Ticked off about Food Stamps

This morning I was commuting to work, when the news said something that damn near gave me an aneurism.  Apparently the federal government has just granted $600,000 to the state of Utah so we can give out more food stamps.  Then they quoted some lady from some BS organization like Utahns Against Starvation  (arch-nemesis of Utahns For Famine) or something, and how she was saying how super-dooper this was, because there are so many Utahns that are eligible for food stamps, but don’t know it, and how now they can educate them, so that even more people can get government assistance, so that way nobody will go to bed hungry…  These are people that make a decent living, but they still qualify for handouts.


I’ve seen some of the poorest people in America.  I was a Mormon missionary in what was considered one of the most impoverished areas of the entire country.  I spent a bunch of time in innercity Birmingham and Montgomery, and then saw the rural poor in places like Corinth, Mississippi and areas like that. 

And even there, there weren’t exactly people starving.  Even people on every form of government handout imaginable had TVs, phones, and air-conditioning.  Even in the nastiest projects in Birmingham, (which if you’ve seen Black Hawk Down, you know approximately what the Brickyard looked like) there wasn’t exactly a famine.  And if somebody was starving, it was because they were whacked out of their heads on crack, meth, and huffing paint. 

Starvation?  How many people actually die of starvation in America?  And then if you take things like child abuse and people lost in the woods out of the equation, how big is the number?  What, four? 

Not only that, but the poorest people on food stamps I ever saw still managed to buy name brand things like Pepsi and Doritos.  Wheras I grew up dirt ass poor on a dairy farm, but we worked for a living, so didn’t get crap from the government except for an occasional kick in the groin, and I grew up eating generic Chippos and drinking Shasta.  We did eat lots of steak, but that usually involved me killing it myself. 

Oh, but the report got better.  Because there are apparently thousands of people in Utah who are making lots of money, and have jobs, but they still qualify.  And now they were going to have a big ad campaign to inform these poor folks that they too can get free crap from the government, in fact, all of the details would be posted on the internet and these poor suffering people could get the details on their home computers.

I’m sorry, if you can afford internet access, you shouldn’t be starving.

Now if I go to Honduras, I’m willing to bet that their poor people aren’t going to find out about their handouts on their friggin’ home computers.   But Correia, you’re so insensitive, those poor Utahns only have Dial-Up!  Oh the Humanity!

Explain to me why exactly the government takes a whole bunch of my money, to give to people who the only reason they need assistance is because they’re too damn stupid to balance their checkbook, and they’ve run up tons of credit card debt?  Our system is broken, and it is only getting stupider. 

Once upon a time I got into an argument with a bleeding heart co-worker.  There was a picture of this woman in the paper, with a big old sob story about how hard her life was, and how she had five kids from four different men, but thankfully she was able to get help from the state to get by.   The ironic part and source of our argument was the brand new, 40+ inch, TV sitting behind the “poor” lady in her apartment.   My liberal co-worker thought that was just dandy.  Since I was putting myself through college by working for $7.15 an hour for 60 hours a week while taking 16 credits, rented a single room in a house that used to be a closet, and owned a TV that could fit into a shoe box, I didn’t find that giant TV amusing at all….

When I got home from my mission, I got really sick.  In fact, if I didn’t get an operation, I was probably going to die.  I lost 50 pounds over 3 months.  I couldn’t afford the relatively simple surgery.  I kept on working, scrimping up everything I could, and finally gave up, realizing that no matter how tough I was, there was no way I was going to be able to do it myself before I would finally just croak.  Swallowing my pride, I decided that I was going to try to take advantage of that same broken system I had always mocked. 

I went to the Bureaucracy of Health, Wellness, and Mosquito Abatement, filled out 2,000 pages of paperwork, and applied for help so I could get the operation.  I was turned down… See, apparently, since I had kept working lots of overtime in order to try to save up enough to do it myself, I had made $14 too much in the prior month to qualify.  No, I’m not making that number up.  My last paycheck was literally $14 over the limit.

Nope.  Didn’t matter that I had worked and saved, and was able to pay for most of it myself, and didn’t want them to pay for the whole thing.  Rules are rules, they told me, work less, and come back and apply again next month.  I told them that I would be dead in a month, but thanks… 

Finally I got my operation.  Through the generosity and charity of some people that will remain unnamed, but who I’m eternally thankful for. 

Years later, after working my butt off, and putting myself through college, and finally getting a decent paying professional job, we had our second child.  We were a single income family, as my wife is a stay at home mom, and in reality I wasn’t paid very well at all, but by working hard, being smart with our money, and avoiding debt like the plague, we were doing better than we ever had before.  So it was really fascinating after we took the baby home when we were informed that we now qualified for all sorts of free government handouts and stamps and stuff. 

Screw that. 

We turned it down.  And more than anything, I was offended that it was even a possibility.  We weren’t poor.  We had an apartment, we paid our bills, nobody was starving, and for the first time in my life, actually had health insurance.  There is something inherently broken in a system that seeks out people that are doing okay, and gives them other people’s money. 

Yep, that news report put me in a great mood. 

This isn’t meant as an insult to anybody reading this who is taking advantage of a government program.  1% of government programs actually make sense, so I’ll assume you’re part of that one.  Seriously, when somebody is giving out free stuff, I can’t blame the people who take the free stuff.  I blame the idiots who give it out, especially since it isn’t really free, especially for the other sucker they managed to extort it from. 

Now, I’m quitting my cushy corporate job, and going to work full time at FBMG, my start up company.  This means that I’m giving up my fat benefits and having to buy health insurance for my family out of pocket.  At the same time, I’ve got Hillary Clinton telling America that she’s going to give out free healthcare like some sort of demented Santa Clause from Hell.  You would think that of anybody, I would be all excited for “free” healthcare, I’m gonna have to buy it myself, and that’s expensive right?

Oh, hell no.  I would rather make passionate love to a sack full of rabid porcupines that have socialized medicine.  Look how broken and wrong our current system is, and just imagine for a moment, giving the people that seek out folks with plenty of money and jobs to give food-stamps, total control over all the health needs of the entire country. 

Nothing is ever free.  Pass me that bag of porcupines…

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I was behind a lady at Smith’s at the check out counter. She paid for her food stuff’s, mostly steaks and roasts and such with food stamps.
I only had a couple items… so my check out was fast. I walked out right behind her. I go to get into my 97 Contour and I notice the same lady putting her bags into her 2007 Porsche Cayanne Turbo. I kid you not.
I wonder how much of this 600,000 bucks for the poor this lady is going to spend.

Steve S
I spent 14 or so years working in the public mental health field. I probably saw 1000’s of people on food stamps (and the replacement for food stamps, the Bridge Card). In some cases, I saw examples of poor money management. People would take their tax refunds (or wealth redistributions, since they didn’t pay any income taxes) and buy all sorts of stuff, like TV’s, video game systems, etc. This was the exception, though. Most of what I saw was people that were really trying to make a better life and hated being on any kind of assistance. I didn’t… Read more »
Wendell K.
Many years ago (more than a quarter century) I was waylaid while on my way for Career Counseling to re-enlist in the Navy. I was given a two hour lecture about the fact that as an E-6 with three kids, I was eligible for Food Stamps. I did not go to the Career Meeting. It was enough to convince me to leave the military after more than ten years service. I went out and found other employment paying more than twice what I had been doing and never looked back. My kids deserved better than that. Last year, I had… Read more »
During my first year of college, I worked at a local supermarket- first as a bagger, then a checker. I saw MANY people using food stamps. Funny thing is, they never, not once, not ever, bought store brand, cut coupons, or sought bargains. It wasn’t plain label cereal, it was Kellogg’s or General Mills or nothing. None of this store brand soup- Campbell’s and Chef Boyardee all the way. They would even hand out single dollar stamps to their kids to buy candy in the checkout line. Anybody want to guess how they treated the people around them (like your… Read more »

I have seen people in checkout lines more than once getting luxury food items (one of them wearing an iPod). I think the system gets abused more than it should.


Same as WendellK, almost. NC, about 27 years ago, as an E5 in the AF, I was authorised foodstamps. I was irked, I refused, but I finished my 20. What we need is to delete, in whatever fashion necessary, all these freaking liberals. I agree that if someone is unable to work, htG HANDICAPPED, then help them. But if you’re able to work, then work or STARVE!


While I agree that there are definitely people who abuse the system, I’m okay with government assistance programs. Should there be more oversight? Sure. That’s definitely acceptable. But I believe that a government has an obligation to provide the basics of life to its citizens.

Steve S
Every time this discussion comes up, it seems everyone has an example of very well off people using food stamps. I will admit that I am tempted to question the truthfulness of these claims, but that isn’t fair. Like I said, I have seen some abuse, but not to the degree some of you see. The counties I have worked in must be doing a decent job with screening out fraud. If you are interested, check out this site for info on people that received food stamps in 2006: http://www.fns.usda.gov/oane/menu/Published/FSP/FILES/Participation/2006CharacteristicsSummary.pdf What is your solution? I think that people that get… Read more »
Don Gwinn

Well, to be fair, you never know the whole story.

Could the lady in the Porsche be shopping for her elderly neighbors–with their food stamps?

Why would anybody buy $550 worth of groceries at a time for her own use? Unless she has a serious deep freeze, could she have been shopping for a group of people? How’d she get $550 worth of food stamps together at one time, anyway?

Of course, it’s just as likely that these people are gaming the system.


Where Utah is concerend, I wonder how much of this problem (as a whole in the state) is a result of polygamy and the state gov’t sort of looking the other way?

Or maybe not.



Honestly we should do away with foodstamps completely.

If you actually NEED help from the government to get food then you should go down to a government run warehouse, stand in line like a good Soviet and get inexpensive, healthy food, not extra creamy mac & cheese or overpriced pre-prepared food.

Hell, buying brand name over store brand or generic with foodstamps should be illegal … if you’re on assistance (with MY freakin’ money) than you damn well better be getting the best deal you can and not buying junk or overpriced brands.


Also, before someone can qualify for government assistance for food they need to prove that they’ve canceled cable, sold their big screen TV, sold the Escalade and aren’t spending ANY of their money on alcohol, tobacco or recreational pharmaceuticals (even if they legalize them).

Wild Goose

My mom mentioned to me something she saw as a nurse training in Sheffield, England: back in the 70s, where there was a strong Labour government (who would be in bed with today’s Liberals in a heartbeat), they gave massive unemployment benefits to people. It gets better: if you have a child from newborn to 2-years old, you get even more cash.

So what peope would do is keep on having kids to stay on dole.

I actually went and applied for assistance a couple of weeks ago and am still awaiting a reply. We have 3 year old twins. My husband works and makes decent money and I attempt to transcribe at home. It gets hard, but I do what I have to do. We had applied for WIC after being told over the phone we qualified and then when I get down there and I have to take my kids with me so they can be seen, we were turned down. We don’t want this assistance long term. We have been through some financial… Read more »
I just want to start off by saying that although I too have seen people abusing the system, I simply do not agree with doing away with government assistance programs. I have seen the black woman with 7 children who hasnt worked in years but wears expensive name brand clothes and fancy jewelry. I have seen the white trash that laughs at the register because her food stamps pays for her margarita mix and expensive steaks.But I have also seen the families that are kind enough to share what they have with foster children and truly need the help to… Read more »
Thank you very much for that post…I was starting to lose faith in people reading all these hateful posts!! I’m a single mother I go to school so that I can soon support myself, im not the lady driving the porsch, my car barely runs at all!!! Ive worked my whole life and never asked for anything, i’ve been eligable for unemployment several times but never took it out of pride. But with my daughter, screw my pride. I will do anything to keep her healthy and fed. And yes it is embarrassing, especially with people like these that come… Read more »
Not all people abuse the system. I am a newly single mom of 4 children. I work a part time job because theres no full time jobs available in my area. I live in a very small country town. I dont have the gas money to commute over 2 hours to a larger town which has more jobs. Or am I able to afford the childcare if I did that. It took me 3 months to get food stamps. During which I had to borrow money to get food. It was either have my electric shut off and get kicked… Read more »
i cant stand the fact that i work hard pay taxes , drive a 96 vechile have 1 6 yr old and twins on the way, i have to pay for everything i have and its not easy, its a struggle i see people who make less then me with nice cars , nice clothes new shoes, get hair done, and are getting food stamps and public assistance, section 8 you name it they got it, but i dont qualify thats ass backwards to me, when i do find out i qualify since i have two kids on the way… Read more »
I cannot believe how some of you think. I am a single mother on food stamps. (in Utah) I work part time and I go to school part time. I have a very beat up car that breaks down on me every-other month, and who gets under the hood to fix the damn thing?? ME because I cannot afford to take it to a mechanic. I do buy name brand cereal, but only because with the use of coupons and sales, they are cheaper than off brand. And I am sure many on food stamps do not use coupons, because… Read more »


Based on a study of data gathered in Fiscal Year 2005:

77 percent of all benefits go to households with children, 16 percent go to households with disabled persons, and 9 percent go to households with elderly persons.

34 percent of households with children were headed by a single parent, the overwhelming majority of whom were women.

The average household size is 2.3 persons.

The average gross monthly income per food stamp household is $648.

Household size- Maximum Allowable Income to Qualify for Food Stamps

$ 851

Amanda Smith

I am a single mom with 3 boys. If it were not for my 3 boys, i would have never applied for food stamps. Yes, I agree, a lot of people are abusing the food stamps. I am not one of them. I am driving a peice of crap car, living with my dad, and trying to go back to school. But these people are making us all look bad! yet, I have some nice things from before i was struggling, and christmas, birthday gifts, not things i bought myself.

cofused in pa
ok now let me get this straight so people who dont abuse the system are getting bashed as well, oh ne ne I say, I am on food stamps yes I have internet yes I am a parent as well and need the net to Attend school aka HACC of York in pa. and yes I recieve a SSI check as does my fiance’. our daughter gets wic but at the same time I see where yes some people abuse the system , heck I bum rides from people to go and get food infact had to do it yesterday,… Read more »
Dana Alcala
Yes, that is my real name. Yes, I am a not-so-proud holder of a “California Advantage” EBT card. I must say that, although I look at your comments with understanding, I am sickened by what I have seen on this page. Pay attention to this: You aren’t the only ones who pay taxes. I pay taxes, and until I was fired a couple months ago, I was paying A LOT of taxes. I wasn’t making a lot of money, either; it’s just the system we have in place requires taxes, and I was paying them. I am 24 years old,… Read more »
Well sheesh, where to start. I have real issues with both sides. The people here who are on welfare and struggling to make better….but then somehow attributing those programs and the help they receive to obama is just silly. He does NOTHING to help people in real need. Along with you getting a nominal increase in benefits he is also EMPLOYING a huge govt worker force that does nothing but give you a hard time trying to get that help. I have heard many conservatives say….well heck, why don’t we just give people a 14k check and hope that helps… Read more »
I work for a social service agency in Texas that helps needy people with food. We do not get any government funds. We are supported entirely by churches, individuals, organizations, & probationers doing their community service by donating food. We screen out clients and the first time, we help almost anyone, but if they come back, they must have at least applied for food stamps. We have many clients who just can’t feed their families with the amount of food stamps they get. Yes, some of them come in in big, fancy cars but they usually borrow them from a… Read more »
relying on facts
“If everyone who is on government assistance was required to take a drug test and cease assistance to those who tested positive, we would be spending a lot less of our tax dollars on assistance” Except that the states which have tried that found that it did not cut expenses (it’s more expensive to do drug tests than to pay the benefits which should not be paid to criminals), AND it’s been ruled unconstitutional to do a test on everyone, with no RAS that they’re using drugs. If there is RAS, they’re already allowed to test, and if the test… Read more »

I am ashamed of all you people who say that people are taking advantage of the welfare sytem–you don’t know for sure that they are, and especially you who are mormons on here, I think that you have forgotten one of the greatest commandments, judge not, that ye be not judged, and love one another as Jesus has loved you!

You people are all a bunch of damn hypocrites!! where do you get off talking people down just because they have received welfare? bad things can happen to anyone!! my husband and I both have nice cars, a harley, and a dirt bike. We went on vacation and when he came back, my husband was fired!!! we had no extra money saved and two young babies to feed. I guess we should just sell our cars and end up with 100 bucks in our pockets after the bank gets their cut and then walk to find a job right? life… Read more »
I would like to say. I am one of the ones that drives a nice car and have a EBT card. My husband brought me this car. It is older model but it is a nice care. I am not giving it back because I need transportation for me and my children and to look for a job. My husband and I separated due some personal reasons and I move to another state we both own a house in. Financially we were doing fine but the economy got to us. We had our personal problems and I left. I needed… Read more »
WI looking for work
I have 3 degrees, 20+ years of varied work experience, and have been looking for work for a couple years now. I even tried going back to get another (job-specific) degree, but due to disabilities was cut from the program (teachers were not willing to make reasonable accomodations; yes, it’s illegal). I’ve been through all the classes at my state-operated jobs center, including individual resume and job search help. I even apply for scut-work entry-level jobs which I was overqualified for in high school. Nothing. Well, I’ve had 2 interviews, followed by emails that they’d hired someone else, and even… Read more »