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Charity Red Shirting Update

Earlier this week I posted about taking donations to help out my buddy Mitch with his medical bills, and that we’d be taking donations in exchange for me using your name in a book.

So many of you jumped in that we had to close it the next day. We raised over $20,000 in a day and a half.

The goal was 20k, we were closing on that fast, and Dave had already spoken to several people who were in, but wouldn’t be able to donate until Friday. With them in there, that was a LOT of names. So I said to shut it down.

If you donated, Dave is putting together a master file for me with everybody’s names and information. I believe it is around eighty or so people.  Once I have the file I’ll start incorporating them into books. I’ll do my best to honor special requests, but like I said in the last post, I’ll do what I can but can’t make any promises.

Logistically speaking, that many names is going to take me a long time and several books to work through. There are a few spots in Monster Hunter Siege I will be able to use for charity red shirts, but this is going to take years.

I tell you, once I run through these names, and I’m doing this again for some other cause several years down the road, I’m totally going to jack up the price on you guys. 😀

The important thing is that you are awesome, and you did something amazing for a good man. Mitch is already using this money to pay bills. Once again the Monster Hunter Nation has come through. I love you guys.

BOOK BOMB! Trial of Intentions by Peter Orullian

It is BOOK BOMB time!

For those of you new to Book Bombs, I pick a book that I think my fans will like, with an author that could use a publicity boost.  The goal is to get as many people as possible to buy that author’s book on the same day. The more books sold, the higher it gets in the rankings, the more new people see it. If it is something that you would be interested in reading anyway, getting it the same day as a bunch of other folks pushes it up in the ratings, which means more publicity, exposure, and new fans. Success breeds success, and a good Book Bomb can get an author hundreds of new fans. We steer people toward Amazon for this because it is big, has lots of eyes on it, and has an constantly updating sales rank, but if you prefer to purchase somewhere else go for it, because the most important thing is that the author GETS PAID.

So please spread the word and tell your friends.

Trial of Intentions

This month’s Book Bomb is for Peter Orullian’s Trial of Intentions

EDIT (originally I was using the wrong link to a 3rd party seller with the old hard back, the link now goes to the regular paperback and ebook)

I’ve known Peter for many years. The first time I met him was when I was drafted to be Jim Minz and Graham Joyce’s designated driver at a con, so that Jim could expose a Brit to the margarita (long story). But I ended up meeting Peter, and I’ve liked the guy ever since.

Peter is good friends with my old accounting assistant/replacement Steve Diamond, and Steve is one of Peter’s alpha readers. It was Steve that recommended I read this. It is really solid. Terry Brooks is also one of Peter’s mentors. So that’s pretty nifty.

My favorite Peter Orullian moment was at the now infamous Salt Lake ComicCon Fiasco game with Jim Butcher, Kitty Krell, Chuck Gannon, Alan Bahr, Steve Diamond, and me (as the magnificent Krasnov!) Where Peter played a New Jersey arsonist named Rocko… It was one of the goofiest, silliest, most memorable RPGs I’ve ever played in. And after Rocko’s heartfelt monologue about arson, murder, flame throwers, ball gags, and using a rabid raccoon as a murder weapon, every author involved spent the rest of the con shouting THAT’S HOW WINNIN’ GETS DONE at each other in our best Rocko voice every time we saw each other. Including on panels across crowded rooms.

That is the power of Peter Orullian. He also has the most magnificent rock star hair of any writer (sorry Jim, you are 2nd).

This is his second novel set in this world, but he wrote it so that people could read it first. His books have done okay, but he’s a talented storyteller, and I think he could really use a boost. So please spread the word and tell your friends.

I’m posting this tonight because Amazon has put into place about a 12 hour delay before sales start to register on their best seller lists. I’ll be updating the sales ranks throughout the day to see how we do. To start we are at:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #771,962 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #143,428 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)


EDIT: Good morning. The original link was to the old hardcover, now it goes to the paperback and ebook.
As of right now we are already moving up.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #19,550 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #9,244 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)


EDIT: Lunch hour update! We’re still climbing.  If this follows the pattern of previous BBs we should hit our high sometime tonight around midnight.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #18,139 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #8,926 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

EDIT: Night time update:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #10,497 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #6,289 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

EDIT: The next morning

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #8,255 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #5,882 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

Charity Update and BOOK BOMB starts tonight

I got up this morning and saw that the charity red shirting is over $17,000. That’s awesome. I wasn’t sure how long I was going to leave this open, but I’m probably going to have to cut it off soon. Dave is putting together the information for me, but I’m betting this is going to be another one of those five years worth of names things again.

The next BOOK BOMB is for Peter Orullian’s Trial of Intentions. I’ll put up the link tonight because of Amazon’s time delay, so we should be able to see the numbers trending up when we officially start tomorrow morning. Great read, great dude. Big epic fantasy. I think you guys will really enjoy it.

Want your name to appear in one of my novels? It’s Charity Red Shirt time again!

It is Charity Red Shirt time again!

That is where if you donate enough money to a specific cause, I will use your name in a book. Details are below.

This time we are helping my friend Mitch with his medical bills. I’ve known him for about 20 years. Mitch suffers from spina bifida and has gone through a bunch of surgeries. This is to help him climb out of the hole. Here is the link.

Let me tell you a little bit about Mitch. If you don’t care about the mushy bits about why I like the guy and just want to get redshirted, you can skip to the next section.

I got to know him back at Utah State. Despite having a serious medical condition he never let it get in the way of living life. He’s perpetually upbeat, obnoxiously honest, and just a really straight forward kind of dude. He’s doing standup comedy now, and yes, he is aware of the irony.

We used to paintball together and had a pretty good system. Because I was the strongest, Mitch and I were a team. We’d get a five minute head start before the match started, and then I’d carry him piggy back into the forest, find a good spot, and then drop Mitch on the ground. Dude could go low prone ninja crawl ambush with the best of them. Keep in mind this was twenty years ago, so if we tried that now, we would both probably die.

Back then Mitch did wheel chair racing. A racing chair is like this low slung, light weight, death sled. A few times Mitch decided to see how fast he could gol, and if you’ve ever been to Logan, Utah, you know there is a mountain pass called Sardine Canyon, and on the way out is a steep downhill slope that goes forever. Only a madman would want to ride a wheelchair down it. So obviously, Mitch did.

Because a racing chair is so much lower than a bicycle, cars tend not to see you until the handicapped guy is stuck in their grill. So if you’re going to fly down the shoulder of a highway in one of these things, it makes sense to have somebody right behind you in a vehicle, basically serving as your blocker. I volunteered to be the blocker.

So we’d take his truck to the top of the canyon, unload the death sled, Mitch takes off, and I’d follow (and apparently I was a better blocker than his roommate, who tended to tail gate, which I suppose is kind of terrifying). Best part, as I would be going 40 down the right lane of a two lane, other drivers would pass me in the left lane, always grumpy and scowling, like look at this slow ass jerk going slow on the downhill stupid ass—and then their expression would change when they realized I was protecting a guy in a wheelchair to—OMG I’m the worst person ever and I hate the handicapped I’m so ashamed.  Okay, I didn’t do that for Mitch. I did that to watch the other driver’s reactions. It was awesome.

Mitch was always so upbeat and can do about his health issues that his insensitive loutish friends would sometimes forget he had them. One time we drove my car up to the USU library. When we got to the parking lot, I drove right past all the handicapped spaces. Mitch says “Hey, Larry, just park there. I brought my placard.” And my response as I absent mindedly drove to a space on the far side of the lot was “I can’t do that! Those spots are for the handicapped.” And he’s pointing to his legs like “Dude.”

He’s a good guy who has spent his life helping others, and now I want to do something nice for him. Medical bills are expensive and Mitch has been through the wringer for years. Our mutual friend Dave set this up when he found out how far in the hole Mitch is.

This is not tax deductible. This isn’t through a 501c3. It is just a couple of guys raising money for their buddy.


Rules of the Red Shirting

If you donate $150, or you donate less but win the raffle, then I will use your name in an upcoming novel. (You can donate more too if you like, because Mitch will just use it to pay off bills).

When you do this, you’ll need to provide some information. At minimum I need your name. If you would like to include a brief bio and description, that’s awesome too. On that info, and this is super important, I can’t promise what will or will not make it into the books.  I can’t promise which book you will appear in. I can’t promise how long it will take. All I can promise is that your name will appear.

A few years ago I raffled off a bunch of charity red shirtings to pay for a local kid’s kidney dialysis until he could get his transplant. We got so many that it took me almost five years to get through all of the names. The reason I can do this again now is that the last of the charity redshirts from last time will be appearing in Monster Hunter Siege (and David Gerecht turned out to be a bad ass Monster Hunter from Maccabeus Security).

Other questions, are you willing to appear in any of my books, or do you want to hold out for Monster Hunter? If you’ve got a specific universe you love that you want to hold out for, that’s cool (Dead Six is done, but there is another Grimnoir trilogy planned. Somebody asked about being one of Madigan’s Malcontents, yes, there is one more of those planned but your name would have to fit that universe’s style. If your name is Johnson I probably can’t fit you into the sequel to Son of the Black Sword, but if your name is Chandrasekhar we’re good to go). I know everybody would love to be a heroic badass with lots of speaking parts, but that isn’t going to happen. You could be Fry Clerk #3 and die poorly.

I tried to gauge interest for this project the other day, and lots of people were setting conditions. Nope. So I posted the following on Facebook to try and explain how this works:

For the people saying they’ll donate X if I do at least Y… Ain’t gonna happen. All I can promise is that your name will be used for a character. I’ll try to work in requests, and I’ve done pretty good in the past, but I can’t write books based around the personal wishes of a hundred people.

That said, I do try. And quite a few pivotal characters over the years have been for charity redshirts. Some got recurring speaking roles. Others got big scenes where I worked in how they actually look and things they like. The new head of the MCB and STFU were both charity redshirts. Several recurring members of MHI were charity redshirts. All of Briarwood were chairity redshirts (and Lococo ended up coming back for more books)

Others, they were mentioned once and then got hit by a truck. Or they were mentioned once, and got eaten by a werewolf. 

This may also take a while. The last time I did this was leading up to Monster Hunter Nemesis. I got so many charity red shirtings that we paid for a kid’s kidney dialysis until he could get a transplant, but I didn’t get to the last charity redshirt until Monster Hunter Siege, which I’m working on currently.

(this would have gone faster if some of you had Indian names for Son of the Black Sword, but oh no… I had to figure out how to stick eleven white guys named David into one book).

Yes. This writing thing can be challenging. And rule #1 is the books have to be awesome, so that comes first.

Sometimes your name just doesn’t fit, so I’ll have to wait until it does. Names have to sound right for corresponding characters. Other times your scene will end up on the cutting room floor (which is what happened to the guys showing up now in Siege, because I couldn’t fit that extra scene into Nemesis for Franks to kill them)

If you specifically want to wait for MHI, you’re going to have to wait longer. If you’re willing to be in any of my books… Who knows. Beats me. But most of the English speaking supporting cast of the later Grimnoir novels were charity red shirts. Including most of the OCI staff who got murdered by Heinrich. Great death scene… And others got mentioned once and then fell off a blimp. So no promises.


And let me add, I’ll also reject any really stupid made up names. Because I know how you guys operate.  Though come to think of it, there is always Tom Stranger…

So there you go, charity redshirts for a good cause.

Updates: Charity Red Shirtings, Book Bomb

First, forgive the lack of blogging. Monster Hunter Siege is due by Christmas. I’m on track to hit that, but I’m in that super focused working like crazy, book is coming together stage. Which sort of consumes your life.

Also, another piece of land came up for sale next to Yard Moose Mountain, so we swooped in on that. And we’re in the planning stage for building a house up there (want to break ground in the spring, fingers crossed), but in the meantime we’ve got wells to dig, lots of prep, and a half a mile of driveway to put in, so it is kind of a crazy project.

In a note totally unrelated to me building my mountain dream estate, it was brought to my attention yesterday that the Guardian’s Village Idiot has not written an article there since that one bashing me (on my birthday no less!) back in August, and that on his Wikipedia page (yes, I too was shocked he rated one) he was a “former” Guardian reporter. It would appear that after years of him lying about me, crowd sourcing witch hunts, and writing about how I’ve “irreparably damaged” my career, I still have a job, and he doesn’t.

(If you don’t know what this is about, for your reading enjoyment, go up to the search bar on this blog and type in “Village Idiot”. There’s a bunch of fiskings. It’s a hoot. Journalism has been diminished by this tragic loss of talent)

On Monday the 24th I will be putting up a link to a GoFundMe page for a friend of mine to help pay for some of severe medical issues. Donate over a certain amount and I will use your name in an upcoming book. Details to follow on Monday.

Our next BOOK BOMB is on Wednesday the 26th (which means it will actually go live Tuesday night). I will be Book Bombing my friend Peter Orullian, who is a fantastic author, with the best heavy metal hair in the business (sorry, Jim Butcher, you are 2nd).

I’m running way behind on planned Book Bombs. After Peter Orullian, I’ve got BBs planned for Peter Grant, David Coe, and Brian Durfee. I try to do these once a month, but that whole writing books thing keeps getting in the way of my plans.