Sad Puppies Update: The Melt Down Continues

So the Powder Blue Care Bear of the Evil Legion of Evil has finally been pushed too far, and out comes the flame thrower.

Good stuff. Brad explains everything really well, it his moderate, reasonable manner. Now, for my hatey hatemongers I need to clarify a few things. Some of the things Queen Teresa Neilsen Hayden is STILL saying in that thread from yesterday need to be addressed… Well, laughed at. Because they’re stupid.

Wendell Making Light

Seriously, when it comes to demonstrating what I’ve been talking about for years, that link is like the gift that keeps on giving.  Here is what Teresa Nielsen Hayden has to say:

When I say the Hugos belong to the worldcon, I’m talking about the literal legal status of the award. 

Sure you were! We all totally believe that.

I do love how when we actually quote them, that’s not what they meant, but then they fabricate bogus scare quotes for me, then that’s totally what I really meant. Man, that Straw Larry is such a jerk, I’d hate me too. 

But I also know that one of the biggest reasons the rocket is magic is because it spiritually belongs to all of us who love SF.

Just not you guys. You’re the wrong kind of fans. They’ve got 700+ posts over there now making that perfectly clear.

Here’s the thing, Teresa. You don’t speak for all of fandom. You don’t own them. You don’t even speak for all of the TrueFans or SMOF or whatever you want to call them. There are plenty of longtime SMOFs who are just as sick of your preening, entitled nonsense as my people are, and though they may find my actions upsetting or barbaric, or personally think I’m a jerk, at least everything I’ve done has been in the open… Plus, they are safe to criticize my side without fear of retribution or career sabotage. Can’t say the same thing about your side.

I’ve been thinking about the aspects of the Sad Puppy campaigns that bother me most. So far there are three.

Only three? Wow. I’d better check my privilege. I’m used to bothering these people in dozens of ways. 

Up first, the perpetual evil that is Mad Mike Williamson. 

First, there’s the Best Related Work category. That’s where the reference works wind up. Good reference books are labors of love, especially that last 10% of quality that takes 50% of the total labor. People who create reference books get one shot at the Hugo.

Oh really? Don’t worry. We’ll take a look at the history of this illustrious award in a moment.

Did you see Amazon’s sample text from Wisdom from My Internet by Michael Z. Williamson? Apparently it’s on the Hugo ballot in the Best Related Work category. Williamson didn’t know to keep his gob shut until the official announcement. @booksmugglers picked up and tweeted the story, and Kevin Maroney reported on it here.

I talked to Mike Williamson about this. It was a simple mistake. The email either wasn’t clear about keeping quiet until the 4th or he missed that part.  When Mike was informed of his error, he then deleted the posts, and apologized to the administrators, who said no harm done, and they apologized for not making the email clearer. 

Except Insider SMOF Queen knows that this is an unforgivable sin. 

That is a thoroughly bad book, including its frontmatter and interior design,

Says the editor, judging a book by its cover. 

and it’s not a related work. It’s just a nonfiction book published in the appropriate year by a Sad-Puppy-approved author, so they tossed it onto their stupid slate. I expect there are other SP titles in that category, so more than one book that would have been a nominee for Best Related Work has been displaced.

Uh huh… Let’s take a look at prior years in this illustrious, super prestigious category, that only consistently represents the best in sci-fi/fantasy, and not various insider cliques.  

2009’s winner was sci fi author John Scalzi’s Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded: A Decade of Whatever, where the beloved Social Justice Warrior and SFWA president John Scalzi collected funny internet posts into a book. However, Teresa says that when evil libertarian sci fi author Mike Williamson collected funny internet posts into a book, that was SUPER BAD and SHOULD NOT COUNT. 

But wait, what other illustrious things have been on there? A cursory glance through the various nominees shows that Teresa is being disingenuous again. This isn’t just the category for scholarly reference works. Maybe it used to be, but now it is a grab bag of everything. 

In the last few years that category has had nominations for things like: 

Chicks Dig Timelords, A Celebration of Doctor Who by the Women Who Love It. (which won 2011, beating scholarly works about Robert Heinlein, and Resnick and Malzburg’s collection of writings on the business of sci-fi)

Chicks Dig Comics, A Celebration of Comics by the Women Who Love Them 

Chicks Unravel Time, Women Journey Through Every Season of Doctor Who. 

(That lost to Writing Excuses that year.  Good, Writing Excuses deserved it. I voted for it, plugged it, and the one year it won, was by a small margin so probably wouldn’t have made it without Sad Puppies voters. You are welcome, Mary)

Last year had Queers Dig Timelords, A Celebration of Doctor Who by the LGBTQ Fans Who Love It, but it lost to a feminist paper of dubious historical accuracy. 

But Mike Williamson’s bit of fan wankery will RUIN THE DIGNITY OF THE AWARDS FOREVER!  

Good thing the rest of our proposed slate consisted of scholarly related works. I’m sure Teresa will have no problem if any of those get on. 

Second: the nominees on the Sad Puppy slate who got onto the ballot. Indications are that a fair number of them, maybe a majority, are respectable members of the SF community who, for one reason or another, are approved of by the SPs while not being ideologically Sad Puppies themselves.

Yes, a majority of them are *respectable* members of the SF community (whatever that is supposed to mean), and they are *approved* by the Sad Puppies because they produced quality work that would normally be ignored or actively shunned or sabotaged by insider assholes. 

And to clarify, we’re not actually Sad Puppies. We’re doing this FOR the puppies, because the leading cause of Puppy Related Sadness is stupid preachy social justice message fic getting awards while good stuff is ignored. We are a coalition of fans and manatees taking a courageous stand against the scourge of PRS. 

You are welcome, America. 

The question isn’t why they are approved by us, but why they never have or never would be approved by you elitist pricks?

This means they’ve dreamed of winning the Hugo, just like all our other writers and artists and editors.

But because they failed to kiss your ring or sufficient Social Justice ass, they never had a snowball’s chance in hell until my people came along. 

They might not have had any real expectation of winding up on the ballot this year, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t wish for it with all the pure luminous desire of Ralphie wishing for a Red Ryder BB gun.

Naw… Most of them aren’t that naive. Old authors know that now they don’t have a shot unless they do something to suck up to one of the insider cliques, and new authors only have a chance if they happened to personally appeal to one of the insider cliques. 

And one of the most noxious things about this process was watching authors silence themselves or tweak their art to be more appealing to these assholes. 

They’ve been put in a horrible position. I mean, I’ve wanted a Hugo since I was in middle school, but I dreamed of being given one by SF community, not Larry Correia.

It wasn’t me that put them in this position. It was your ilk. I’m just part of the inevitable backlash that enters any system that has become stagnant and corrupted. 

I think at least two of those nominees turned down the nomination. I hope they someday get a real one.

Yep. Out of the fifty something people we put on our slate, we failed to speak with every one of them beforehand. I truly feel bad for them, because I’ve seen what happens to unsuspecting innocent authors when they end up the target of a social justice witch hunt. 

The reason we have to talk to the people we put on our slate first is because they need to be aware that SJWs are going to rip them apart, slander them, libel them, attack them, and try to damage their careers, all because they threaten the status quo. (Teresa conveniently left that part out) 

I’m actually impressed it was that few who dropped off. 

Note, she hopes they someday get a *real* nomination. Because you guys, the hundreds of you that shelled out your money to buy a membership? You don’t count. You’re not *real* fans. And your opinions are wrong and bad.  

Third: the ballot itself. This grows out of wondering why so many Sad Puppies are suddenly out and about on forums they don’t normally frequent, belatedly spreading this new and not very believable line about how the whole Sad Puppy thing is motivated by love, rather than spite and resentment. They sure haven’t felt the need to spread this line before now. Neither have they put a lot of effort into hiding the spite and resentment.

So much bullshit crammed into one paragraph. 

1. Forums we don’t normally frequent? Not really. My people show up all over. Only your kind normally just block or “disemvowel” them. 

2. Belatedly? We’ve been saying the same thing the whole time. You assholes have just chosen to ignore what we actually say and make up bullshit in “scare quotes” for us instead. 

3. Brad showed up on your blog because you had a gang of assholes lying about his character. How DARE he defend himself. How RUDE! 

4. To be clear, Brad Torgersen has always been motivated by love. I’m the one motivated by spite. Get it right. 

5. We’ve consistently spread this line the whole time. The fact you had your head shoved up your ass isn’t my fault. But I can understand the confusion. You guys lie so much that it must be hard to keep track of which narrative you’re using about us now. 

6. Again, I’m the spiteful one. I don’t like liars and career sabotaging bullies. I suppose it is because I didn’t get to Live Life On The Easiest Difficulty Setting.

So why are they doing it now?

Because we were responding to you?  So why are you doing it now? 

When you’re nominated for a Hugo, you’re contacted ahead of time by the Hugo administrators, who check to make sure you’ll accept nomination. If they’re going to have to add the next-highest nominee in a category, they want to do it before the general public sees the ballot, so that no one knows who’s the lowest-ranked nominee.

If the SPs got all or most of their slate onto the ballot, and those people had their nominations confirmed by the Hugo administrators, and they were comparing notes behind the scenes, they’d be uniquely able to reconstruct most or all of the final ballot.

Heh heh heh… 

This part is really fascinating and revealing. Let me break it down for you. 

A few years ago I told the truth in public, and said that SMOF insiders usually knew who all the award nominees were going to be for the year, based upon how popular the authors were to the tiny insular cliques, and they usually knew this before the books came out or had been read by anyone. (hell, that even wound up in our Sad Puppies video!)

I was called a liar. There is no insider info like this! The Hugos are a sainted, pure process. They’re not predictable or manipulated by politics! There are no suggested slates or campaigns behind the scenes! How DARE you?!

Uh huh… So I did in public, in the open, with a bunch of outsiders, what they’ve been doing for years with insiders. Outrage ensues. 

So here we are now, a few days away and Teresa is worried. Why? Because as an insider, the people she already knew were SUPPOSED to get Hugo nominations haven’t been contacted… 

But if there wasn’t insider info and insider cliques, and most of the noms aren’t predestined forgone conclusions, how does she even know she’s supposed to be so worried and upset?


I think they’ve succeeded in f*cking up the ballot beyond all expectation, and they know the SF community is going to explode when we see it.

By SF community, she means her people. By fucking it up, she means the wrong kind of fans got involved. But regardless, her people are going to explode, because that’s what they do. They’ll rant and rave, and go into hysterical fits, and they’ll libel and slander innocent people, and make up wild accusations… You know, the usual.

But here’s the thing, Teresa. Check your privilege. Your friends aren’t entitled to win everything. Fans are fans, people’s votes are equal. Sad Puppies is about being inclusive. We want more people involved. Look at your entire thread here. It is all about being exclusive, and having the most prestigious award in sci-fi just be a little club award for you and your buddies on the approved list. 

Look at Brad Torgersen’s first comment in this thread. I couldn’t figure out what he was on about when he first posted it. Now I think it’s one big steaming pile of special pleading from start to finish, all of it intended to deflect fannish wrath when the ballot’s announced.

Naw, Brad really is a nice guy who wants sci-fi to be a big tent. He truly wants the Hugos to be a shining light on a hill. I think at times he still believes that he can reach out to elitists and sway them. He’s idealistic like that.

On the other hand, I know that internet arguing is a spectator sport. I do this to give ammo to my side and convince the undecided. I know I will never sway the perpetually outraged. I don’t even want a Hugo. I’m only involved in this now because I believe the social justice stranglehold on free speech is killing our genre. 

However, neither Brad nor I are under any delusion that anything we do will “deflect fannish wrath”.  

Whether we get one nomination or a hundred, it won’t matter. These are the same people who unleash their “fannish wrath” against anybody who steps out of line, or anybody who disagrees with them, or anybody who uses forbidden words, or anybody who tells a story they don’t like, or even their own people who say that maybe they shouldn’t be so quick to outrage.

Wrath is all you people have.

Well, Teresa, no matter what we do,  no matter what the results, we know we’re going to feel your wrath. Luckily, I’ve demonstrated to the world that your wrath is impotent. For years, authors have lived in fear of angering these Social Justice mobs. They’ve moderated their speech, self censored their art, and walked on eggshells to avoid getting burned at the stake… That’s why I hate you people, and that’s why I’ve loved exposing you for the petty, petulant, and ultimately powerless little bullies that you are. 

Your angry mobs only have as much power as the person you’re attacking is willing to grant them. I stood up to you last year, and all it did was bring your antics to the attention of more, good, decent, regular fans. It isn’t your award. It is everyone who cares enough to get involved. And every time your side forms an angry Twitter mob, or runs an article in the Guardian full of easily disprovable lies, or attacks some comedian for jokes he hasn’t told yet, or lectures people that they’re having fun wrong, then more regular fans get pissed off and shell out their $40 to get involved, because they don’t like your entitled smugness either. 

I don’t like it, but it does fit all the known data. Wouldn’t it be nice if I turn out to be wrong?

You have no idea… 


EDIT, Read this too. It is great:   

Sarah Hoyt addressed the bit where they’re all mad at Brad for missing a few authors and not informing them that they were going to be on our slate.

Somehow, us failing to warn these people that SJWs are going to rip them apart for the crime of bad people liking their work, is somehow a bigger crime than the SJWs ripping them apart.


Sad Puppies Update: Honesty from the Other Side

If you want to get a great glimpse into the minds of the people who hate the Sad Puppies campaign, read these comments.

Once you get done, you’ll see the exact sort of people who inspired me to start Sad Puppies.

It is a fantastic glimpse into their mindset. It isn’t about the quality of the work, it is about protecting the clique. The nominations won’t even be announced until the 4th, and they’re already flipping out. There are so many lies, distortions, misconceptions, and half truths in that comment thread it would take a novel worth of writing to fisk it.

When you see nonsense posts with all the vowels removed, that’s what SJW bloggers do to people who disagree with them.

My favorite parts are where they whine about needing to change the rules to protect their clique or how the Hugo admin should be pressured to throw out questionable (i.e. things that disagree with them) votes. You know, the exact sort of behavior I predicted years ago when I started this campaign. Well, shaming, slander, and shunning only motivated my people more last time, so they’ve got to try something.

But this is the best comment of all because if finally displays the ugly truth. If you don’t know, Teresa Nielsen Hayden was an editor at Tor and a Queen Bee among SJWs. Her husband Patrick Nielsen Hayden is also a Tor editor, and has garnered a ton of nominations.

#499 ::: Teresa Nielsen Hayden ::: (view all by) ::: March 29, 2015, 03:43 PM:
Why are people talking about what would happen if everyone who reads SF voted in the Hugos? IMO, it’s not a relevant question. The Hugos don’t belong to the set of all people who read the genre; they belong to the worldcon, and the people who attend and/or support it. The set of all people who read SF can start their own award.

Wow… Wrap your brain around that.

Funny. I seem to recall one of the things that inspired me to start the Sad Puppies campaign went something like this:

Correia: The Hugos are just a popularity contest for one tiny, insular, politically biased group of people.
SMOFs: NO! The Hugos are a prestigious award that represents the best of all fandom.
Correia: Nope. Here, let me prove it.

Fast forward a few years of us getting increasing numbers of outsiders involved and authors who don’t sit at the cool kid’s table nominated, and it is sure nice to see Teresa Nielsen Hayden finally agreeing with me in public.

But it is too late now, Teresa. The Sad Puppies voters got involved with WorldCon, paid their dues, and bought memberships so they could participate. The problem is that they’re the *wrong* kind of fans. You guys should have just been honest to begin with and none of this would have ever happened.

One last thing, I find it funny that they are casting all of these aspersions against the Hugo admins because they are holding firm and obeying the rules of their convention. I’ve seen where they are trying to pin this on me and saying that I’m trying to ruin the dignity of the Hugos. On the contrary, there had been allegations against that admins were suppressing votes for a long time, and I put those to bed. One of the goals of Sad Puppies 1 and 2 was to audit the system (I was an auditor before I became a writer). I kept track of Sad Puppies nominees and voters across the categories, and then compared the final numbers when they were released. After two years of doing that I was able to say that I saw zero indication of dishonesty or fraud, and that the Hugo admins had been perfectly honest in their dealings.

But somehow that has turned into me attacking their integrity.  Nope. I did the opposite. I demonstrated that they were obeying all their rules. Now, I’m the bad guy because the SJWs are screaming at the admin to break their rules because people they don’t like obeyed the rules.

Man, it must be really hard for SJWs to say anything without lying. :)

Sad Puppies 3 standard bearer Brad Torgersen addressed all of their recent nonsense in more depth. He explains it rather well here:

What the SJWs don’t realize is that the more they expose their bias and hate, the more regular fans become motivated to get involved. Kate “The Impaler” Paulk will be taking over for Brad and taking the helm for Sad Puppies 4.

Projects and Rumors of Projects

Okay, some of you have seen John Ringo posting snippets of an MHI related story he’s written on Facebook, and you’ve been asking me about it.

Can’t comment yet. Business stuff.

But yes. It is awesome. :)

And there are two, well, actually three, MHI related projects that I can’t talk about yet because the contracts aren’t all done. But they are also really cool.

I can confirm the new stuff is not the TV show. Those rights are still with Entertainment One and Sky Network, and I’ve not heard anything new from them since the last update where they’d brought in screen writers and moved it from option limbo into development. However, if it isn’t in production soon, that contract is almost up and movie rights will be coming back to me.

Son of the Black Sword eARC available now

The early advanced reader copy of my new fantasy novel Son of the Black Sword is out now from Baen

eARCs are the early,not fully proof read, advance copy that goes out to reviewers, but Baen puts them out there for anybody who can’t wait to get their fix. The book isn’t out until October, so this one is out even earlier than usual.

cover by Larry Elmore

cover by Larry Elmore

I’m really excited to see what everyone thinks of this one. I’m really proud of it, and I’ve got a pretty nifty trilogy planned.

Writing Updates, what I’ve done, what I’m working on next

You might have noticed that the blog has been a little weird over the last few days, but that’s because we were moving to a new server. I’ve got some cool stuff I want to start doing on here, but we couldn’t do it on the basic WordPress program.

What I’m working on now:

Last week I wrote two short stories. One about Practical Shooting for Galactic Games (I get to be in an anthology with George Martin and Robert Silverberg?) and a Hammer’s Slammers story for a David Drake anthology (I started reading Hammers Slammers in 1985, so I really nerded out on this one). If you follow me on FB or Twitter then you know the three weeks before that I was doing crazy word counts every day, but that was so that I could get the sequel to Into the Storm out the door for Privateer Press.

Yesterday I did tax stuff. Yay.

Today I am working on a fantasy short story for the upcoming Champions of Aetaltis anthology.

Tomorrow, I am working on the next book after Dead Six and Swords of Exodus with Mike Kupari. (and by work, I mean painting minis while listening to 40 hours of audio books to get myself immersed back into the world, because I have the best job ever). Mike is doing the final edits on his solo space opera that is coming out later this year. I believe the space opera is going to be called Her Brother’s Keeper, but I’m not sure that’s the final title or not, but anyways, it is awesome. Toni loved it.

After the last D6 book is done, then I’ll be concentrating on the next two Monster Hunter novels. I’m doing something a little bit different for those, and I can’t talk too much about them yet, but the plan is to release them within a few months of each other. There are still more books in the series after that.

Sons of the Black Sword will be coming out in October. I’ll be doing another month long book tour for that. There are currently two more planned for that series.I am really excited for you guys to read this. I don’t know the eARC date yet, but as soon as I do I’ll let you know.

I got my Larry Emore cover for Sons, and holy moly, it is cool.

I have plans for another Grimnoir trilogy set in the 1950s, as well as two stand alone novels set in the same universe. Tokyo Raider and Murder on the Orient Elite both gave peeks into what I’ve planned for those.

After that I’ve still got a bunch more books under contract to Baen, but they are further down the line after the stuff that pays all my bills. I’ve got a bunch more books planned.

In related to writing news, I’m going to be teaching a creative writing class at Weber State in May. It will be taught at the Layton campus, but it will also be streamed on the internet. More details to come later. I believe registration starts in a couple of weeks. I’ll post more about the class soon.

What I’ve done in total:

I posted this on Facebook the other day. Curious, I added it up. Since 2008 I’ve written 13 novels:

Monster Hunter International
Monster Hunter Vendetta
Monster Hunter Alpha
Monster Hunter Legion
Monster Hunter Nemesis
Hard Magic
Dead Six – with Mike Kupari
Swords of Exodus – with Mike Kupari
Sons of the Black Sword
Into the Storm
Into the Storm 2 (haven’t finalized title)

I’ve also written and sold 23 works of shorter fiction, though I’m suspicious I’m forgetting something on there.

The Losing Side (a Hammers Slammers story for a David Drake anthology forthcoming)
Shooter Ready (Galactic Games forthcoming)
Absence of Light (V Wars 3)
Hold Back the Dark (Privateer Press)
Force Multiplier (V Wars 2)
Father’s Day (Shared Nightmares)
Tokyo Raider (Baen Big Book of Monsters)
Murder on the Orient Elite (Audible)
Detroit Christmas (Baen)
The Worthy (Privateer Press)
Great Sea Beast (Kaiju Rising)
Step Outside (Privateer Press)
Murder in the Honor Fields (Privateer Press)
Dead Waits Dreaming (Space Eldritch 2)
Destiny of a Bullet (Privateer Press)
The Keeper of Names (Shattered Shields)
Instruments of War (Privateer Press)
Sealed with Fire (Crimson Pact)
Son of Fire, Son of Thunder (Crimson Pact)
That Which We Fear (Crimson Pact)
Sweothi City (Baen)
Tanya Princess of the Elves (Baen)
Christmas Noun (Wordfire Press)

There is also the MHI RPG from Hero Games that has several short pieces of MHI fiction that I wrote

At Your Service
Maxim-um Fun
Reckoning Day (love that one, Shelly the Orc will return in another book)
Lawyer Fight

There there is the stuff that I just wrote for fun and stuck on the blog. (though as you can see above, I did end up getting paid for a Christmas Noun)

The Christmas Noun
Christmas Noun 2 The Nounening
Christmas Noun 3D The Gritty Reboot
Christmas Noun 4 Occupy Christmas Noun
Christmas Noun 5 Fifty Shades of Noun Choose Your Own Adventure Edition
Christmas Noun 6 Yes Wendell There Really is a Christmas Noun
Christmas Noun 7 Attack of the Social Justice Noun
The Adventures of Tom Stranger, Interdimenstional Insurance Agent
TAoTS: Arbitration at Mordor Station
TAoTS: Live From KhanQuonCon

Then I wrote all the game fic for Writer Nerd Game Night. My share of those came out to a small novel, but of them there were a few pieces that I was as proud of them as anything I’ve ever written in my life, like:
The Toy Maker’s Craft
Tenets of Bushido
In the Shadow of a Pale Oak
Lessons from the Dojo of the Crab.

And a thousand blog posts.

That’s a lot of words. I’m tempted to add up the actual word counts, but I know that down that path waits only madness.

Final Reminder for Sad Puppies, Hugo Noms are due today!

If you bought a membership, today is the cut off to get your nominations in. You should have your ID and PIN from Sasquan.

Here is our suggested slate.

Sad Puppies 3: Nomination DEADLINE and an audio interview with me and Brad.

First and most importantly, if you bought your membership, don’t forget to nominate. We are at the deadline.

Again, here is our suggested slate of nominees. We’ve Book Bombed everything on there. Now go forth and do whatever you want. :) 

And here is an interview with me and Brad Torgersen, where we talked about Sad Puppies.

And interesting little thing to think about, over the last few years of me messing with the system, I think this is the only time I was actually interviewed about the subject and questioned, as opposed to people just guessing or making stuff up. For that reason alone, bravo, Adventures In SciFi Publishing. Well done.

Reminder, Kickstarters with me in them!

I’m a guest in two different projects right now that are being Kickstarted.



Sad Puppies BOOK BOMB! Best Related Work and Campbell Award for Best New Writer


This is our last Sad Puppies 3 Book Bomb. Remember, you’ve only got a few more days to get your nominations in for the Hugo awards.

If you are just joining us, a Book Bomb is where we get as many people as possible to get a book on Amazon on the same day, in order to spike the sales rating as high as possible, so that it will end up on some bestseller lists and show up in front of all new readers who wouldn’t normally see it.  Success breeds success, and the author gets new fans.

The Sad Puppies bombs are special because these are the works in the different categories that the Evil Legion of Evil has put forth as suggestions for our Hugo nomination slate. The last two we did went amazing.

Note, not all of these are available on Amazon. If that is the case then we put a link to where you can get it, or something else, so that the author can GET PAID. :)

**Best Related Work** 

This is one of those weird little catch all categories that is often dominated by some really cliquish nonsense. We’ve got some big brain essays, hard science, philosophy, military strategy, and of course Mad Mike.


The Hot Equations: Thermodynamics and Military SF
[Kindle Edition]
by Ken Burnside


Wisdom From My Internet
[Kindle Edition]
by Michael Z. Williamson





Why Science is Never Settled
Part 1, Part 2
by Tedd Roberts (BAEN)

**The John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer**
The Campbell isn’t actually a Hugo, but is nominated and voted on at the same time, and the award is given at the same time, so it is pretty much the Hugo for best new author. This is the one that I came in dead last for, which was lucky because we were warned if I had won it would have ended literature forever.

Kary English


Eric S Raymond


Jason Cordova

Edit: I accidentally put up the wrong book for Jason Cordova at first. The publisher actually put this one on sale for today’s Book Bomb.

Remember, Amazon has changed how they calculate the sales rank. There is a long delay now. We won’t see any ranking movement until this evening, and hit the highs during the night or tomorrow morning. That has turned out okay because it just gives the authors more attention later. I’ll put the initial rankings up here in a minute.
Transhuman and Subhuman: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #174,347 Paid in Kindle Store
Riding the Red Horse: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #43,475 Paid in Kindle Store
Wisdom from My Internet: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #43,295 Paid in Kindle Store
Letters from Gardner: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,066,078 in Books
Flight of the Kikayon: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,432,174 Paid in Kindle Store
Kaiju Apoclypse: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #315,080 in Books
EDIT: It is now tomorrow. Let’s see how we did:
Transhuman and Subhuman:

Riding the Red Horse:

Wisdom from my Internet

Letters from Gardner

Flighty of the Kikayon

Kaiju Apocalypse

Good work. :)

That’s it. No more Book Bombs. I know you guys are tired.

Remember that there are only a few days left to get your nominations in!

Sad Puppies short story update, free Championship B’tok and Tuesdays with Molakesh eligibility

Apparently Edward’s publisher was so happy about the results of the Book Bomb last week that they put together a FREE Kindle version of the story that was actually nominated. Check it out.

Championship B’tok

[Kindle Edition]

by Edward M. Lerner


And we had some question about whether Megan Grey’s Tuesdays with Molakesh the Destroyer would be eligible or not.  She cant’ get a straight answer, but it looks like it won’t be eligible until next year.

Hi all! Thanks so much to Larry and Brad for picking my Tuesdays with Molakesh the Destroyer story for the Sad Puppies slate and for sharing the link again here, and thanks to all of you that are checking it out! I just heard from my editor that Molakesh had a huge spike in views, which is pretty amazing. The Hugo Committee wasn’t able to tell me specifically whether it will be eligible this year or next (they have a policy against commenting on specific eligibility), but based on the wording in the rules that an earlier commenter mentioned, my guess is that it will actually be eligible next year. But regardless of all that, I am just so honored that so many of you are enjoying the story. Thanks again!