Rejected Cartoons of Don Hertzfeldt

I found this on the blog, To Which I Replied,

I laughed so hard it hurt, then I brought my kids in and watched it again with them.  Their favorite is the one with the stolen eyeballs.

That is some good stuff right there.

4 Responses

  1. Welcome to 1999 ;)

  2. PS. Thanks for bringing me back to this video, haven’t seen it in years. So many memories!
    I think “My spoon is too big” and “I am a banana” made up 25% of the phrases uttered in our apartment during my junior year in college

  3. Hertzfeldt is a genius! His more recent cartoons are even better. Check him out at – he is still 100% independent.

  4. Don Hertzfeldt is great. I’m sad I missed him when he came to speak at my college. We got there a few minutes before the speech, and there wasn’t even standing room available.

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