The week in review

It has been a busy time here on multiple fronts.

The book is doing shockingly well.  Reviews are going up all over the blogosphere, and a bunch of folks have already pounded through the book, and they only just barely got them.  I’m still trying to wrap my brain around that. 

Book stuff I’ve posted about, but there is more than that.  There will be a huge announcement from FBMG in the next week.  We’re living the rock & roll dream around here, but that is for an upcoming post.   But let’s just say that we’re going to be doing something really cool, and it is about friggin’ time. 

I’m finally feeling better after 10 days of being totally wiped out.  That was one nasty bug.  At least the antibiotics are working at last.  I’m still tired, pasty, and half out of it, but that is a lot better than last week.  Plus I easily beat Tom Morello on medium on Guitar Hero III, so I know I’m getting better.  

My wife and I went to the symphony Saturday night.  I haven’t done that since college.  It was really good.  Atomicferret and Nick the Intern got us tickets for Christmas, AND that included the two of them babysitting.  Somehow the Minions survived, and my spawn didn’t burn down the house, so all in all, it was a good night. 


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