Movie Review: Reeker

Alternate Title:  Death is a stinky robot, or something…

A bunch of college kids, at an isolated location, are picked off one by one, by an unseen monster…  Yep, that’s never been done before.

Actually, Reeker does do something rather original.  I can’t say what it is, because that will ruin the ending.  And it has Michael Ironsides!

Overall, this movie was above average as far as acting, as everyone did a pretty good job.  The setting was cool.  The idea had some merit.  I wish that they had sped it up a little bit, as there was a lot of time spent with nothing really happening, except for the relatively uninteresting character’s talking to each other. 

Worth renting for B-movie geeks. 

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  1. Watch out! Here come’s an “s!” :P

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