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FBMG Christmas Sale

I’m doing a killer sale on FN pistols and Stag.  Check my official business blog for details if you’re interested.

 I don’t make much money when we do a Christmas sale, but it makes people really happy, and it gets them into my shop.  Last year we came across a case of new in the grease, Bulgarian milled SLR AKs.  We sold them for $450 each.  That helped a lot of people have a merry Christmas.   A year later and I still have people calling me to find out if I still have those.  Uh… nope. 

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Slightly Peeved Ogre
9 years 17 days ago

I still wish I’d bought 4 of them.

9 years 16 days ago

“Bulgarian milled SLR AKs. We sold them for $450 each.”

I’d buy one. Sheesh… that’s a smokin good deal.

9 years 12 days ago

Man, I wish I could get a couple of those FNP-9s… no-one brings them into my country. 🙁