Movie Review: Skinwalkers



We are so overdue for a good werewolf movie it is ridiculous.  We get decent B grade flicks, but it seems like the vast majority of the werewolf movies with budgets have just sucked, and Skinwalkers is no exception. 


Okay, the plot, as far as I can tell, is that there are good werewolves, and bad ones, and when a boy turns 13 during the full moon, then some prophecy will be fulfilled, and something or other will happen.  Anyway, it doesn’t really matter, because at no point in time do you actually care about any of the characters. 


So with just a couple of days left for the prophecy, the bad guys, looking like rejects from a Dennis Hopper post-apocalyptic biker-movie show up, and have an excruciatingly slow and awkward gunfight against the good werewolves.  First off, whoever was their gun consultant needs to get the boot.  Apparently a little known fact about lycanthropy is that it also causes poor vision, and the inability to use a front sight, and you know, actually AIM at your target.


Then the movie devolves into a tedious chase.  There are some plot twists that you can see coming a mile away, and then finally, it is over.  The werewolves are relatively dull, the violence is weak, and there are no good effects that I can recall. 


Overall?  Lame.  Skip it.  And this is coming from the guy that has rented something like 1,000 really crappy movies, and just can’t stop, and even with my advanced ability to totally disconnect my brain while watching a movie, I thought is sucked.



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