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More fun from Barnes & Noble

Well, I was in stock there for a whole day. 

Now when you pull up my novel, you get this:

My readers are certainly a diverse bunch.  Kill monsters with chainsaws… love stories… yeah, I see the connection.

Somebody do me a favor and post a review over there.  It is looking kind of forlorn.  🙂

Ahh... fanboys
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Don Gwinn
9 years 15 days ago

I know it says “Loveswept,” but I’m guessing “Naughty Neighbor” is not, strictly speaking, a tale of wholesome and courtly love.

9 years 13 days ago

Naughty Neighbor (Loveswept Series #537)???????

I’m not sure if that’s porn or romance… the title suggests the former, but the series name – AND the book count! – seem to imply the latter.

Whatever… *slowly shaking his head*

I’d rather read about monsters…