

CZ Group Buy Update

It is still going on for the rest of the month.  As of right now, the rifles that I ordered last week have arrived, and the ones that I’ve got FFLs for will be going out shortly.  I haven’t received the first pistols yet.  I’m trying to respond to e-mails as quickly as possible.

And please tell your friends, the only way you make anything off of a group buy is VOLUME!

FBMG’s gunsmith starts his own blog

My smith, Joe, has started a blog.

Darth Vader attacks Jedi Church of England

Okay then… I like the part about how he drank a 2 and 1/2 gallon box of wine beforehand, therefore doesn’t really remember the attack. 

CZ Group Buy update

I’ve been swamped doing quotes.  Like I said, if you like the prices, tell your friends, and many of you have.  If you don’t hear from me for a couple of days after you e-mail, don’t worry, I’ll get to you.

And to answer the common questions, I’ll be doing this all month.  Every time I get 3 of either long guns or pistols, I place an order. 


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