Rejected Cartoons of Don Hertzfeldt

I found this on the blog, To Which I Replied,

I laughed so hard it hurt, then I brought my kids in and watched it again with them.  Their favorite is the one with the stolen eyeballs.

That is some good stuff right there.

Saiga .308 magazine update

Good news on the gun store side of things.  In about 4-5 weeks we will be shipping our Saiga .308 twenty round magazines again.  These are the ones that we designed and manufactured here in Utah, and we haven’t had any for quite some time.  We’ll have enough to fill all the already paid for orders, and then some.  After that we’ll be getting more magazines in about ever 4-6 weeks after that.


These have been really popular, and the lack of availability was driving me nuts.  The original delay was caused by us revamping the manufacturing so that more of the small parts could be made in house, then our second delay was because some of those parts were out of spec.  Now we’re just waiting for springs, and we are good to go. 


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