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New Address

I forgot to add the address.

The new store is located at 13200 South 48 East in Draper, Utah, 84020.

 The building still says Pioneer Motors on it, but we will be putting up an FBMG banner in the next few weeks.

We will be closed on Sundays.  Open Monday-Saturday.  10:00-7:00. 

The grand opening is this Monday.

Pictures of the new store
CZ Group Buy - Going on now

Hey, Larry – your package went to the other address.

Have y’all bought the banner yet? Can print for $5/sq. ft., and can run up to 8′ x whatever…


Good luck, Larry! At times like this, I really wish I was closer. Maybe someday.


I live in NC and you are making me cry 🙁

Beautiful shop man, just beautiful. As a recent convert (I’m an immigrant from the UK) your shop is sort of the American Dream for me. Your government trusts me far more than mine ever did (at least at present) and I’m not even a citizen.