Another example of why California blows, and I’m glad I left  Okay, let’s apply some critical thinking to this one.  Police surround this place, cut off all the exits, do a massive warrantless search, and shake down a bunch of people… because they MIGHT do something wrong.   

“If you’re not into street racing, why would you need that?” Riverside Police Traffic Sergeant Skip Showalter asked an enthusiast during a similar crackdown last year. “Why would you want more power going to your car?”

What kind of idiotic question is that?  “Uh… because I friggin’ can?  Because I’m an American?  Because I don’t live in Cuba or China?”  I hate that kind of reasoning from people in authority.  Though I usually get some variation of “why do you need a gun that powerful?  why do you need a machine gun? baaa…. chews cud.  Only criminals need AK47s.” and other assorted bunches of crap like that. 

I’m not excusing illegal street racing, but shouldn’t you actually punish people for doing the illegal thing, instead of people that were PARKED?   Read the link.  This wasn’t about public safety.  This was all about revenue generation. 

100 police officer raids, for revenue generation?

I’m a California refugee.  My wife’s a California refugee.  We’re glad to be in a place where the authority (though it too is bossy, annoying, and petty, like most authority) is a mere shadow of California’s.   Our bureacrats stand in awe of California. 

I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday who has a really good paying job in LA.  He’s moving out here as soon as possible, and taking a massive pay cut in the process.  He’s tired of living in a place where an illegal alien gang banger (who’s been arrested 10 times, but never deported) can walk up to an innocent kid on the street, and just murder them, and then have locals start making excuses for the criminal.

California keeps passing more and more idiotic laws banning everything pointy, sharp, fast, or with a carbon footprint larger than a milk-cow, while half the state has turned into a 3rd world nation, your governator commutes in a jet, and people making $120,000 a year can’t afford to buy a tin shack under an overpass. 

You’ve got Berkley.  Enough said.   

California’s just plain broken. 

And Californians, don’t get your feelings hurt, and come back and tell me how the weather’s nice, or you’re the 7th Biggest Economy in the World (well, whoop de’ freaking do), your state still sucks.  I lived there for most of my life, and every time I go back to visit relatives, it just pisses me off even more. 

Let me address that whole 7th largest economy BS for a second.  Everytime I’ve ever made fun of California online (usually because of their gun laws) I get fed that line.  Okay, you’re one of the biggest states, in the most prosperous country the world has ever seen, you’ve got abundant natural resources, the world’s most fertile farm land, and you take up most of the west coast (and all the resources and shipping ability) of the most prosperous nation ever, I would be shocked if you didn’t make lots of money.  But your broken down shell of a fascist state (but the weather’s nice!) is a shadow of what California should, or could be. 

Don’t feed me that 7th biggest line and expect me to go… oohh you’re so awesome.  California’s blessed because of the luck of geography, circumstances, and the work of the people that came before you.  California’s on a slide into asinine oblivion and irrevelancy.

Then I get that whole- “Well, whatever way California goes, the rest of the nation goes to!” 

Not if us poor hicks out here in red state country can help it.  California’s no longer a leader to the rest of us. California is amusing.  California is only a leader to people who’re insane, buy into hype easily, or belive that government can solve everything. 

To those few of you that have stayed in the Golden State to fight the good fight, God bless you.  You’ve done your best.  But you’re hopelessly outnumbered by stupid people.  You’ve been outmaneuvered by a superior force.  Good luck. 


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