STI tells California to go to hell

STI totally rocks.  


They have just announced that they will no longer be selling anything to California because of the idiotic Micro-Stamping law that just passed.  Now STI hasn’t been selling in California to regular folks because of the stupid “drop tests”. (when the mafia runs a similar program, it is called extortion).  But they have been selling to California law enforcement.  But not anymore.


Barrett did something similar a few years ago when California banned .50 BMG rifles.  LAPD had a few Barretts that needed fixing, and Barrett told them to go to hell.  So that’s two companies down, about a hundred more to go.  But every time a manufacturer stands up to a horrible law like this, it sends a message to the other manufacturers.  I think everyone needs to reward those that will take a stand, because that will force the others to take a real hard look at their own policies.


I applaud STI for this.  I’m already one of their dealers, and this makes me proud to associate with them. 


Sure, STI and Barrett are not giant companies, but every time anybody stands up to a bad law, it’s a good thing.  If a bunch of people buy STI Spartans or Trojans instead of a Springfield, S&W, or Kimber because of this, it will force those larger companies to examine their own policies of selling to a state’s cops things that the regular folks can’t own.  (I’m not exactly holding my breath on HK on this one, because remember, you suck, and they hate you).


STI is actually one of my favorite companies to deal with.  I get to work with a lot of different manufacturers, and STI has always been a pleasure.  The sales staff and customer service is top notch, and their products rock to a shockingly high degree.


Personally, I have a 4.15 Tactical.  It is one of my favorite guns.  When I’m on, I can run that thing like a jackhammer.  It is extremely accurate, has a great trigger, holds so many rounds of ammo that I lose count, and has yet to malfunction. 


I’ve done a couple of STI Group Buys off of and will probably be doing another one as soon as I get some more details on their new imported polymer pistols from Slovakia.  If you’ve been thinking about getting a high quality 1911, let me know, because I give a really screaming good price on the group buy.


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