Sad Puppies 3: The Ensaddening.


It is that time of year again. If you’d like to nominate good books, stories, and related works for the Hugos so that the biggest award in sci-fi/fantasy isn’t just a Social Justice Warrior circle jerk, you need to get yourself a supporting membership to Sasquan before the end of January.

Supporting memberships are $40. If you registered last year as part of Sad Puppies 2, you are still eligible to nominate this year.

Because I’ve been swamped with Sons of the Black Sword and a new Warmachine novel, I’ve not had a chance to prepare any new Heart Felt Plea cartoons (and I am a remarkably slow and untalented artist) so let’s recycle some old ones!


So please watch this very special commercial that we prepared last year, which in no way was ripped off of Sarah McLachlan’s sad puppy video.

Last year’s Sad Puppies campaign accomplished it’s goals of raising awareness about Puppy Related Sadness, but the struggle continues…


Now our SP3 spokesmanatee would like to share a few thoughts about why it is so important that you help to combat the scourge of PRS. .

wendell2 (2)

Thank you, Wendell. That was so profound I may have shed a single manly tear.

This year we will be expanding the suggested slate to include several other authors, artists, and creators who are usually locked out by the SJW voting block. The men and women of Sad Puppies want to get more fans involved, even if they’re the *wrong* kind of fans. We want people to vote based on what they loved and enjoyed, not on what sends the approved message or checks the right box.

You need to register now in order to be able to participate, but your actual nominations are not due for some time. In the comments feel free to suggest other eligible works that you think we should take a look at.

And please tell your friends. Help spread the word, because only you can stop PRS.

EDIT: For those just joining us who missed last year’s controversy, here is a recap of what happened when a bunch of barbaric outsiders got nominated:

EDIT 2: Hello to the GamerGate readers who’re stopping by because of Nero’s plug. To clarify, normally all supporting members get a packet of ebooks consisting of all of the nominated works, so they can read them before judging. So the membership is $40, but you normally get way more than $40 worth of reading material (and if we get our way, it won’t all suck!).

I’ll be on the Geek Gab podcast tonight

Hey look at the link, it even has a nifty countdown thingy!

My LTUE schedule


9: Crafting Realistic Fight Scenes: Larry Correia, Michaelbrent Collins, Sara Raasch, Jared Barneck, Sara Butler, Maxwell Drake

11: Flintlock Fantasy – Guns vs. Swords: Mikki Kells, Dan Willis, Steven Diamond, Larry Correia, Todd Gallowglas


10: My Little Pony: Tom Carr, Layne Lowder, Tonya Adolfson, Kay Mildenhall, Larry Correia, Scott Bascom – Wait.. WTF? My Little Pony? I think somebody on the scheduling committee is messing with me. Nope. Skipping this one.   

11: Beginnings And Endings: Larry Correia, Jacob Gowans, Aneeka Richins, Sarah Seeley, J Scott Savage

2: How To Build An Action Plot: John D. Brown, Larry Correia

7: The Motivations of Exploration: Robert Barrett, Larry Correia, James A. Owen, James Ganiere

8: Mass book signing


9: Universal Monster Movies: 90 years of horror history:Larry Correia, Jonathon Mario, Tracy Mangum, Craig Nybo

2: Gun use in fiction: Scott Bascom, Larry Correia, Mike Kupari, Julie Frost

5: The Magic of Minis: Larry Correia, Daniel Swenson, Joe Coleman, C.R. Langille, Janci Patterson

6: Military in Fantasy: Larry Correia, L.E. Modesitt Jr., C. Asay, Maxwell Drake, Todd Gallowglas

Sad Puppies 3: Only a few days to register to vote


Patch by Lee Madison

It is that time of year again. If you would like to register to vote for the Hugo awards you will need to do so before the end of January. If you participated last time, you are still eligible to nominate this year.

Sad Puppies is a campaign to get authors and artists nominated, who would normally be shunned by the politically motivated Social Justice Warriors who had become an insurmountable voting block. .

Last year I did a big push with several blog posts and cartoons (featuring Wendell as our spokesmanatee) to try to get people who aren’t typical WorldCon attendees to participate. We managed to get people and things despised by SJWs nominated to almost every category. The ensuing public freak out was hilarious and proved my point.

This year I’ve been pretty swamped with one big writing project (1st book coming out October 2015) and a couple other secret projects, but Brad Torgersen has picked up the gauntlet to make up from me being a huge slacker.

The announcement:

The explanation:

What you can do to help:

So there you go folks. Enjoy.

For those of you who missed Sad Puppies 2: Rainbow Puppy Lighthouse the Huggening, but would like to see a great example of somebody proving a point, here is a recap of what happened last time:

Upcoming Events: FanX and LTUE

I will be a guest at SLC FanX later this month.

I’m on the following panels.

Thursday January 29, 2015
4:00 pm 4:50 pm Religion in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Ballroom C
6:30 pm 7:20 pm Bad Writing Advice Ballroom B
Friday January 30, 2015
5:00 pm 5:50 pm Writing Action Room 150G (this is the Larry Show, as in it is just me by myself)
7:00 pm 7:50 pm Horror, Mystery, and Thrillers: How Authors Keep the Story Moving and the Readers Glued to the Page Room 150G
Saturday January 31, 2015
6:30 pm 7:20 pm Plotting: The Bare Bones of Fiction Writing Room 151G

I will also be doing book signings on the dealer floor while I’m there, but I’ve not been given the times for those yet.


And then in February I will be a guest at LTUE in Provo, Utah. I don’t have my schedule for that yet, but I’ll be there for the whole thing. My publisher Toni Weisskopf is a guest of honor.  I’ll post my panel schedule when I’ve got it.

Arguing with Moral Relativists on Twitter

Every time there is a terrorist attack, the moral relativists can be counted on to come out of the woodwork to educate the world about how all belief systems are equal, and western civilization is just as evil and horrible and awful and blah blah friggin’ blah. Then it is all of the usual leftist self-loathing nonsense about the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, and What Have You Done For Me Lately bullshit! (built civilization?).

I’m simply done with these people.

I loathe Twitter. It takes complex topics and distills them down to the lowest common denominator. It is a medium of exchange designed for stupid people and meme level discourse. Which is why leftists think it is fantastic. However, there are a handful of conservatives and libertarians who are so mean spirited that we simply can’t help but engage the truly stupid masses to draw them out so the whole world can see just how dumb their philosophy really is.

As the International Lord of Hate, I am duty bound to participate.

This exchange is from Twitter the other day. Because my regular blog readers hate Twitter, I’ve collected some of the hilarity because I love you. Because copying and pasting from Twitter is a formatting nightmare, and there were dozens of people commenting back and forth, many posts are missing, and some of these might be out of order, but overall, this will give you the gist of the conversation.

This Matthew Battle guy was dumb even by the Moral Equivalences crowd standards. As a result ome of these exchanges pretty damned funny.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  I have to check who has killed more people in the last 10 years, the West or islamic terrorist!

Yes, Nick Searcy! ‏@yesnicksearcy   No, dipshit. You said “Christian.” Prove it. Then say some other stupid shit we can laugh at.

That’s Nick Searcy from Justified. If you follow Nick, you will see that he mocks idiots all day. It is fantastic. The dude is an artist. So I scrolled up and discovered that he had a live one. Christians are the real bad guys and Christians murder people for Christ all the time! Damn. This Battle dude is a Moral equivalence poster child. Engage! Engage!

Larry Correia @monsterhunter45 Boko Haram and ISIS have killed more people this week than Christian organizations have in decades.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13


Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

Dude, Boko Haram just killed over a thousand in NIgeria. Pull your head out of your ass.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

The only group claiming the deaths to be 2000 is the army which cannot be trusted!

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

So your defense is Boko Haram probably isn’t THAT bad? Man, you suck at this even by moral relativist standards

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

and I have meet/seen some evil people from all religions!

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

Wow. Compelling. We put our murderers in prison. It is pretty awesome..

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

Great, what does that have to do with all religions have bad people

Larry Correia @monsterhunter45 · Jan 13

Statistics, motherfucker. Raw numbers. Moral equivelence is chickenshit.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏    I give you the drug cartels in central and south America.

Larry Correia       Drug cartels? Your example of murders in the name of Christianity are drug cartels? Keep scrambling.

Hon. Matthew Battle  showing that Christians are no better than these radical islamists

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

Drug cartels represent Christianity the same way cheese represents the moon, you fucking goofball.

Larry Correia @monsterhunter45 · Jan 13

Drug cartels are criminal enterprises. They don’t murder for Christ. They murder for turf and cash

Dread Pirate Cates ‏@drawandstrike  Jan 13

OMG, ha ha, hey everybody, get this: drug cartels are FULL OF CHRISTIANS. Who knew?

Yes, Nick Searcy! ‏@yesnicksearcy  Jan 13

Those crazy, crack-dealing Christians!

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

Hell, by those standards do the Yakuza and Triads represent Shinto and Buddhists?

Dread Pirate Cates ‏@drawandstrike  Jan 13

What Christian group out there kills people for NOT being Christians? Any ideas?

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

What do you call a christian who kills for shoes? For Drugs? For money?

Larry Correia‏@monsterhunter45

A criminal. Then Americans arrest, prosecute, and jail him.

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

Evil asshole is an evil asshole, just statistically some groups have a LOT more assholes.

Larry Correia @monsterhunter45 · Jan 13

Yeah, when working with cartel hitmen I’m always shocked by how regularly they attend bible study.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

How many people are killed each day in the US?

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

About 40, but mostly in democrat cities over drug money. Next?

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103 

I wonder how many of those 40 were killed by christians!

Larry Correia‏@monsterhunter45

Yeah, when T-Bone shot Jizzy Dawg over that crack slinging corner, it was straight up for Jesus.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏    Honor killings, beheadings, suicide bombers have existed in many religions!

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

Yeah, you know those southern baptists, with all their sharia law and suicide bombs

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103 Many would argue that the PFLP is a Christian group!

Larry Correia‏@monsterhunter45

Dude, they’re Marxists. And exclamation points are not your friend.


Seriously, over the last few days because of the Moral Equivalence crowd I’ve seen every modern pseudo Christian terrorist organization possible brought up in these arguments. The Relativist will toss out some acronym call it a Christian organization and assume that people will just be too lazy to look them up.  

Sadly for them, I co-authored Dead Six and Swords of Exodus. I read about terrorist organizations for fun. PFLP was founded by a Palestinian Christian, but if you look up their own dogma they’re Marxist-Leninist, and Christianity doesn’t show up anywhere in their crap. (and their founder has been dead since ’08 and irrelevant for far longer) I’ve seen the Relativists bring up the IRA a lot, but the 80s called and want their terrorists back. The only splinter group of the IRA that is killing people right now has about 50 members. I even saw one jackass bring up Naga Separatists… And holy shit, that is scraping the bottom of the trivia barrel. They’re a rebel group in India that did some stuff years ago, but then splintered into two smaller groups, so small and irrelevant that they don’t actually rate their own Wikipedia page.

The Relativists could just save time and post I’m Bad At Stats, But FEEL SO HARD!

Larry Correia @monsterhunter45  Drug cartels and communists? Man, Christianity sure is a big tent.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

@monsterhunter45 @yesnicksearcy @Spacebunnyday Great and your religion has gotten millions killed over the years!

Larry Correia‏@monsterhunter45

My religion is awesome. No matter how stupid you are it would still condemn me for killing you.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

@monsterhunter45 @yesnicksearcy @Spacebunnyday but it is awesome. Praise Jebus or whatever his name is!

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

Yeah, I’m pretty proud of that whole western civilization thing we built.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103 Yet anytime you prove them wrong they attack you!

Larry Correia @monsterhunter45   Most Christians are nice. Luckily for us, you blundered into me.

Law of Self Defense ‏@LawSelfDefense  Jan 13

And surely, @monsterhunter45, we can’t forget all the times you cut the heads off your bound prisoners

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

@LawSelfDefense @monsterhunter45 @yesnicksearcy Many countries would still be using the Guillotine if people believe it to be humane!

Preston Phillips ‏@S1AL  Jan 13

guillotine? Famous implement of… Oh, atheist French revolution. Nice.


Larry Correia   So, a nation state executing someone is the same as Jihadis sawing their head off for a video?

Hon. Matthew Battle  because our society as a whole says it is okay?

Larry Correia  Societies decide some things are worth killing over. Since you’re not a slave, you should thank yours for that.

Hon. Matthew Battle  You are talking about the same society who said it was okay to own slaves for hundreds of years?

Larry Correia ‏   Yep, and then we decided Democrats weren’t allowed to do that anymore and stopped them

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏  Took you guys until the 1960s before there was equality! What was the hold up?

Larry Correia   Democrats.

Sneaky Black Dog ‏@SneakyBlackDog  Jan 13

@monsterhunter45 @yesnicksearcy @librab103 Ouch!!!! That’s got to hurt

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

@SneakyBlackDog @monsterhunter45 @yesnicksearcy Yes, it does hurt that our society was built on the backs of slaves!

Larry Correia‏@monsterhunter45Only western society freed ours. You should go talk to the Islamic world now.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

I am saying that people like you and your anti-islamic rants do not help! They just make things worse!

That is actually a fascinating glimpse into the psychology of the Moral Relativists. I haven’t gone on any anti-Islamic rants. On the contrary, I truly do believe in religious freedom just like I believe in free speech. Honestly, I think the people who are most screwed over by the Moral Relativists are Muslims. Western cowards unwilling to track down and destroy terrorists are enablers. Most of the body count created by the Jihadi asshole crowd are Muslim. It is regular Muslims who end up suffering because of the Jihadis.

Standard disclaimer, there are 1.4 billion Muslims in the world, so it is an obvious no brainer that we’re not at war with all of them. Duh. That said, best intelligence estimates are that there are between 200-400 million among them who think it is perfectly acceptable for Jihadis to saw your head off for being an infidel. The number of those actually pulling triggers and making bombs are a fraction of those millions, but that’s still 200-400 million people who aren’t dropping a dime and ratting out the dude with the bomb factory in their neighborhood.

Larry Correia‏@monsterhunter45 Math is racist.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

yes it is!



Of course while this was going on the Courageous Internet Atheist Brigade showed up to tell all the religious people how they are all equally evil. These Twitter things go by so quickly with so many participants that it is hard to keep track of all of them. I spared one kid because I respect his father.

Moral relativists love to bring up the Crusades. Sadly, they know dick about actual history, so it turns into peaceful innocent Islam being invaded by horrible mean awful Crusaders… Now frankly if anything that is racist and insulting to middle easterners. In reality their empires were at the height of their power, Islamic armies were powerful, and they had some brilliant generals. The Crusades were actually a long series of sort of interconnected wars between two rival super powers.

They also leave out the part where Islam had repeatedly invaded western and eastern Europe, conquered Iberia, and got blocked in France.  They tend to forget the part where Islam owned Iberia for generations. Hell, I’m half Portuguese. Centuries later, and my dad’s DNA is 6% North African and 2% Middle Eastern.

I bet in a few hundred years the Moral Relativists with their vast knowledge of history will be lecturing our descendants about how the Christian Americans invaded poor, helpless, innocent Germany because they hated Pagan Aryans, because that would be about as accurate.

Then you’ve got the morally smug atheists trying to educate Christians about what is in the bible. Hilarity ensues. (Hint, the New Testament replaced and supplanted the Old Testament, so as you’re quoting Leviticus you’re just looking dumb). Somehow they always manage to do this with the same smug, self-righteous tone as anti-gunners “educating” gun owners about gun safety or Occupy types “educating” business owners about economics. Sadly, I was too busy responding to the dumbass above to spend much time with the atheists.

But one stupid fucker in particular did the whole meme-storm of posting idiotic pictures with dimwitted slogans, over and over and over.

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

Wow. A meme that poorly restates someone’s fundamental beliefs on the internet! MIND BLOWN

8 Bit Jerk ‏@mylittlepwnies3  Jan 13

It doesn’t poorly restate them, your beliefs really are wacky and absurd. Mormons especially


Larry Correia‏ @monsterhunter45

Yep. But somehow I manage to be more successful, smarter, more popular, richer, and happier than you. That has to suck.

For those of you just tuning in, I’m Mormon, but please keep in mind that I’m not best representation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, because I really struggle with all that love and forgiveness stuff. :)

He then posted a rapid fire bunch of memes about how dumb and silly Mormons are. You know, all the same ones they had left over from when Romney ran for president. I was busy with the stupid Battle guy and couldn’t give him my full attention, so after he posted one about how Mormons are sexually repressed (based upon the musical from the Southpark guys)

Larry Correia @monsterhunter45 · Jan 13

I’ve been married to a hot athletic woman for 17 years. I guess being repressed is fucking awesome.

Boom. :)


Now back to our Moral Relativist dipshit. There are dozens of people posting back and forth. If I got up to go to the bathroom I’d come back and have 100 notifications, so there are lots of tweets missing, but you guys get the idea.

Jeremy Avegno ‏@AvegnoJj  Jan 13

you cannot fault the western powers nor Christianity for the CURRENT situation

Jeremy Avegno ‏@AvegnoJj  Jan 13

it’s hard to solve anything nor want to solve poverty when groups like boko haram kill

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

I agree but what is anybody doing about it? Nothing!

Larry Correia‏@monsterhunter45 Of course we’re not doing anything. The west is paralyzed because of moral relativist cowards like you.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  We can only blame the west for what is going on over there!

Larry Correia‏@monsterhunter45 Well obviously. You’re a leftist, so everything, everywhere is western civilization’s fault.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

How about Anti-balaka killing innocent muslims?

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

You mean the militas that formed because they were tired of being murdered by Jihadis? You are bad at stats

Again, don’t try to out terrorist trivia a guy who made #3 on the list of Spiritual Successors to Tom Clancy. Balaka means machete, and they named themselves that because they were tired of being hacked to pieces with machetes. Of course, Africa being Africa, self-defense quickly turns into payback, and everybody is killing everybody.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

so killing innocents is okay in your book is what your telling me!

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

Nope. But your best example of moral equivelence is a group formed as a result of being massacred by jihadis. Duh

Larry Correia @monsterhunter45 · Jan 13

Islamic rebels overthrew a government, declared sharia, and massacred people, who formed a militia and fought back. Simple really

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

so it is okay to kill innocent Muslims because some other group of Muslims were attacking you?

Larry Correia‏@monsterhunter45 Okay and expected are two different things, idiot. As usual, Jihadis started it and Muslims suffer.

Larry Correia @monsterhunter45 · Jan 13

When you massacre villages, you shouldn’t be shocked when the villagers fight back, moron.

Larry Correia @monsterhunter45 · Jan 13

In a war, terrible things happen. Innocents die. Maybe Jihadis should quit murdering African villages

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

I have been threaten by so called christians in Florida!

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

Yes, I can’t imagine why Florida Man would threaten you. So, tell us more about how Boko Haram is the real victim.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

Boko Haram is just a by-product of that!

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

Yep, Islamic jihadi slave trading warlords in Nigeria are the fault of western civilization. Got it.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

Sending in the west will just make things worse!

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

So this stupid fuck demands that the west save everyone, then condemns then for doing anything.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

There there your mother still loves you no matter how stupid you act!

Larry Correia @monsterhunter45 · Jan 13

I don’t know about that, but your mother sure loved everybody at that bus stop

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

The problem is it is people like Larry who attack a group of people instead of the people!

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

You got me. I’m racist against stupid people.

Law of Self Defense ‏@LawSelfDefense  Jan 13

Yes, of course, @monsterhunter45 is the problem. Not the Islamo-fascists murdering innocents by the thousands.

Larry Correia‏@monsterhunter45 Obviously, I am the spokesman of decadent western capitalism.

Law of Self Defense ‏@LawSelfDefense  Jan 13

Wait, that’s a JOB? Holy crap, I’ve been doing that for FREE my whole damned life.

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

Yep. Koch Brothers pay me in gold teeth taken from poor people. It is a sweet gig.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

great defense buddy.

Larry Correia‏@monsterhunter45 And I’m not your buddy. You are human excrement. I’m insulting you so more people can see how asinine your side is.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

keep insulting me. Make me feel all warm inside!

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

That warm feeling is from your bladder control issues. They have products for that now.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

I have a moral compass. it seems yours is broken! Maybe find a different religion?

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

If I convert to Islam, will you defend my right to saw your annoying head off?
Daddy Warpig ‏@Daddy_Warpig  Jan 13 Just catching up, but apparently you’re pro-murder, for opposing the murderers the other guy supports but he’s anti-murder.

Larry Correia‏@monsterhunter45

Yes. Only when he says it, it is somehow even dumber.


Daddy Warpig ‏@Daddy_Warpig  Jan 13

I knew this was a bad day to Internet.

And that pretty much sums it up. :)

Nite Owl Firearms

Just a heads up for my gun loving readership, there’s a new series of pistols coming to market this year. I’m friends with one of the managers there, but I didn’t think I could say anything about their new gun yet.

But here is the press release:

So I can probably talk about them now. :)

This is their Facebook page

MSRP is in the same range as most of the other striker fired poly pistols. There’s no MIM, no forgings, all the metal parts are machined. The entire gun is made in the US.

All they’ve got up right now are the 3D renders, but I know they’ve been shooting the hell out of the prototypes and the first production guns should be out pretty soon. The company has been around for a long time, but doing machining for military contracts.

I don’t know if I can say who my friend is there, but he’s been in the gun industry forever, knows everybody, and knows his stuff. He’s told me about what they’re working on, and it is pretty damned cool.

I’ve asked for one of the first ones, so I’ll let you guys know how it runs.


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