Proofing is done!

We did it.  Curly brought me back a very marked up book, and now we’re rolling.  The copy goes back to the publisher on Monday. 

Curly is a brutal proof reader.  You even think about looking at a verb funny, and he sticks a Post-it on it.  What was that?  We’re you comma splicing?  BOOM!  Conjuct this, punk!  WHAM!  You better stick a hyphen on that modifier if you know what’s good for you!  POW!

 Friggin’ Post-its every where… It was brutal. 

 I’m a good story teller, but me and grammar have never been friends (which anybody who has scrolled through this blog could tell you).  I was a Business Major.  We were required to take one English class, which if I recall correctly, was called How To Write A Memo 101.  But between pax and Curly, I’m pretty sure I’ve got something here that is at least borderline literate. 

Not many posts lately
Proof Copies are in my hands

Nice! That’s great news.


My girlfriend does the same for me. Proofers are an author’s bestest of friends.


I’m guessing I was probably too polite… And I was mostly just looking for stuff that jumped out and tried to bite me.

That, and I got too caught up in reading the damn thing. And now I want a certain type of shotgun – how well do they behave with 18.25″ barrels?

Larry, can I send this thing to fbmg?

Don Gwinn

Grammar and I have never been good friends.



‘atta boy Dad! So THAT’s where I get my anal-retentiveness regarding spelling and grammar!