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Urban Allies, Agent Franks and Joe Ledger Team Up OUT NOW

I’ve talked about the Weaponized Hell a little bit before. It is a team up story where my Agent Franks teams up with Jonathan Maberry’s Captain Joe Ledger. And then lots of stuff gets murdered.

Weaponized Hell is available in the Urban Allies anthology. The idea behind Urban Allies is team ups between various characters with their own urban fantasy series. When Joe Nassie, the editor, first contacted me about this and was listing off other authors who had agreed to be in it, I stopped him at Maberry, and was like whoa… He got a partner yet? Then I immediately called Jonathan and said dude, bring Ledger? And he responded with sure, if you bring Franks.

Jonathan is a Franks fan, and has written a Franks story for the upcoming MHI anthology too (Franks vs. Nazis in WW2, though in a totally unexpected way). I think the Ledger DMS novels are fantastic reads. And I wrote a Rudy story for the upcoming Ledger anthology. (he does a psych eval that gets really weird).  Yeah, that professional writer thing where you keep seeing recognizable names in other authors’ various anthologies? It is because we are all big dorky fans at heart.

I haven’t gotten to read the other stories in this anthology yet, but considering the characters we brought together, I bet ours is the most violent. 🙂

Mark Your Calendars, Next BOOK BOMB- Thursday, August 4th

The next Monster Hunter Nation Book Bomb will be for Bob Defendi’s Death By Cliche. It will run on Thursday, August 4th.

Everybody in my local writer nerd community knows Bob. He is man, myth, and legend. He has a voice like thunder. When Bob is at something, I’m no longer described as “the big one.” And he’s also funny as hell, and this is a great comedy.

Only a Few Days Left to Nominate for the Dragon Awards

This is it. There are only a couple of days left to nominate for the Dragon Awards. The nomination period closes on the 25th.

Since this is the first year that they’ve done this they want as many fans as possible to get involved. It doesn’t cost anything, and is open to everyone.

For authors, artists, and creators, DragonCon wants you to tell your fans. They want you to spread the word and get out the vote. This isn’t some namby-pamby gentleman’s agreement, wink and nod, cliquish politicking behind closed doors fan award. This is a celebration of nerdery. If you’re proud of your stuff, and you’ve got fans, let them know.

I’m voting for Son of the Black Sword for best fantasy, because I’m obviously biased. 🙂

There are a ton of great categories, and this is a great chance to let your voice be heard. This is the first year, but DragonCon is a gigantic, epic convention. So those numbers are going to grow in the future. Get in on the ground floor.

EDIT: This is a message from the administrators if you are having any trouble registering: Hey folks, if you are having issues or you haven’t received your confirmation email from us, please email us at (dcwards AT  We’ll either get the registration process restarted for you or deal with it in the database manually. Thanks – Dave Cody, Dragon Con

New Specialty Press Launches Today: Vault Books

A new specialty press was announced today. Vault Books publishes limited and special editions, both existing books and new projects.

There are two reasons I think my readers will find this of interest.

First, it was started by some real stand up guys. The people running this are awesome, and I know that they will do a fantastic job. They are going to be bringing out a lot of special collector editions of things that you already like, and have some fun new projects in the works.

Second, I can’t say what yet, but they will be announcing something of mine in the near future.

So check them out.