Books still not here yet

Delivery tracking is showing scheduled delivery on 1/03/08.    MHI left Hodgkins, IL, on 12/27/07 and is still showing in transit.  Apparently they are bringing it by lawn tractor. 

4 Responses to Books still not here yet

  1. mbs357 says:

    Delivery to you on the third? Sucks. I guess the notice they sent you was just to tease us all.

  2. NC says:


  3. Don Gwinn says:

    It’s not easy to find a delivery driver willing to trek out into the Western Deserts. . . . and then you still have to find someone to ride shotguns in case the injuns get froggy.

  4. Firehand says:

    Dammit, that’s slower than the last ammo I ordered! And I thought IT was slow…

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