Since we were taking pictures

steve-and-joe.jpgI swear, I’m physically incapable of not smiling like an idiot when I take a picture.  When you pose with a gun, you should look tough.  I can’ t help it, I just don’t have a “game” face. I’m the one on the MG3.  Our gunsmith, Joe has the camo AR, and Steve’s got the Barrett. 

3 Responses

  1. Sweet weaponry! Hey, anybody got any kind of heads up on CavArms? ATF screwed with you, and is screwing with them as you know. What word?

  2. No idea what is going on with CavArms. All I know is what I’ve read online.

    The ATF agents we dealt with last year were actually very professional and polite. Once they saw that everything was in order we never had any issue with them.

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