Fan Boy II, responding to the responses

Okay,  this I have to respond to with it’s own blog post.  After my last posting where I talked about the HK fan boys mocking me on the internet, this was posted here by Jim.

It sounds like you’re intimidated to me.I get lectured by the kids and newbies shooting SKS’s about how
reliable their guns are and blah blah blah. Then they can’t hit a pie plate at
100 yards.

Or the self proclaimed gun experts that do all their pistol work at 7
or 10 yards and think they are hotshots because they can dump a mag full
of ammo in the chest of a silhouette target.

If all you can afford is an SKS or a cheap 1911 clone, don’t feel bad.
Anything that gets you shooting is good. But if you ever want to go to
anything beyond ‘minute of outhouse’ accuracy and maintain battle
proficiency, you are going to need to upgrade to better guns.

Okay, now to respond.  Jim, I don’t disagree with you about self-proclaimed experts who can’t shoot, or about kids who are proud of their guns, but can’t shoot. 

 But, let me break this down.  As far as me being intimidated, intimidated by what exactly? 

Intimidated because I don’t have fancy guns?  I don’t often post about my personal guns because that seems rather obnoxious, but here goes.  I’m not intimidated by somebody owning an HK, because I personally own a couple.  Keep in mind I own a gun store.  We’re NFA dealers.  I have a full auto MP5 post ’86 demo gun.  I also own half a dozen other submachine guns, and I wouldn’t feel undergunned using ANY of them rather than the MP5.  I actually like shooting the PPsH the best. 

Maybe I’m intimidated because of my handgun?  You mentioned cheap 1911 clone.  My last “cheap 1911 clone” cost me $1600, and I pay master dealer cost.    I got a tricked out STI, that is currently my favorite pistol in the world to shoot.

 But it’s a game gun.  So maybe you think I’m intimidated because I don’t have an “Operator’s” handgun?  Well, I’ve also got a Sig 226 Tactical with the tall night sights, AAC Evolution suppresor, Unimax laser, TLR flashhlight, and it bounces around attached to my Pointblank Level 4 body armor, while I use my fancy-pants, custom 10.5 AR-SD with Tac-16 suppresor, EO-Tech 553, and big-ass eyeball melting Surefire.  All of that crap put together not only weighs a ton, it also cost a pile of money.  But being a dealer does have a couple of perks.

See, obnoxious ain’t it? Nobody likes to hear somebody brag about their Cool Guy Gear.  (unless you’re a fan boy, because then it is the most important thing EVER).  And none of that means squat if I can’t shoot it or know how to use it effectively. 

So maybe I’m intimidated because I can’t shoot good?  I am a little rusty.  I’ll admit that. Since I opened FBMG, most of my Saturday’s have been eaten up with teaching or working, so I don’t hardly ever get to any matches anymore.  But ironically enough, I still know how to shoot pretty damn good.  But once again, bragging about how awesome you are on the internet gets mighty old, so I don’t bother to do it.

But if I need to, in order to justify the fact that I have an opinion, I’m actually pretty good with a handgun, excellent with a carbine, and I’m Hell Come To Frogtown with a shotgun.  I haven’t shot IDPA in 2 years, but was ranked Expert, and the only reason I couldn’t make Master was that I suck at Limited Vickers scoring, and always choke on stage 3.  With a handgun I’ve won my division a few times, and I usually placed in the top portion of most of the competitions I ever shot, and pistol was my weakest gun. 

With a carbine I do rather well.  Not precision rifle, as I’m the first to admit that I’ve got a lot more to learn about there.  But I’m a 3gunner by background.  I’m all about going fast and hitting little things relatively far away.  When I was practicing a lot, at the annual Utah carbine match, I took 2nd overall.  Out of the top 10 shooers, 9 were shooting ARs.  I shot an iron sighted AK-47.  The next year, I was using an XCR that I had never shot before (had to write a magazine review) using an optic that had been zeroed by PvtPyle (inside the gunstore!), I took 5th overall.  So I do know that the bullets come out the pointy end of the gun.

So if I’m not intimidated by quality, or ability, what the hell am I intimidated by?

Oh wait, I forgot.  That’s the next thing you do when you disagree with somebody about a Fan Boy item.  You question their ability to afford it, followed by questioning their knowledge.  So if they check out there, then they must be intimidated by the SHEER AWESOMENESS of your choosen idol. 

Jim, this isn’t aimed at you personally, but those kids talking up their SKS’s who can’t hit a target at a hundred aren’t special.  They sound like most of us when we started out.  Only the kids with the $160 surplus Yugoslavs sound like the regular newbies, not the obnoxious rich ones that have a $3,000 gas-piston AR who post pictures of it on, but also don’t know how to shoot.   

Edit:  Jim’s Response: 

Sounds like bragging to me, bud – or trying to justify something.

Fill your boots.

The only thing I’m justifying is my opnion. So, if you mention cheap guns, then you’re too poor to understand the awesomeness of the Fan Boy Gun, but if you mention that you actually own the Fan Boy Guns, or even better guns, then you’re bragging.  On one side of the internet, I’m told that I’m too poor to buy HK, on the other side I’m a  gun snob.  Fill your boots?  What does that even mean?   I didn’t know Clint Eastwood used an HK in Unforgiven.

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you want an original self-published copy of Monster Hunter International, you better order it quick…

Because it looks like I just got picked up by a major publisher. 

Hell Yeah!

Nothing official yet.  Details to follow.  I’ll be discontinuing the print-on-demand version of MHI from Infinity.  This is a big deal.  This is one of my all-time favorite publishing houses, and home to some of the greatest writers of our time.  I’m pretty excited.


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