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I've got a pile of Sigs in stock, anybody want one?

As part of this Sig group buy that I’m running, I’ve brought in a PILE of regular 229s, 226s, and 220s, black, with night sights.  In fact, I’ve got way more than I should have. 

I’ll be blowing these out for super cheap.  I can’t advertise below MAP, but let’s just say, REAL CHEAP.  E-mail me at

Pictures of FBMG Saiga conversions
FBMG Saiga Conversions
Christopher A. Ewing

Interested in a Sig P220 full size. Which variants do you have? Looking at a 4.4″ barrel and night sights. If my dream came true? 220 Combat SA/DA.

Please let me know.


Dave Sohm

oh if only you had this deal last may when i bought my sig 229 brand new. Maybe next time