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Only a Few Days Left to Nominate for the Dragon Awards

This is it. There are only a couple of days left to nominate for the Dragon Awards. The nomination period closes on the 25th.

Since this is the first year that they’ve done this they want as many fans as possible to get involved. It doesn’t cost anything, and is open to everyone.

For authors, artists, and creators, DragonCon wants you to tell your fans. They want you to spread the word and get out the vote. This isn’t some namby-pamby gentleman’s agreement, wink and nod, cliquish politicking behind closed doors fan award. This is a celebration of nerdery. If you’re proud of your stuff, and you’ve got fans, let them know.

I’m voting for Son of the Black Sword for best fantasy, because I’m obviously biased. 🙂

There are a ton of great categories, and this is a great chance to let your voice be heard. This is the first year, but DragonCon is a gigantic, epic convention. So those numbers are going to grow in the future. Get in on the ground floor.

EDIT: This is a message from the administrators if you are having any trouble registering: Hey folks, if you are having issues or you haven’t received your confirmation email from us, please email us at (dcwards AT  We’ll either get the registration process restarted for you or deal with it in the database manually. Thanks – Dave Cody, Dragon Con

New Specialty Press Launches Today: Vault Books

A new specialty press was announced today. Vault Books publishes limited and special editions, both existing books and new projects.

There are two reasons I think my readers will find this of interest.

First, it was started by some real stand up guys. The people running this are awesome, and I know that they will do a fantastic job. They are going to be bringing out a lot of special collector editions of things that you already like, and have some fun new projects in the works.

Second, I can’t say what yet, but they will be announcing something of mine in the near future.

So check them out.

What Books Are Coming Up, What I’m Working On Now, and What is Already Published

I realized it has been over a year since I last posted a comprehensive update of everything I’m working on or have planned. I needed to update the list of all my projects because as soon as I have a chance I’m going to redo the My Novels tab.

I just finished the edits for Monster Hunter Memoirs: Sinners from John Ringo. It will be out in December.

Today I am working on my short story for the upcoming MHI anthology. Almost every other story in there is done and they are waiting for me. And let me tell you, they are awesome. A lot of really talented people played in the MHI universe and we got some great stories as a result.

After that I will be working on MHI #6, which currently I haven’t decided on the title yet. This is a solo Owen book again. I teased where this one is going at the end of MH Legion, and in MH Nemesis when Franks offers clues about how to find the Hunters who were MIA after Las Vegas.

Sarah Hoyt is currently working on the rough draft of a collaboration called Monster Hunter Guardian, about Julie Shackleford.

After catching up on MHI (opening it up to be a shared world really complicates a universe!) I will be getting to work on House of Assassins.

Below is the list of everything I have written, what is done and on the calendar for publication, and books that are in the works with an estimated release year. On some of these they are pretty far out, so it is more of a wild guesstimate, and I still have to actually write the darn things.

The Monster Hunters Series: 

Monster Hunter International – 2009
Monster Hunter Vendetta – 2010
Monster Hunter Alpha – 2011
Monster Hunter Legion – 2012
Monster Hunter Nemesis – 2014

Monster Hunter Memoirs, spin off series with John Ringo

Grunge – coming August 2016
Sinners – coming December 2016
Saints – projected 2017


Monster Hunter Anthology – 2017 edited with Bryan Thomas Schmidt, (featuring stories from Jim Butcher, Jonathan Maberry, Faith Hunter, Jessica Day George, Jody Lynn Nye, Mike Kupari, Steve Diamond, Maurice Broadus, John C. Wright, and more)
Monster Hunter #6 – Projected late 2017
Monster Hunter Guardian, with Sarah Hoyt Projected early 2018



The Grimnoir Chronicles 

Hard Magic – 2011
Spellbound – 2012
Warbound – 2013

I currently have plans for another Grimnoir trilogy set in the 1950s. However, that is far enough out that I do not have an estimated date. If you want a preview of this trilogy though, check out the short story Tokyo Raider.

The Dead Six Trilogy with Mike Kupari

Dead Six – 2011
Swords of Exodus – 2013
Alliance of Shadows – Coming October 2016

Saga of the Forgotten Warrior

Son of the Black Sword – 2015
House of Assassins – Late 2017/early 2018
Destroyer of Worlds – estimated 2018


Into the Storm – 2014
Into the Wild – 2016
Into the Dark – estimated 2018

I have also mentioned some other book projects that I’m working on, but they are far enough out that I am hesitant to put them down here because they keep getting bumped back for other paying work. That’s the way things go though. For example, I had the idea for Son of the Black Sword clear back in 2010.

Peacemakers – ? (the reality TV book)
Big Science Fiction Project – ?
The Revenge Novel – ? (only Toni and Bridget know about this one!)
Top Secret Project N – ? with Jack Wylder

Short Fiction

I signed a contract and Baen will be publishing a collection of some of my short fiction. I do not have the estimated date for that yet.

Weaponized Hell – with Jonathan Maberry (July 2016, Urban Allies)
Bubba Shackleford’s Professional Monster Killers (Straight out of Tombstone)
Psych Eval (Joe Ledger Unstoppable)
Episode 22 (Unannounced anthology for major movie tie in)
Musings of a Hermit (Freehold Anthology)


The Adventures of Tom Stranger, Interdimensional Insurance Agent (Audible Exclusive)
The Losing Side (Onward Drake)
Shooter Ready (Galactic Games)
Absence of Light (V Wars 3)
Hold Back the Dark (Privateer Press)
Force Multiplier (V Wars 2)
Father’s Day (Shared Nightmares)
Tokyo Raider (Baen Big Book of Monsters)
Murder on the Orient Elite (Audible)
Detroit Christmas (Baen)
The Worthy (Privateer Press)
Great Sea Beast (Kaiju Rising)
Step Outside (Privateer Press)
Murder in the Honor Fields (Privateer Press)
Dead Waits Dreaming (Space Eldritch 2)
Destiny of a Bullet (Privateer Press)
The Keeper of Names (Shattered Shields)
Instruments of War (Privateer Press)
Sealed with Fire (Crimson Pact)
Son of Fire, Son of Thunder (Crimson Pact)
That Which We Fear (Crimson Pact)
Sweothi City (Baen)
Tanya Princess of the Elves (Baen)
Christmas Noun (Wordfire Press)

Shorts in the MHI RPG

At Your Service
Maxim-um Fun
Reckoning Day
Lawyer Fight

Unpaid Blog Stories, A Christmas Tradition

The Christmas Noun – 2008
Christmas Noun 2 The Nounening – 2009
Christmas Noun 3D The Gritty Reboot -2010
Christmas Noun 4 Occupy Christmas Noun – 2011
Christmas Noun 5 Fifty Shades of Noun Choose Your Own Adventure Edition – 2012
Christmas Noun 6 Yes Wendell There Really is a Christmas Noun – 2013
Christmas Noun 7 Attack of the Social Justice Noun – 2014
Christmas Noun 8 Too Noun Much Adjective – 2015

My best from Writer Nerd Game Night (yes, besteselling professional authors can write fan fiction too!)
The Toy Maker’s Craft
Tenets of Bushido
In the Shadow of a Pale Oak
Lessons from the Dojo of the Crab.


Son of the Black Sword is a finalist for the Gemmell Legend Award

I found out while I was at LibertyCon that I am on the short list for the Gemmell Legend Award for best fantasy novel.

Voting for the short list is now open to everyone. The information is at the link above.

This is an honor because there were a lot of fantastic authors on the long list. The other finalists on the short list are Miles Cameron, David Guymer, John Gwynne, and Mark Lawrence. Of those the only one who I have read is Lawrence, but he is damned good. The man has skills. I’ve not read the book in question, but I loved Prince of Thorns.

I look forward to checking out the others, and I wish all of them the best of luck.

But more important than us writers, Larry Elmore is up for best artist (the Ravenheart Award). Because Larry Elmore is a living legend, and the nicest guy you will ever meet, I really want him to win.

I had not read any Gemmell novels until a couple of years ago. I was on book tour at the University Bookstore in Seattle, and Duane (every author who has signed there knows who I am talking about) was comparing my style to David Gemmell’s style. I said I had not read him yet, and Duane was like WHAT? And immediately gave me a copy of Wolf in Shadow to combat my cultural ignorance.

I’m glad he did, because it was really bad ass, and I read it on the next couple of plane rides. Then I related this story to Pat Tracy at Writer Nerd Game Night when I got home and his response was something along the lines of You Haven’t Read Gemmell Before WTF is WRONG WITH YOU!? (as he shook me violently, and Pat does Strongman competitions for fun)

So basically, Gemmell’s books are awesome. Don’t be a cultural ignoramus like I was most of my life, and go buy some of them.