Special Limited Edition Leather Hard Magic Available Now, limited quantities only

Vault Books has shipped all of the preordered copies of the limited edition, leather bound Hard Magic.

The rest are available here: https://www.vaultbooks.pub/store/p19/Hard_Magic.html

And I’ve just got to say that these are quite literally the prettiest book I’ve ever seen. These would make amazing Christmas presents. I’m not joking, these are gorgeous. I’ll put up some pictures but they don’t do the books justice.

The lettered copies with the slip case are all sold out. The numbered copies, I think there’s like 200 left. So if you want one you should probably snag it sooner rather than later.

There is an outer slip cover that uses the Vincent Chong artwork from the French edition. That’s still my favorite cover I’ve ever had.

This is the heavy duty cover for the lettered editions. There was only A-Z of those.

We got Vincent Chong (who is amazing, and a fan of the series) to do a bunch of new full color interior artwork.

I’m talking full page too. 😀

And every copy has been autographed.

To give you an idea of how solid these look, Steve showed me the first copy at SpikeCon. David Weber saw it and thought it was amazing. David got the next copy out of the box.  There are perks to being David Weber!

Double Barrel Book Bomb, Escalation by Peter Nealen and Militia Up by J.L. Curtis

A Book Bomb is when I pick out a deserving author who could use a publicity boost, and get as many people as possible to buy their book in the same day on Amazon. The more people who buy, the higher it goes in the sales rankings. Once it gets on some bestseller lists, that gets it in front of even more new eyes. Success breeds success, the author gets new readers, and most importantly, the author GETS PAID.

A little while ago I did a double barrel Book Bomb, where instead of pushing one book, I picked two. That seemed to work really well so we’re going to try to do that again. Plus, one of them is from Krasnovia and other flew for Pinelandia during the war so I hope that this Book Bomb will help heal the rift between our peoples. And get me a Nobel Peace Prize, because that would look pretty sweet on the shelf next to my Dragon Awards.

However, if you’ve been following my blog over the last week you know we’ve got a wrinkle. I’ve been on Facebook for a few hours in a row without being banned, but I don’t know how long that will last. So I’m hoping that you guys spread the word on this one. Tell your friends, and spread the link, because Peter and Jim are two great guys who could use the publicity boost.

Escalation (Maelstrom Rising)


by Peter Nealen

Rimworld- Militia Up


by J.L. Curtis



I’ve known both of these guys for a long time. Peter is a former recon Marine. Jim was a naval aviator. They’re both good friends, and more importantly to you both of them can write visceral, tense, punch you in the gut action. And probably even more important than that, it looks like both of these are available for FREE if you’ve got Kindle Unlimited. (and actually I’ve got no idea how that will effect our stats, but here goes!)

I’ll update the stats throughout the day so we can see how we’re doing.  I prepped this blog post Monday afternoon, and right now Escalation is at:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #32,738 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

And Rimworld is at:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #220,311 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

UPDATE 1:  Things really jumped over night. The reason I start launching the Book Bombs the night before is that Amazon has like a 12 hour delay before the sales register, so this way during the day we can watch the exciting number climb. (well, it probably isn’t that exciting to most of you but to the authors it is!) 🙂

Peter jumped up 30,000 spots.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,682 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

And holy moly, Jim about 218,000 spots.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,933 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

Now let’s really flog these books and get these guys on some bestseller lists! Tell your friends.

UPDATE 2:  For the lunch crowd we are still ticking upwards

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,737 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)


Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,647 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

If we get either one of these to #1 I will record me singing the Krasnovian National Anthem.

UPDATE 3:  Dinnertime Update (and Bridge made me jambalaya for my birthday)

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,176 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,219 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

Uh oh, we’ve got a #5. Am I going to have to sing the Krasnovian National Anthem for you guys?

UPDATE 4: I’m going to bed. This one has been odd, we got a bigger earlier push, but not as big a spike during the day. Which makes me think that I put up the blog post too early yesterday. We should hit the peak numbers sometime late tonight as the afternoon sales clock in.

For Peter:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,034 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

For Jim:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,021 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

Facebook Gulag, Day 3. Book Bomb Tomorrow. MeWe is Nicer Than Expected. And Krasnovian Freedom Forever!

Brief update time. Most importantly there is a Book Bomb tomorrow, which means I’ll stick the blog post up tonight. I’m doing this for Jim and Peter, two awesome guys who are great writers who I think deserve the publicity and sales boost.

Plus one of them is a noble Krasnovian, and the other is a Pinelander. So this is a chance for us to reach across the aisle, set aside our quarrels (even though we all know waffles are superior to pancakes in every way) and purchase books together in the spirit of brotherhood.  Everyone likes awesome books, and reading these books is the first step on our road of peace.

If Arafat can win for “not murdering anyone lately”, Al Gore can win for “hey I think the weather changes”, and Barack Obama can win for “present”  I’d better win the Nobel Peace Prize for this one.

However, I usually use Facebook as the primary driver of getting the word out about my Book Bombs, and since Facebook is a garbage website run by garbage people, and the perpetually butt hurt have learned how to weaponize Facebook’s dumb reporting feature to silence anyone who has ever hurt their feelings I don’t know if I’ll be back on there to push it. So I’m counting on you guys to signal boost tomorrow.

This is Pinelandian style “sandwich” is all they feed you in Facebook Gulag. THIS IS WAR CRIME!

I was banned from Facebook all weekend for thought crime (see the last post).  Since a bunch of the people on my fan page had set up a backup page over on MeWe as an emergency fallback bunker there already, I set up an account and went over to check it out.

It’s different, but actually a lot nicer than I expected. The main negative is that it’s a lot smaller, so it’s quieter.  The positives are quite literally everything else.  Since me making one post about going there got 500 people to set up new accounts with me, it was actually fairly talkative for me.

Well, except rando social justice weenies don’t show up to screech at everything I post, so that’s nice.  I was actually a little taken aback by this. Normally anything I post has some random asshole I’ve never heard of before show up to chide me for wrongthink, so I’ve gotten used to that.

Like, hey guys, here’s a pic of my new gun, and I always get REEEEEE EVIL ASSAULT WEAPON REEEEE! And I’m like, who the fuck are you?  But don’t worry, Facebook has now created a wonderful feature that allows that random stranger to report you for hate speech.

The posts show up in order that people posted them. It’s not Facebook showing you what they want to show you. I’ve got the max 5k friends, only my Facebook feed only ever showed me the same 8 or 10 posts, most of which were Occupy Democrats memes or CNN articles posted by people who weren’t my friends.

Oh, and the Babylon Bee, followed immediately by a Mandatory Fact Check warning aimed at the stupidest humans who’ve ever lived.

And as far as I can tell, MeWe’s primary mission isn’t to reelect democrats. Which is nice.  You can say whatever dumb thing you want, and that’s just between you and whoever wants to read your stuff.

Facebook also throttles posts, we learned, where they hide your links from people who want to follow you because they’re trying to keep everyone trapped there. That’s why you’ve been seeing all the posts from people saying “link in the first comment”.

Also, there’s no targeted ads where another evil mega corporation used your cell phone to bug your private conversations (which is creepy as hell) and they’re not selling your data to who knows who for who knows what.

Yes, there are a lot more people there, but many of those people are annoying idiots.  So meh.

People like to talk about how divided our country is today. Naw. We’ve always been divided. It’s just more bitter and angry now because social media has made it so that the division never ever stops. It used to be that you could like people in real life no matter how stupid their opinions were, because they weren’t constantly shoving their stupid opinion in your face twenty-four seven.

Basically, fuck Facebook. I’ve only lasted there as long as I have because the parasite has formed a symbiotic relationship that allows me to talk to fans to sell more books.  I think I’m going to use my blog more to post info, and just put the links on FB because of the traffic numbers, and use MeWe to talk to people I actually want to talk to… And let’s be honest, probably occasionally pick a fight with a moron. Because morons are the one resource Facebook has in abundance.

If you’ve got a private group on Facebook you probably want to look into setting up an emergency fallback group on another page. (that’s how my people wound up on MeWe) If your group is just made up of specific people anyway, you don’t need the worldwide traffic.  And Facebook has been getting stupider and more aggressive about sending warnings to my mods about content (usually nonsensical) and threatening to punish groups entirely for bullshit they have no control over based up WHAT KIND OF REACTION EMOJIS PEOPLE PICK.  I shit you not.

If back in the day George Orwell had written about Facebook people would’ve thought it was too far fetched.  It’s time to explore your other options. Facebook probably isn’t going to get better. It’s going to get worse. They’re harder on libertarians than they are on ISIS.

But people stick around because of inertia. Facebook is like the abusive spouse of the internet. Sure, he mines your data, controls who you can talk to, tells you how to think, and randomly beats you once in a while, but you can’t leave because you remember the good old days, and sometimes he’s still nice.

Nope. It’s time for you to quit being a trailer park wife.

Banned Again. Facebook Gets Even Dumber, Part III: The Saga Continues

So first I got banned for pretending to be from an imaginary country, insulting the livestock dating tendencies of our imaginary enemies from a different imaginary country – http://monsterhunternation.com/2019/08/13/another-example-why-facebook-is-super-dumb/

Then my fans had a whole lot of fun with it and I got to do a prison break photo shoot – http://monsterhunternation.com/2019/08/14/why-facebook-is-super-dumb-part-ii-the-freedoming/

But that offended a bunch of assholes who decided we were having fun wrong – http://monsterhunternation.com/2019/08/15/the-super-dumbness-continues-mike-glyer-edition/

Which brings us to today:

And they didn’t even tell me what I posted that violated their “community standards” this time.

There are a few issues at play here.

First off Facebook is a garbage website run by idiots.

Second, scumbags have learned to weaponize Facebook’s lax stupidity. They simply find someone they don’t like, and then report their posts. Nobody with a brain ever checks to see if the complaint is legit or not, so they just block the bully’s target. It’s a wonderful tool for dickless cheese weasels to feel powerful.

How do we know they do this? Hell, they brag about it. Here is a screenshot from Fandom’s Pile of Cancerous Buttholes, File 770.  I tried to warn you how slimy these people are.

That pic right there demonstrates exactly what’s going to happen with Red Flag laws. Only with a SWAT team shooting your dog.

The other day well known actor (and conservative) Nick Searcy got banned from Facebook for three days because he posted a link to an article that mentioned him, and it got flagged for violating community standards on “nudity”. There were no pictures.

Of course this stuff only ever seems to go one way politically, with the conservatives and libertarians being the ones constantly banned, kicked off various platforms, demonetized, and censored for stupid shit. It’s no different than all the gun channels getting kicked off Youtube or last month’s attempt to remove all the non-liberal fiction authors off of Wikipedia.

The reason for this is twofold. Big Tech is overwhelmingly infested by hippies who figure they can forever get away with playing mind games with half the country.

But more importantly on a basic philosophical level, the left is always compelled to try and silence the right, while the right usually prefers the left to keep talking so that everybody can hear how stupid they sound.  So the whole deplatforming tactic seems alien to most of the people on my side.

But enough of that serious philosophical stuff.

As for me personally, I figure that the scumbags of File 770 will now go through my Facebook history and report quite literally everything I’ve ever written for violating community standards, so that I’ll be continually banned forever. It’s a perfect hobby for losers.

I’m not worried about it though. What scumbags never realize is that you can’t stop the signal. And the more they try all it does is make them look exactly like the pathetic, petty assholes we say they are. I’ll just go back to blogging more, and ask my now pissed off and motivated fans will do the signal boosting on there for me.

I did the same thing when Twitter was shadow banning non-liberals a few years ago. When I found out most of my followers couldn’t see my posts, I bailed out of there. Now I only go on Twitter to drop blog links and life is much nicer.

I’m on social media for one reason. That’s to sell books and interact with my fans. Everything else is a distraction (arguing with idiots mostly, though it does help me come up with snappy dialog). I used to primarily talk to the fans here, but for a while there it seemed like Facebook had killed blogging (people go wherever it is easiest to communicate) but now through their ham fisted, censorious ways, blogging might make a comeback. Why stick around on a shitty page where you can get randomly shut down by any idiot with an ax to grind?

On that note I really look forward to the day when after they’ve destroyed themselves through their hubris we talk about Facebook the way we talk about MySpace or AOL. The only thing more deserving of ignominious failure is Google, which is trying to be a straight up, ShadowRun style evil mega-corporation. My kids all laugh at Facebook, calling it a “boomer page”, and say that they don’t know anybody under 20 who uses it willingly. Everybody my age thinks it’s a joke, but they’ve stuck around because of inertia and they’ve not found something better. Counting on inertia is one hell of a business plan. I’m sure it will work out splendidly for them.

Honestly the biggest downside of this is that I do a lot of signal boosting for other writers on there. I’ve got a solid fan base already. The people I Book Bomb don’t. I’ve got a Book Bomb scheduled for Tuesday for two awesome authors who deserve the exposure (mark you calendars) but if I was to lay odds right now I’m betting I’ll be banned for something else by then (some of my old mini pictures will be hate speech or something).

Oh, and since I’m getting reported by the shitheels from File 770 here’s another author’s experience with what a lying scumbag Mike Glyer is, where Glyer was so dishonest that he pretended to be someone else to post a bunch of slanderous nonsense, but also so stupid he did it from his home IP. https://scifiscribe.com/2019/08/15/is-chinamike-unwilling-or-just-too-stupid-to-learn/?fbclid=IwAR3ZkbQV1-Dc_Hfpx3WExQMYrIKw9lf29UrsMQQCaXVCZ8sFR40NNDkSUXk

And also yesterday I heard from a different author how China Mike put up a pirate link to one of this author’s stories, and when that author contacted Glyer demanding it to be taken down, Glyer got all self-righteous and started bitching about civility again. Sure. He’s stealing from you, but how rude of you to be upset that you caught him stealing from you.

I tried to warn you about these people.

But don’t worry everybody. Facebook takes the concerns of petty, vengeful morons very seriously (and so will your local SWAT team once Red Flag laws pass!). I’m sure this will all work out splendidly.

I’ll be back on FB in a few days. In the meantime a bunch of the fans have gone over to MeWe as a fallback. I’ve set up an account there but haven’t used it yet (see what I mean about inertia?) but I’ll probably check it out after I get the day’s paying word count done.

The Super Dumbness Continues, Mike Glyer Edition

Uh oh! There is a new wrinkle in our brave struggle to protect Krasanovian sovereignty!  Sure, thousands of you had fun over the last few days, with your hash tags, and your memes, and flags, and cartoons, and t-shirts, and dividing into rival camps to wage brutal and imaginary guerilla warfare against each other, and commemorative waffle makers, HOWEVER it turns out that for the last 48 hours you were all having WRONGFUN!

It appears that my antics have once again upset the feces encrusted hulk that is Mike Glyer of File 770, and forced him to roll his bloated, corpulent, husk up from his gravy pit long enough to slap his greasy, sausage-like appendages against his computer keyboard. (oh how the mind recoils at the thought of the horrors that poor webcam has seen!)

This screen cap was posted to my fan page this morning:


First off, my Krasnovian comrades, don’t blame Pinelandia for this vile creature. Not even the Pinelandians would harbor such foulness. For this one we can all put our differences aside, reach across the aisle, and agree that Mike Glyer and the denizens of Fandom’s Prolapsed Anus (AKA File 770) are fucking scumbags.

I was shocked, shocked I tell you, to discover that China Mike was concerned enough about this dangerous wrongfun being had that he disregarded my previous warning to keep my name out of his whore mouth.

Oh, I can see that some of our newcomers are confused what I’m talking about. Then for new readers, let me present to you-

Mike Glyer: A Retrospective in Fuckery

Okay. See, what happens is that every six months to a year or so Mike Glyer—who is a Lyme disease carrying tick latched onto the diseased hindquarters of fandom—gets desperate for more traffic for his shitty gossip blog, so he talks about me, and that gets his audience of has-beens, never-weres, shrieking harpies of tolerance, and psycho stalkers all fired up again, which is apparently good for his ratings, or ego, or whatever.  Beats me, and I’ve been doing this for years.

Anyways, his talking about me continues until I write something mocking the shit out of him (and have you seen the guy? That’s a whole lot of shit!) which ends up as the top search result for his name and his stupid website, and then he whines about me being profane, but then he usually shuts up for a while. Until the cycle repeats.

As for me, I only mention him whenever I feel like it, usually because I’m having a discussion about the most fucked up, pathetic, petty, basement dwelling, wannabe Stasi, gassy, bloviating, fat fish in a dirty pond, parasitic, fucktards who create absolutely nothing of value yet who’ve nominally latched onto the publishing business in order to tear down artists who do actually create… And I need an example (it takes less time to type out the word Glyer than it does Camelstraw Fellepdouche or Frau Butthurt) and then everybody knows exactly what kind of slimeball I’m talking about.

Hmmm… Glyer… It’s like shorthand for douche.

Now some of you might be wondering why of the many idiots I deal with why this one in particular always holds a special place in my dumpster of disdain. For those of you who are new here, let’s have a little history refresher as to why Mike Glyer is a scumbag.

In this one, I break down in great detail his sleazy methods of gas lighting and bullying authors: http://monsterhunternation.com/2017/06/13/a-monster-hunter-nation-opinion-piece-mike-glyer-is-a-scumbag/

The very best part of this one is at the very end, when Glyer is so full of himself that he accidentally put up a screen shot revealing that 97% of his much bragged about blog traffic that made his page so SUPER IMPORTANT was from CHINESE BOTS.  

I shit you not. It was the worst self-immolation in the history of the internet. Monks who set fire to themselves to protest wars were all like, damn dude, chill. That’s why we started calling him China Mike.

Here’s another one, where he chums the water for his gang of psychos to try and smear and ruin the careers of authors who don’t toe the line:  http://monsterhunternation.com/2018/05/01/further-examples-of-why-in-my-opinion-mike-glyer-is-a-scumbag-and-file-770-is-evil/

And a personal favorite of mine after he forgot to keep my name out of his whore mouth:  http://monsterhunternation.com/2019/01/13/mike-glyer-is-a-scumbag-part-ii-an-opinion-piece/  Here’s an excerpt:

Hate is a strong word. I don’t hate many things. But I hate File 770.

You know how they say “I wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire”? If Mike Glyer was on fire, I’d want to piss on him, but I wouldn’t be able to, because blubber and compacted feces is highly flammable, so it wouldn’t be safe to approach such a tremendous blaze. Glyer is basically 400 pounds of old timey lamp oil in a skin sack. So I’d have to wait three days for the flames to die down, and then I’d piss on the ashen grease stain that remained.

If you hung Glyer from a tree and beat him like a piñata, instead of candy, he would bleed gravy and lies. Only you’d have to find a really sturdy tree branch, and you’d probably need a livestock hoist, so though satisfying, wouldn’t be worth the effort.


Now Back to Our Show –

This is a relatively little one compared to his previous whore mouth transgressions (but for Glyer, I’m basically Candyman. Say my name, bitch, and I appear). However that screen cap is valuable in that it once again illustrates perfectly how Glyer works. He’s basically the living embodiment Brandollini’s Bullshit Asymmetry Principle in that it takes an order of magnitude more effort to point out everything wrong with his bullshit that it did for him to create it.

So he’s all about the leading lines and selective quotes, so that his meaning is always perfectly clear, yet afterwards he can act all innocent and pretend he did nothing offensive. His usual schtick for authors he’s trying to smear follows a pretty basic formula.  He writes a passively aggressive insulting headline, then some out of context quotes, usually some bit where the author with the wrong politics got wronged BUT how that’s actually foolish. Silly author. Only authors Glyer likes can be wronged. Any bits that back up the smearee’s point are ignored, and if you’re talking about the issue in a fun way and you’re not upset at all, he’ll manipulate it to ignore the fun in order to portray you as super upset for no logical reason.

And sure, he puts up the links (sometimes), but honestly between his traffic being so shitty and his audience being such an echo chamber of finger shaking scolds who already know everything about everything, none of them actually click the link to read the original. They see Glyer’s dumbfuck take smearing people they already don’t like, reflexively agree, and then yammer in the comments about how superior and virtuous they are compared to those horrible people who vote wrong and believe whatever it is Glyer led them to believe horrible people think.

That’s all sorts of fucked up, dishonest, psycho-wrangling. I really hope this piece of shit never raised children. Glyer calls me obscene but I’d much rather be honest and profane that whatever the fuck he’s supposed to be (some kind of semi-mobile fungus maybe?).

So he leads with The Failure Mode of Clever. That’s actually a Scalzi quote (and to be fair to John, a pretty good one), The Failure Mode of Clever is Asshole.

Am I an asshole? Sure. But only to lily pads like Glyer. This shocks no one. But the real issue is “failure”. I got booted off of Facebook because their bots auto banned me for something obviously goofy. My fans then rallied and had a shit ton of fun with it. (seriously, if you missed it, they went nuts. 48 hours and it’s still positively gleeful in there. SO MANY MEMES). And then because my fans were having fun, I decided I’d have some fun with it too, so me, my wife, and my son staged a funny pic. (what good is having a bunch of military surplus stuff if you can’t occasionally do a photo shoot?) The fans friggin’ loved it.

You’ve got to understand, these are the same fans who still give me stuffed Cookie Monsters dressed as a mercenary because of a Facebook thread from eight years ago. They COSPLAY this stuff. Jack my merch guy is already working on shirts. And when fans get excited, they talk about my stuff, and when their friends see them having fun, I sell more books.

So, pray tell, dipshit loser, whose greatest claim to fame is a closet full of meaningless awards given for kissing the right asses on his gossip column blog, what part of this week’s Krasnovian shenanigans was the “failure” hmmm?

In reality I’ve got fan engagement most authors would kill for, because I’m just myself and every time there is some misadventure the fans have lots of fun with it. Glyer would know this if he’d ever created anything, but you can’t expect a parasite to understand, all they do is suck.

But Glyer sucking at quite literally everything comes as no shock to anyone. The crowd with the perpetual stick up their ass looking for offense in quite literally everything can’t grasp the concept of fun. It’s all just social posturing and jockeying for position at the mean girls table. Which is why whenever the “uncool” kids are seen having a good time it really pisses them off.

This one was so small I would’ve let it pass, but I was told he also mentioned me after the Dragon Award announcements (probably because I referred to him as the sorta-human shaped embodiment of hepatitis).  So better to just start the cycle early so I can go back to a few months of relative peace.

Since he’s using my name again I can only assume it is because his traffic has gone down. This makes sense, since the programmers who provide most of his regular audience are probably busy brutally censoring information coming out of Hong Kong.

Now some of you who haven’t watched Glyer’s vile slander and manipulations to screw various authors over the years might think I am being too hard on him. So in the spirit of fairness and balance I will try to say something positive about him as well. If Krasnovians and Pinelandians can set aside their differences, then I guess I can try too. Here goes.

Ten Good Things About Mike Glyer and File 770

  1. Mike Glyer is slightly less cringe inducing than the painting of Bill Clinton in drag on Jeffrey Epstein’s wall.
  2. In case of a water landing, Mike Glyer could be used as a flotation device.
  3. Mike Glyer’s sponge like texture absorbs humidity and helps prevent soil erosion.
  4. As a former tax collector (I’m not making that up) Mike Glyer decided that he needed to do something even more unlikable, so he became a gossip columnist. That takes chutzpa. Or psychosis. But I’m trying to be nice.
  5. Mike Glyer created a website that does basically the same thing as a search engine, only it helpfully lets stupid people know how to think.
  6. Mike Glyer has won so many Hugo awards that they often get lodged in his flesh rolls and he will not notice they are missing for several days.
  7. Mike Glyer sweats cottage cheese. I don’t know if that is actually a good thing, but it is biologically fascinating.
  8. File 770 is America’s #1 market for sales of mobility scooters, oxygen tanks, and various ointments to treat syphilis lesions.
  9. I once said that Mike Glyer looks like what would happen if Santa Claus made a baby with the sex offender registry. That still makes me laugh. So that’s good.
  10. After a long hard day of crushing dreams, freedom, and democracy, Chinese robots need a place to hang out.


In Conclusion

Hopefully Pinelandians and Krasnovians can learn from this and share the sandwich of friendship, as we bond in the certain knowledge that Mike Glyer is a scumbag, and really should keep my name out of his whore mouth.


EDIT to add:

While I was typing this the Nielsen Book Scan numbers from last week were sent to me. Despite the walnuts of File 666 spending the last half a decade talking about how I’m a washed up, hack loser, not a *real* writer, with an irreparably damaged career because I’ve offended all the TruFans with my evil ways, somehow Monster Hunter Guardian was the #4 bestselling fantasy in the country last week, losing only to James Patterson and two different versions of Good Omens. Considering one is a hot new TV show and the other has had 67 novels hit #1 on the NYT bestseller list, not too shabby.