Heller at the Supreme Court

I haven’t commented on it, becaue honestly, the interesting part is the legal wrangling, and that just makes my head hurt. 

Oral arguments were yesterday.  I’m cautiously optomistic. 

And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you really should pay more attention.  Heller is going to be one of the more important (one way or the other) SCOTUS decisions of a very long time.   

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Copy-pasted from my website, since I’m too lazy to type up something new: Honestly, I can’t see this turning out well for the anti-gun folks in any case. Best case scenario for the Brady Campaign types is that the Court declares the Second Amendment a collective right, rather than an individual one, at which point you’re going to have all of us gun nuts forming/joining militias–the National Guard wasn’t formed till the 20th century, so it’d be difficult to argue that the Founders intended that as the “well regulated militia,” rather than citizen militias–in order to firmly establish members’ rights… Read more »