Come see us at the gunshow

Tomorrow is the gunshow at the South Town Expo Center in Sandy, Utah.  You can come and see us in the northwest corner of the building.  (walk in, hang a left, walk to corner, can’t miss us).

 We’re bringing the simulator, and letting folks play on it for free, which is always fun.   We’ll be teaching a couple of free classes also throughout the day, including our new 7 Saves lesson, where we take the advice that is given to in most police departments to officers involved in a shooting, and break it down for use by CCW holders and armed homeowners. 

Gun Show: The Aftermath
Happy Halloween!

You had some nice pistols there; I’ll have to check out the inventory at your shop.

Slightly Peeved Ogre

Aw. I’m gonna miss it.

See you in a couple days!


Nice showing at the show. You had a good crowd over there when I was around there.